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After much deliberation, back in April, I finally took the plunge and invested in a shampoo and conditioner duo from Function of Beauty for £39 in total (though you can get usually a discount off your first order). Now I'm a good two thirds through my initial duo, I feel like I have a sense of if this personalised haircare works for me...

When you visit the Function of Beauty website for the first time, you do a little quiz that outlines what type of hair you have and what your main concerns are, and you also get to pick the fragrance, fragrance intensity and colour of your chosen products, which was pretty cute. Obviously, there are a finite number of combinations, so I'm sure someone somewhere in the world probably has your formula, but I did like the idea of having something tailored to my personal hair needs. I chose the best-value option of the large shampoo and large conditioner and, as I wasn't sure which way it would go, set it to a 6-monthly frequency; based on the amount I use, I think 4-5 months is probably about right for me. Though, annoyingly, I always get through conditioner faster than shampoo!

It took quite a while for my order to arrive, but this was back at the end of March / start of April, so I'm sure COVID factored in alongside the fact it's a personalised formula and the fact it ships from the US. I stated my hair goals as being: deep condition, soothe scalp, thermal protection, fix split ends and shine. I said my hair type was curly, medium density and dry. I then selected a medium-intensity peach scent and chose a peach colour for my shampoo and pastel pink for the conditioner. When it arrived, it came with pumps for each product and even had my name on the bottles, which was a really nice touch. You even get stickers with your order to personalise your bottles further.

I was really hesitant about using the shampoo, because I have a really sensitive, flaky scalp. Usually I'd use a tea tree shampoo on my scalp and something more moisturising on my lengths. However, to really put the personalised formula to the test; I just used this shampoo. To my surprise, alongside my usual routine of controlling it with a scalp exfoliator and occasional squalane overnight treatment, this shampoo has done a great job of keeping my scalp problems at bay. I still use a clarifying shampoo once a week, but this is great for that day-to-day maintenance. The biggest noticeable difference when I switched to this shampoo was how much shinier my hair looked. I'm really impressed with this formula, because I did have a few quite different specific concerns I wanted to address with my new shampoo, and I really wasn't sure how one product could do it all. However, this is a gentle formula that's helped the irritation in my scalp, as well as giving that glossy look.

I've been using the same keratin conditioner from Hask for the past couple of years, so I was skeptical on if this much more expensive and inconvenient option would be worth it. This conditioner has a thick, luxurious texture, which is exactly what I need for my dry, probably quite damaged hair. I leave it on for a good while; at least 10 minutes, and when I rinse it out, my hair feels instantly smoother. I found it incredibly moisturising without being too heavy or greasy. Although I have dry hair, in the past I've definitely overdone it with rich treatments that have weighed my hair down, but this strikes the perfect balance. My hair has been noticeably softer and more moisturised when I dry it and style it since using this conditioner.

I'm pretty picky about shampoo and conditioner, which is why I've rarely switched it up in the past year or two. However, I've been impressed with how these formulations really have helped all of the things I wanted them to! I also get lots of compliments from my partner on how good my hair smells after I use this duo, which is always nice. Overall, I think I'm a convert! I was definitely a bit iffy on whether this company just said it was a personalised formula, but in reality it was just going to be a pretty standard shampoo and conditioner, however my expectations have been far exceeded and I don't see myself switching from my Function of Beauty formula in the foreseeable future.
Would you try personalised haircare?

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