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It's summer and we've definitely been experiencing some higher temperatures and increased humidity here in the UK, even if it has been a bit intermittent. Anyway, today we're talking summer skincare (focusing in on the AM routine): think lightweight layers that hydrate whilst letting your skin breathe!

Let's start with cleansers: every year, as a morning cleanse, I tend to go back to the same product which is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser* | £36 | full review. This is a lightweight jelly that you can actually use to remove an everyday-level of makeup, but I tend to reach for it in the morning as I mentioned, because it feels hydrating and replenishing with amino acids and cucumber extract, and it also only gives a very slight lather. It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh but also soft and hydrated, never stripping back my skin's moisture. It's perfect for removing residual sweat and whatever else without taking too much away from the skin. I love a cleansing balm as much as the next person, but can appreciate that after a day in the heat, not everyone wants to feel that on their skin. If you want something oil-based that's super lightweight then I recommend the Laneige Cream Skin Milk Oil Cleanser | £26.50. This is a watery-milk cleanser that still has some of the oils as a base that are great at lifting and shifting makeup and sunscreen. It's the perfect hybrid cleanser and I sometimes use it in the morning or as a second cleanse too, because it's just so light. You can now get Laneige at Cult Beauty, which is great, as I've always ordered from places like Yesstyle (which I love) but this arrived in like 2 days...

Toners! In the summer, I honestly just want a hydrating spritz or splash of something that provides lasting hydration. Is it a super-essential step in your everyday routine? No, I just enjoy getting an extra light layer of hydration in and appreciate feeling something calming and cooling on my skin. The Apothaka Skin Quenching Essence* | £32 | is amazing, particularly in the evening. It really does give my skin this amazing drink of soothing goodness with ingredients like panthenol, cucumber extract and natural moisturising factors such as glycerin, sodium PCA and urea, that replenish what's been lost in the skin if your complexion is feeling sensitive dull or dehydrated. This formula goes on like a water, so there's no stickiness, but it really provides deep, lasting hydration. A great one for when I'm in a rush in the morning is the Zelens Provitamin D3 Fortifying Mist | £48. This isn't cheap but I did get it during a sale and I think it's the best mist I've ever used! This is another hydrator with substance. This is formulated with Vitamin D3 to strengthen and repair the skin barrier, which is great if you're experiencing increased irritation or redness from the heat. There are humectants in this formula like hyaluronic acid and glycerin to draw water into the skin, then also panethol and amino acids. It's fragrance-free and amazing if your skin feels irritable or compromised.

I have a serum and a moisturiser to discuss next. My current love is the Monday Muse's the Juice* | £40 | full review. It's the perfect calming, hydrating everyday serum that's light on the skin but still delivers a shine-free glow. You've got centella asiatica, red algae, prebiotics, niacinamide and panthenol, so along with those hydrating benefits, you also have plenty in here to soothe inflammation. I've noticed that when we had some hotter weather I experienced some redness in my cheeks and a bit of irritation; this really helped soothe that. I then top it off with something like the Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture* | £65 | full review. This is a gel-cream, super-light, melts right into my skin and gives it a gorgeous glow. Despite this beautiful texture that lets the skin breathe, there are some great ingredients: allantoin, urea, amino acids, hyaluronic acid and oat extract calm and replenish the skin. We have shea butter and avocado oil for nourishment in the mix too. Basically, this puts the ingredients I love in a more summer-friendly format.

Let's talk sunscreen. A great everyday sunscreen with a melting water-based cream-gel texture is the Coola Sport Classic Face Sunscreen White Tea SPF 50 | £30. It's broad-spectrum, water-resistant and is a great option for hot days because it gives you that high level of protection, it's not going to sweat off and it's so light and refreshing on the skin because it's designed to be comfortable whilst exercising. For top-ups, I love the Ultrasun Face UV Protection Mist SPF 50 | £18. This feels so cooling, it's handbag-sized, it's a super-fine mist and it's totally transparent despite the broad spectrum SPF 50. It works over makeup and I already have 2 backups....

What's your favourite skincare for summer?

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