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I definitely neglect mentioning about amazing body and haircare products on this blog - despite using so many of them daily! We'll skip over any products I've already talked about recently and focus on the ones that deserve their moment in the sun. These are a few things I've grabbed from my bathroom shelf that I find myself reaching for over and over again...


Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque* | £30 | I love love love this hair mask - I've already picked up a second bottle and I'm trying to get hold of a giant version they seem to sell everywhere except the UK... I have quite dry hair and a sensitive, irritated scalp so this is an amazing all-over treatment (I use it after shampoo but before conditioner). I was kind of scared of putting this on my scalp initially - in case it made my roots greasy - but it doesn't at all! It hydrates my scalp, smooths and softens my hair and is so lightweight in its formula. Its ingredients include shea butter, rosehip oil and evening primrose oil, all of which I use on my face, so it's no wonder they're working miracles for my poor scalp!

eSalon Cream Cowash* | £13 | When I'm rushing around in the morning, I don't always want to go through the full routine, so a product like this is great to have on-hand. Like I mentioned, I have pretty dry hair that's always in need of a bit of love, so co-washing (washing your hair with conditioner only) is perfect for me. This is a hydrating product that doesn't strip the hair but also doesn't feel heavy or greasy. It leaves my hair soft and lightly hydrated in one quick step.

Hask Keratin Protein Smoothing Conditioner | £6.99 | This is my all-time favourite conditioner and I'm so glad it's £6.99 (and often on offer!) so I don't have to wince every time I liberally slather it on my hair... If you have dry, damaged or bleached / processed hair then this is going to be a godsend for you. It smooths and softens my hair, making it feel silky and look healthier without being greasy or heavy. I just love it!


Friction Free Shaving | £7 / month | I was actually sent one of these sets last year and I loved it so much that I just subscribed to the service myself! You don't have to get the box every month - you can hold it for up to 2 months - and this suits me because you get 4 blades in there anyway and I personally don't throw them away every week as suggested. This is just a really great razor that never nicks me - which is an achievement, as I'm pretty accident-prone and used to always manage to catch myself with my razor. It gives me a really smooth, close shave with zero razor bumps. I don't know how it does it but it's fantastic! Plus, this works out far cheaper than the total ripoff of buying replacement blades from the big brands on the high street.

Soaper Duper Pure Happiness Body Wash* | £7.50 | I really like this all-natural eco brand and I think this has to be my favourite scent from them! The body wash comes in really convenient pump packaging and the formula still foams nicely without stripping the skin (its ingredients include shea butter, aloe vera and coconut water). I really love the light fruit medley scent - it's very clean and fresh and a great one for the summer months.

UpCircle Lemongrass Coffee Body Scrub* | £14.99 | Finally: someone released a coffee scrub that's not in an impractical sachet! This brand creates products from recycled coffee grounds, which I think it such a cool idea. This packaging and formula is really mess-free, which was one of the reasons why (despite them working really well for my skin) I haven't used a coffee scrub in a while. This has a light coffee-lemon scent and the coffee is very finely ground. It isn't too rough but buffs away the dead skin and leaves my legs super-smooth. I use it before shaving to clear any dead skin cells.


Ameliorate Transformative Body Lotion* | £22.50 | This is an exfoliating and moisturising body lotion formulated with the AHA Lactic Acid. I love acid exfoliation for my face, so it made sense to give it a go on my body and this product is a cult favourite. Just a word of warning: don't apply this to just-shaven legs - I did so absent-mindedly once and the burn quickly made me connect the dots...! I've been using this most days for the past few weeks and so far I've been impressed with the results - my skin is smoother, softer and the KP ('chicken skin') on my upper arms has improved a little in appearance. I'm hoping that over time some scars on my legs might fade a bit more too.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Comforting Body Cream* | £19.50 | I'm a huge fan of the Nuxe body oils but recently I tried their honey-scented lotion and seriously love it! I get through oils so quickly and they aren't cheap so having something on-hand that gives this much nourishment that really lasts is great. I love the scent, I find this quick and easy to apply and the texture is nice and light given just how moisturising this formula is!

Korres Cucumber Bamboo Body Milk* | £10 | When I want a light everyday hydration option - this is a clean, fresh, summery scent that I’m loving at the moment. The body milk formula is also perfect for this time of year because it’s a hydrating lotion that’s very lightweight and practically melts into the skin. It’s quick and fuss-free to apply, as well as having a grease-free finish.

Lano All Over Everywhere Multi-Cream* | £10.99 | This is an old favourite of mine that I'm glad to have back on my bathroom shelf! This is a fragrance-free, catch-all cream formulated with hydrating lanolin, Vitamin E and nut oils. It's not shiny or greasy on the skin but incredibly smoothing and gives lasting hydration. I love travelling with this because it truly does it all - it's a great hand cream and body lotion but can also be used on the face, hydrating the skin enough without breaking me out. It's one of those multi-taskers I think anyone could use and love!

Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream* | £12.99 | This is a lovely everyday hand cream option and I think I'm on my 4th tube of the stuff... It has this gorgeous, light, grape scent and is really hydrating but isn't slippery on the hands and doesn't leave any excess, making it a perfect everyday option.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Hand and Nail Cream* | £8.50 | For something more nourishing overnight, I really like the hand cream from the same honey-infused line as the body lotion I just mentioned. If you suffer from extremely dry hands - I definitely recommend this one and it's especially great during the winter. It's definitely more of a rich formula but it will leave just about anyone's hands (no matter how dry) soft, smooth and hydrated.

Lanolips 101 Ointment Fruities in Apple* | £7.99 | Finally - I always have a multi-purpose balm on my dressing table and in my handbag. I really like this apple-scented option from Lanolips - it can be used as super-hydrating lip balm or just on dry patches of skin (such as around the nose) to soften and smooth things out.

What's on your bathroom shelf?

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