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Pixi Beauty (one of my favourite skincare brands, and probably my #1 at this nicely mid-range price-point) recently added some new products to the range they created around their famed Glow Tonic! I was kindly sent them over to try so today I'm returning my verdict.

I feel like I need to introduce Glow Tonic* | £10 (travel size) | before reviewing the new products because the range is inspired by this legend! It chemically exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells so your skin is smoother, dry patches are softened and its overall tone and texture are improved. As well as the instant glow-boost a product like this can give, glycolic acid has really helped get rid of the hyper-pigmentation I have from old blemish scars. It's the acid toner I always recommend for beginners because it's only a 5% concentration and contains other soothing ingredients like aloe and botanical extracts!

The first new product I want to talk about is the Glow Tonic Serum* | £26. I had originally tried the original overnight glow serum that Pixi brought out a few years back, so was intrigued what the difference was meant to be with this one. This has a lightweight gel consistency and what I really like about it is that it doesn't feel tacky or filmy on the skin, which I do remember the overnight version did. It contains glycolic acid but also soothing cucumber and aloe. I personally don't feel any sort of sensation when I use this product but bear in mind that my skin is very used to acids! This wasn't a product I was planning on picking up myself but it's been a pleasant surprise. I was concerned it might be a bit harsh, however I actually found it quite moisturising and my skin feels incredibly smooth after use. So far, I'm really impressed with how soft, smooth and clear my skin has been.  

Next I tried the Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel* | £18. Like the famous and beloved Glow Tonic; this contains glycolic acid, horse chestnut, aloe and ginseng. I assumed this would be a foaming gel cleanser, which is why I didn't pick it up myself, however I was pleasantly surprised that the consistency remains as a lightweight gel that doesn't strip the skin. It leaves my skin so smooth, as well as making it look nice and fresh. I wouldn't say it's hydrating but it's not drying, like I was worried it might be. It doesn't give as much of an instant, dramatic result as the toner (unfortunately I can't find the % concentration of this product) because I guess you don't use a cotton pad with it to really remove that dead skin. However I find it gentle and it does perk up my complexion nicely. I probably wouldn't pick this up myself when my tube runs out because I prefer the mud version (reviewed here) but it could be a nice starter product!

I was dubious but intrigued by On-the-Glow* | £18 | so gave this multi-use balm a go for a few different purposes. This is billed as a solid moisturiser that's suitable for the face and lips and contains glycolic acid, vitamin D2 and ginseng. I personally find this feels too slippery and sheeny on my skin to use during the daytime under makeup, though I have used it a few times overnight and woken up with soft, smooth skin. I have also used this on the lips and it makes a nice enough lip balm. I just wasn't really wowed by this product - there are many other options out there that are less messy and work as well or better. 

Finally, we have my standout new product of the bunch! (After talking about my least favourite.) It's the pHenomenal Gel* | £24. This is a gel-based moisturiser designed to balance the skin's pH level. It's formulated with citric acid, aloe, cucumber, camellia, witch hazel and more. I actually love the texture of this - it's very hydrating and smoothing without overwhelming the skin. It absorbs nicely and isn't at all oily - it might not be enough for very dry or mature skin but it's perfect for me as someone who's combination. My only negative is how much product comes out in one go - it's a bit hard to control!

Have you tried any of the new launches from Pixi?

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