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Glossier is one of those internet brand that a lot of people either totally buy into the hype of or just don’t get at all! In my personal experience; I get that their branding is pretty strong (minimalist millennium pink packaging and effortlessly cool models barely wearing makeup) and so people tend to build their products up to be the best thing in the world ever and then you get a group of other people who counterbalance that by piping up about their products being ‘not even that great’. I personally like a lot of their products – I’ve tried a good chunk of their range and whilst I came across one or two duds, I’d say overall their products are pretty good everyday staples. I really like their makeup-skincare hybrids and the fact everything is modelled around fuss-free products that will give you that ‘fresh skin’ look and enhance what you’ve naturally got - it just works for my lifestyle. Not everything is going to be life-changing but I like their simplicity and I still think they’re pretty well-priced overall (though the products are definitely on the smaller side). I’d heard a few mixed things but decided to pick up two of their latest skincare additions and give them a go for myself…

First let’s talk Solution | £19. This is a product I wanted to try when it first dropped but then I was like ‘Jasmine: you have about 5 bottles of Pixi Glow Tonic in your cupboard. You do not need a new acid toner!’ I tried my first BHA toner from Caudalie towards the end of last year and have been making quick work of it – the formula definitely works differently to the AHA toners I have so on that basis I decided that instead of repurchasing that straight away, I’d give Solution a shot. Solution contains a potent blend of AHAs (glycolic acid and lactic acid), BHAs (salicylic acid) and PHAs (gluconolactone). I could only see the specific percentage of salicylic acid listed which is 0.5% and the overall acid content at 10%, so it is a fairly strong mix. It balances this out with calming aloe vera, hydrating glycerin and niacinamide for anti-redness.

This comes in flip-lid packaging with a reverse pump, which just makes life that bit easier, as you can just grab your cotton wool pad, press it over the pump and go to town. I have dehydrated skin so I’m always in search of glow and since the weather started hotting up, I’ve found I’m experiencing so many more breakouts. I was definitely hoping this would be an all-in-one solution (get it?!) to my skin concerns. I’m a bit surprised this seems to have received a mixed reception because I’m seriously impressed! I love the overall glow boost this gives my skin after initial application and the smooth finish it creates. My breakouts have calmed down and I seem to have escaped any post-eruption scarring from them, which is amazing. I don’t get any irritation from this, however my skin is definitely used to acids, so if you’re sensitive-skinned I wouldn’t necessarily recommend going straight into acids with something this strong. I’m really happy with the overall clarity, tone and texture of my skin so I will definitely continue to use this and I would also repurchase it.

Now let’s get into the Milky Oil Cleanser | £10. This is a dual-phase oil and micellar water makeup remover, so you need to give it a good shake before use and squeeze some out onto a cotton wool pad. It does a really great job of dissolving and lifting even tough waterproof eye makeup. I’d say I need 3 small or 2 large cotton wool pads of this to completely remove a full face of makeup. I like that you can kind of just press your cotton wool pad over your eyes to break down the makeup instead of rubbing and tugging around your delicate eye area. It’s a really handy product for travelling and a great transition product for people who won’t let go of their face wipes because it’s just as easy but so much better for your skin!

It contains Pro-Vitamin B5 so feels hydrating on the skin instead of stripping it. At the same time there’s no greasy excess left on the surface after use, so if it’s an emergency: you can just use this and if you have pretty normal skin, you’re not going to wake up with a breakout the next morning. There is a con with this product, however, and as much as I like it, this could stop me from repurchasing the product: you’re going to get through it ridiculously fast! I’m almost halfway through it from using it for about a month every day. You have to order this online and £10 doesn’t look quite so reasonable when you’re buying a new bottle every couple of months, so for the effort I feel as though I might as well get the similar dual-phase makeup remover that the Superdrug own brand B. does (reviewed here) because it literally costs about £3! This isn’t the sort of product I’d use every single day – other than over the past month because I was testing it out – so I’ll save the rest for those ‘stumbling in at a ridiculous hour’ occasions.

Have you tried Glossier skincare?

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