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I think 2020 has seen most of us embrace a simpler approach to makeup, and this month's standout beauty product is perfect for just that. As I've discussed at length (a full brand review can be found here), when it comes to makeup: the easy, natural, effortless approach of Nudestix has made them one of my go-to brands. Today we're going to talk about their new Nudefix Cream Concealer* (Shade 5) | £24....

This concealer comes in one of their metal travel cases with a mirror, which is always handy; in the pre-COVID days, I used to throw a lipstick into one and have it in my handbag. I really don't have any complaints about the packaging; I like this wider sort of applicator and the fact it's in a soft tube so you can really squeeze out every last drop of product. I went for the same shade as I wear in their foundation and it's spot-on for me; a tiny touch brighter than my skin tone. I wouldn't feel the need to go much lighter than your usual shade from this brand unless you like a really dramatic look (though you probably don't if you're using Nudestix!) A common theme with this brand for me is continued with this launch: the shade range isn't horrendous, but it's not great either. There are 14 shades available, which isn't too bad in and of itself, but I personally think that the gradient feels a little 'off' to me; within this there are a number of very subtly different light shades then only two options for deep skin tones. This should definitely be improved.

I personally usually dot on my concealer with high-coverage options, but this is definitely a medium-coverage product, so I now prefer just swiping it right on. As opposed to a more matte, paste-like texture, this has a lightweight, very hydrating formula. It doesn't crease on me personally, but I do always set my under-eye concealer with a loose powder and would definitely recommend doing so with this formula, because it's so hydrating. I blend this out with a damp beauty sponge, which tends to be my go-to method, but it does work with your fingers; you can really press it into the skin for a natural look. This is nice and brightening under my eyes, as well as being hydrating to contribute to an overall glowing skin look. If you like a heavy-duty concealer, this probably isn't for you, but I've really come around to a more natural look in the past year or so.

In terms of longevity; I really have no complaints about this product, it doesn't wear off or crease significantly throughout the day on me, and I do have pretty watery eyes, which can sometimes make concealer go a little patchy. I haven't noticed that issue with this concealer at all. It's been a fantastic formula that holds up, doesn't need retouching and is quick and easy to apply. If you're busy, lazy or just prefer a low-maintenance approach to makeup: I think you would love this. I have no negatives in terms of the formula, just the caution that it might not be for you if you like a fuller-coverage finish, and my only complaint is the shade selection.

Have you tried much from Nudestix?

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