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I seem to have become pretty lazy with face masks, so perhaps that's why I haven't featured one in this series so far! However the Summer Fridays R + R Mask | £46 | changed all of that. It's a mask amazing enough that I've been reaching for it most nights. Here's why it's so great...

Starting at the top: I have to say I find the Summer Fridays packaging very Instagrammable, yet very practical. Their masks - whether wash-off or leave-on - come in a large metal tube and the design is simple yet pretty. I personally appreciate this because I don't like sticking my long-nailed fingers in a pot (yuck!) and I can really wring out the the last bit of product if it's in a metal tube like this. It doesn't contain sulphates or parabens and is vegan.

The formula itself comes out somewhere between a gel and a semi-solid oil with rose particles in it. You simply apply this, massage it a little into your skin, leave it for about 15 minutes and then rinse it off. It's formulated with argan, safflower, sesame, avocado and grape seed oils to give your complexion a boost of antioxidants and plump up the skin with fatty acids. Alongside those natural oils, it also contains rose flower and Vitamin C for hydration and glow.

How I use this is by cleansing my skin in the evening and then using this product afterwards. I rinse off the product but I don't use a cloth, cotton wool pads or cleanser on my skin afterwards because this mask leaves my complexion so smooth, soft and supple that I just don't want to wash away that magic! I then go in with a nice, hydrating night cream and it's honestly made my skin look great. The rose particles provide some gentle exfoliation and this cocktail of natural oils is so incredibly nourishing. My skin is plump, soft, glowing and totally hydrated after use.

This has become that go-to face mask because - having combination-dehydrated skin - my major concerns are my skin lacking hydration and glow. This gives both to me without being too intense or irritating for everyday use. If you have dehydrated or dry skin; this is an amazing antidote. My only concern is that it isn't the cheapest mask ever and I feel like at this rate, I'm going to be getting through it pretty quickly!

Have you tried anything from Summer Fridays?

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