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Dr Roebuck's has become one of my favourite skincare brands; they aim to include minimal ingredients and - as an Aussie brand - they're all about easy, laid-back products that work! They're nicely mid-range when it comes to price and I just like the clean, simple packaging. In time for the summer down under, they recently launched two new 'weightless' skincare products I have here to review for you today...

First up; let's talk about the Kibosh Weightless Foaming Cleanser* | £22. This comes in a generously-sized bottle with a pump dispenser. The formula is a really great option for someone like me - who doesn't love gel cleansers - when I want something a bit fresher and lighter than a cream. This truly does have a weightless texture and it gently cleanses without stripping my skin. It doesn't leave my skin sticky or tacky either, like some foams I've tried. I wouldn't personally use this for removing makeup, however it works as a second cleanse and my personal preference is to use it as a refreshing morning cleanser. It's simple and it does the job! In terms of which skin types I'd recommend this for; dry skin types (particularly for those of us in the northern hemisphere who are heading into winter) probably won't find this substantially rich enough for them. However it will be amazing for normal and combination skin, as well as oilier skin types in need of something lightweight and non-drying.

In terms of ingredients; as a brand Dr Roebuck's tends to keep things simple. This cleanser contains jojoba oil, which is an emollient plant oil that will leave the skin feeling softer and can also have restorative properties. It's also one of the 'less oily' oils out there. Tasmanian Pepper is an antioxidant with some anti-inflammatory properties. Wild Bush Plum is another superfood ingredient, which is high in Vitamin C though - as always - I'd caveat this claim with the fact that this doesn't mean all of those benefits will be delivered to the skin with when you're using a topical product. Wattleseed is another anti-inflammatory. Further down the list we also have other hydrators and skin-protectors like cucumber extract, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. The only thing that really jumped out at me as potentially problematic is that it contains jasmine flower extract, which could be irritating if your skin is sensitive to fragrance.

The other product in this range is the Stoked Weightless Face Moisturiser* | £30. This comes in pump packaging again, though be careful because I find it dispenses a bit too much product for my usual morning application. Overall, though, I really like the texture. I'm more on the combination / normal side of things and the 'weightless' tag made me a bit concerned this might not be nourishing enough for my skin, however it really softens, smooths and leaves my skin moisturised whilst having a dry-touch finish. It leaves no oils or shine on the surface of my skin, but still gives the right amount of hydration for me.

Fucogel features high on the ingredient list with this product; it's a plant-derived polysaccharide that helps prevent water loss in the skin. Glycerin is in here too and that's a great humectant to draw water into your skin. This also contains Vitamin E and Jojoba Oil, like the cleanser. Wild Berry Harvest is a patented blend of Pepperberry, Riberry and Muntari Berry - these are again intended to act as antioxidants to prevent the damage free radicals can cause to the skin. Ginger extract is another antioxidant that also has skin-soothing properties. There's also seaweed extract in this formula; a lot is made of the potential benefits of seaweed, which may be a little exaggerated, however the most substantiated claims are that it acts as an antioxidant and has skin-soothing properties.

Overall, I really like this range as someone with relatively normal skin. It's a collection I will definitely be revisiting as we head back into the warmer months. The moisturiser in particular is great if your skin craves hydration but you don't want anything that will create surface shine. I'm overall a big fan of this brand and you can see a big review I did on the rest of their range here.

Have you tried anything from Dr Roebuck's?

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