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I feel like the last person to the party on this one, but I recently picked up the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer (SX11) | £38 | and finally found out what all the hype is about! This complexion multi-tasker is my standout product from the past month and here's why...

Kevyn Aucoin is the eponymous makeup line of the late, legendary artist, and (alongside the contour powder) I'd say this is probably a hero product for the brand. It isn't cheap, and comes in classic but fairly basic packaging. It's designed to be a really versatile and super-concentrated complexion product that you don't need to use a lot of (this has definitely been true in my experience). The product comes in 16 shades, which feels kind of average, and I think there are too many variations of the lighter shades and not enough of a gradient on the deeper end of the spectrum. I wear SX11, which is a great warm-toned shade for me, though it's definitely a 'summer colour' on me, it matches my skin tone pretty well.

This product is ridiculously pigmented, so can be used as a high-coverage creamy concealer. A lot of people also use it as a full-coverage foundation, though I think that would be a bit much for me, personally. You can really blend this out and build on the coverage to control how it looks and customise your perfect complexion product. However, my personal favourite way to use this is to mix in a little bit with a moisturiser to create my own glowing, light-coverage base. You honestly only need the tiniest amount so I can see this lasting me ages. I like to use the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream* | £49 | as a product that's designed to work in harmony with makeup but, for a more affordable option, the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre* | £20 | full review | is also a great mixing medium. I absolutely love wearing it in this way; it gives my skin a fresh, radiant look whilst evening out its tone and making me look my best-skinned self. It's really long-wearing and doesn't get shiny around my t-zone.

My only slight negative in terms of the formula isn't anything to do with how it looks or wears, which are both great, by my standards; it's a few of the ingredients. It contains both fragrance and talc, which could irritate sensitive skin, so be sure you're comfortable with everything in this product before you pick it up. It doesn't bother me personally, however.

All-in-all, I'm left wondering why it took me so long to try this! I absolutely love how it makes my skin look (if you watch my IGTV uploads, you'll have seen me use it quite a bit as a base mixed in with moisturiser) and I think it's multi-tasking abilities make it amazing for travel because you have a concealer, a full coverage foundation and a light coverage tinted moisturiser all in one. I think the way in which you have total freedom to customise the coverage is amazing and will make this a must-have for so many people. 

Have you ever tried this beauty classic?

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