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A thick, white sunscreen isn't the end of the world for a day at the beach, but we're into daily sunscreen around here, so I'm talking through my favourite elegant formulas that not only work beautifully under (or over) makeup, but enhance its appearance...

I'll start by going through the must-haves I look for in any everyday sunscreen. For me, it has to be a minimum of SPF 30 and for summer, I do like to up that to an SPF 50. The product has to be broad spectrum, meaning it protects against UVA and UVB rays. It can't feel thick or heavy on my skin and it can't pill when I apply my makeup over the top of it. So, all the products I'm going to discuss tick these boxes for me.

I have two products here from US sunscreen brand Supergoop. Both of these products are SPF 30 here in the UK but are SPF 40 in the US; they're the kind of thing I'd wear to the office under my makeup then top up with a mist (which we'll get to) during the day. The Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30 | £30 | is a product I really loved towards the end of last summer and just repurchased. It's totally transparent and if you don't like that silicone / dimethicone feel, this won't be for you, but if you enjoy products like that Smashbox primer everyone loved back in the day: this is for you. It's the only product in this post that does have some water resistance, though on makeup days that's not critical for me, as I won't be getting hot and sweaty! This smooths my skin and provides a great canvas for makeup. Unseen isn't matte, but it's also not super-radiant, if you want that backlit primer effect then I suggest instead going for the Glow Screen SPF 30 | £32. This is slightly warm-tinted with a luminosity to it without an obvious shimmer. It honestly looks and feels like a primer, coming out like a glowing gel-cream. I personally probably wouldn't wear this on no-makeup days, because the glow is a lot if you're applying the correct amount, however underneath my preferred lightweight complexion products, it's just beautiful! I've put up a demo of these two and their Play formula, so check that out here.

Moving onto something a little more affordable, we have Hello Sunday, a new UK-based brand I reviewed in full here. For this post, I'm talking through my two absolute favourites for under makeup. I really enjoyed using Hello Sunday's the Everyday One Face Moisturiser SPF 30 | £15 | which is a one-step moisturiser and sunscreen (obviously, ensure you apply this as liberally as a sunscreen). This is a light lotion moisturiser (not something I'd reach for in the winter) that melts into my skin without any white cast. It feels like a nice, lightweight, hydrating moisturiser and my makeup goes on perfectly over it. It softens and smooths things really nicely, as well as giving me an everyday-level of protection. My favourite from the brand is Hello Sunday's the One That's a Serum Face Drops SPF 45* | £20. This is just a beautiful product that barely feels like sunscreen but gives a really good level of protection. It melts right in and has a really dewy finish that gives the skin a gorgeous luminosity once you've applied your makeup over the top of it. It does have a bit of tackiness to it, so it's not necessarily something I'd reach for on a no-makeup day, but as a primer: I love the look it gives.

Next, let's talk Aussie brand Ultra Violette, who make elegant formulas, with high SPF ratings that comply with the strict regulations in place down under. First up, let's talk about the Ultra Violette Queen Screen Luminsing Sun Serum SPF 50+ | £36. This is very radiant, so I would primarily recommend it for dry skin types. It also has a little bit of a microsheen to it, which won't be for everyone, but I think this looks really good under makeup. If you prefer not to have this, then I'd go for the Hello Sunday, but you are getting that higher-level SPF 50+ with the Ultra Violette formula, despite it having such a lovely light texture. Again, it disappears into my skin with no white cast with very little need to massage it in. My favourite from the brand is the Ultra Violette Supreme Screen Hydrating Facial Sunscreen SPF 50+ | £34. This is a primer, moisturiser and sunscreen all in one formula. It's obviously still moisturising (this time it's more of a cream-lotion) but less obviously-dewy than the Queen Screen and without that micro-sheen, so will suit more skin types. Having said that, it does still give a lovely glow to my skin and the peachy tone not only reduces the potential for white cast on all skin tones, but also has a little bit of a correcting effect so your skin looks a bit fresher and more even. Check out my full review of the brand here and my demos here.

Lastly, for my under-makeup picks, we have the Thank You Farmer Sun Project Water Cream | £18 (15% off with code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY (affiliate)). I think using this product was the first time I was like 'damn, sunscreens can look great under makeup'. This has a melting, water-based texture, so is really hydrating and gives the skin a fresh, dewy glow that never looks or feels greasy, because it's so lightweight. I'd say that if you aren't scared of a bit of glow but you don't necessarily want something sticky or overly-glossy, then I'd go for this, as it really does have this lovely way of melting onto the skin. You can see me apply it here.

Let's finish up with top-up mists. I reach for these if I'm heading out at lunchtime or after work for days at the office - one lives in my bag and one lives on my desk! I first discovered the Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF 50 Soft Focus Makeup Setting Spray* | £34 | and really loved it, but my only gripe is that they need to release a mini version of this, because I'm not putting this big old can in my handbag... This is great for hot days, particularly if you have oily skin because it's designed to be more matte. I love a bit of glow, but I also get it: as you put on more and more sunscreen throughout the day, it can start to look like a lot, so this keeps any potential shine at bay. This is super-light and looks great over makeup! Check it out in action here. More recently I've gravitated towards the Ultrasun Face UV Protection Mist SPF 50 | £18 | because it's cheaper (and I get through this sort of thing very quickly) and also because the bottle is smaller, so I can easily pop it even into my small weekend bag. It's super-fine as a mist, it's water-light and it doesn't disrupt my makeup at all. I also love the cooling effect it has on my skin when it's a hot day! See me use it here.

Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite sunscreens for makeup days?

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