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Myself and gel cleansers haven't always gotten along; whilst I like the idea of a nice thorough cleanse first thing in the morning, I've tried many super-foaming formulas that have just left my skin feeling tight and uncomfortable after use (a clear sign that a cleanser is too harsh for your skin). However, after years of trial and error, I've also found a few that really work for my skin and don't strip it of all moisture! These are the products I'm sharing with you today...

First up, let's talk about the Youth to the People Kale + Green Tea Spinach Superfood Cleanser | $36 for full size. I was actually planning a brand review when Free People, their UK stockist, suddenly stopped selling this! However, you can get this cleanser from Sephora stores in continental Europe, whenever we can holiday again. You really don't need much of this gel cleanser, and it isn't super-foaming, which makes it far gentler on my skin. It contains a bunch of superfood ingredients, which can have antioxidant benefits for the skin, and beneficial vitamins that contribute towards overall skin health. It strikes that perfect balance of leaving my skin feeling clean and refreshed with that slight foaming action without passing the boundary into feeling drying. I'd recommend this for oily, combination and normal skin types, as the slight foaming might not work for dry skin.

The Freshly Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser | £16 | is pretty much a cream-gel so, although it foams, it only foams very gently. It contains plenty of moisturising oils to leave the skin nice and soft, as opposed to dry and tight. My only slight negative with this formula is that is does contain quite a bit of fragrance, so won't be suitable for sensitive skin. I personally really enjoy this as a morning cleanse that really gets in there and clears out my skin, whilst still feeling nice and moisturising. I really like the texture and feel of this cleanser, and I love how affordable it is.

I also still really rate the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser | £15. This is a basic cleanser that's simple but functional. It's nice and gentle with a non-foaming jelly formula and a balanced pH. It's something I can see working for a lot of different skin types, though those with very dry skin might find it doesn't give them quite enough moisture. I know some people use this to remove makeup, but I really don't find it effective for that! To me; it's a morning (my personal preference) or a second cleanse. It gives me a really great cleansing action whilst still retaining the moisture in my skin.

Another product I've been a fan of for years is the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser* | £30 for 150ml. This comes out in a sort of non-foaming gelatinous texture and is packed full of amino acids, antioxidants and moisturising oils. It feels light and refreshing on the skin, giving a nice, gentle cleanse whilst also moisturising my skin in a way that feels very lightweight. During the summer months, it's a perfect morning cleanse; quick, easy and refreshing, without being at all harsh. I personally love this stuff and will always have a tube of it in my cupboard. This one actually also does a pretty good job of removing makeup too, if you like a multi-tasker.
Finally, I recently started using the SKN-RG Evolution Diamond Blue Cleanser* | £29. This is a blue-toned, jelly-textured gel cleanser, that's another non-foaming option. Again, I think most people's skin would get along with this cleanser, bar very dry skin types that need a cream cleanser to really get that moisture into their skin. It's a pH-balanced option, so good to use first thing in the morning to cleanse the skin without upsetting its natural chemistry. It contains gentle enzymes to help brighten the skin gradually, soothing antioxidants like cucumber and aloe and prebiotics and probiotics, which help balance the natural bacteria that lives on the skin. Overall, it's a lovely gentle option that isn't going to give sensitive skin any issues. 

Do you use gel cleansers? What are your favourite formulas?

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