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I really have enjoyed the products I've tried so far from ColourPop's Pretty Fresh complexion line (check out those reviews here), so was definitely interested when they added a concealer to the collection. I was never a fan of their original matte concealer, but the Pretty Fresh Hyaluronic Concealer | $9 | sounded more up my street. But did it live up to my expectations...?

The concealer is packaged really nicely for the low price-point, which is something I definitely appreciate with ColourPop. It comes in a pretty blush unit carton and the product inside looks more expensive than it is. It's quite a small tube, which is a con, however I do like the applicator; it scoops up a good amount of product.

I actually found it really difficult to decide on a shade, despite having the tinted moisturiser from this range, so decided to pick up two (one from the Medium section and the other from Medium Dark). 100 is highlighting but has a more neutral undertone, whereas 115 is a little darker (though still lighter than my skin tone) and has a warmer tone to it. I've swatched them below in the hope it might help you choose your shade if you're of a similar skin tone to me.

In terms of the formula, it feels very light, fluffy and mousse-y. It's formulated with hyaluronic acid to draw water into the skin and it's oil-free so isn't heavy or slippery under the eyes. The texture is really nice and blends out like a dream with a damp makeup sponge, though I'd caution you not to have the sponge too damp; with this formula I've noticed you can actually end up blotting the product away! 

I'd say you absolutely need to set this one with powder because it can crease and has a creamier formula. It's not bad in terms of longevity, but I do notice fading by the time I leave work when I put this on at the start of my day (I usually put my makeup on around 7am). It isn't to the extent that it would be a dealbreaker, but it's something to note. I'd call it a medium coverage concealer; it's definitely not that totally flawless look but I don't think that's what this range is going for. It brightens things up and hides my dark circles, so that's enough for me. My only real negative is that I feel like I use quite a lot of product with this concealer. 

Overall, I like this concealer but I wouldn't go out of my way to reorder this from the US and pay $10 for it to be shipped to the UK. The formula just isn't standout enough for me to declare this concealer a bona fide 'hit'. It's nice, I'll finish it up, but I'm just not jumping up and down about it or saying that you have to rush out and buy it. If you're already doing a ColourPop order and this formula appeals to you; give it a go at $9! However I personally won't be going to the effort of repurchasing it.

Have you tried anything from the ColourPop Pretty Fresh collection?

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