A couple of months back Pixi Beauty almost doubled their Skintreats line! I decided to pick up a few of the products that really intrigued me and today I'm returning my verdict on them...


Vitamin C is an amazing ingredient for brightening and refreshing the skin. To get a little taste of a few products from this brand new range from Pixi, I decided to get my hands on the Best of Vitamin-C Set | £20.

First up we have the Vitamin-C Lotion | £24 for full size. I actually really like this moisturiser - it's definitely hydrating but isn't greasy or heavy at all on my skin. The texture is very lightweight and it melts right into my skin. It really softens and smooths my skin, improving its overall look. My complexion is healthy and hydrated as a result of using this and I do think it looks a little brighter and more luminous. Along with various fruit extracts, this also contains a small amount of lactic acid (an AHA) to gently chemically exfoliate the skin and reveal a more radiant complexion (so be sure to use sunscreen after application). Overall, I like this product and next time I need a new moisturiser (though admittedly, that probably won't be for a very long time...)  I would definitely repurchase this.

Also in the set is a very small bottle of the Vitamin-C Tonic | £18 for full size | and I picked up the travel version for £10 as well. This is essentially a toner with Vitamin C to brighten the skin, aloe to smooth and fruit extracts to provide very mild exfoliation. I didn't actually love this product like I wanted to. I will carry on using it to see if I change my mind, but so far - it's nice, it's hydrating and my skin looks a little fresher after use, but it's not giving me anything beyond the results I get from any other toner I've tried and it doesn't measure up against products like Glow Tonic and Rose Tonic.

Finally for the set, I have the Vitamin-C Caviar Balm | £24 for full size. I really wasn't sure where to fit this product in my skincare routine at first! This reminds me a little bit of the Rose Flash Balm but - according to the description - it doesn't seem to be designed to prep the skin for makeup like that product does, so I've been using it as a moisturiser or an overnight mask (applied liberally). It has quite a dry-touch finish, so I think it would work for you even if you have oilier skin. As well as fruit oils, it contains shea butter for hydration and lactic acid for exfoliation. I actually really like this treatment; the texture is lovely on the skin and it does make my complexion look fresher and more radiant. It's hydrating and softening too, so a great all-rounder.

I also decided to get the Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser | £18. This is an interesting product - I picked it up because I haven't tried anything quite like it. Essentially it's a liquid cleanser - you flip the top and there's a reverse pump, so you press a cotton wool pad onto it and apply that to the skin. It's a great product for busy people on the go, because it's much less faff than a traditional cleanser. The drawback is that without water in the cleansing step of my routine, I'm not that confident that my skin is totally clean, so as a morning cleanse, I'm sure to use water on my face in the shower (before I get out and do my skincare) or simply use it as a second cleanse after makeup removal. I'm not entirely sold on this way of cleansing and I'm getting through this product so quickly! I will definitely use it up and I do think it feels refreshing on the skin and perks up my complexion, however I wouldn't buy this again.


I only picked up one product from the collagen-enriched collection, which is aimed at improving the skin's elasticity and making it look and feel plumper and softer. I went for the In-Shower Steam Facial | £18 | as the concept really intrigued me. This comes out as a thick gel-like product (it's actually quite hard to squeeze out - the tube packaging isn't ideal for this consistency), you apply it to your dry face, hop in the shower (it then warms up on the skin) and when you're all washed and ready to get out; simply rinse the mask off (it emulsifies easily). It leaves my skin feeling clean, soft, smooth and plump, which really isn't bad for a 5-minute job that fits right into my morning routine! 


The Hydrating Milk Mist (which I talked about here) has been a part of the Pixi range for quite some time now, however they've extended the collection, which I was really happy about given how great the mist is.

I decided to pick up the Hydrating Milky Cleanser | £18. To be honest, I did think this was going to be an emulsion cleanser, so initially was a little disappointed that it wasn't. However I actually really like the balance this cleanser strikes, having now used it for a few weeks. It's a cream cleanser with coconut probiotics that can be worked into a foam when combined with some moisture. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and incredibly clean however the ingredients mean that instead of stripping my skin, it's just nice and hydrating. A lot of foaming cleansers leave my skin tight and uncomfortable, which is why I have always tended to avoid them, however this one really doesn't and I'm a fan!

I also picked up a little bottle of the Milky Tonic | £10 for travel size. This toner is formulated with jojoba milk and oat and has a light, non-sticky texture when applied to the skin. It's really soothing and moisturising on my skin, which is always appreciated. It's also nice and calming when my skin is a little bit red or irritated. I really like this product; it's a quick and easy step in my routine that hydrates and softens my skin. I absolutely recommend giving this a go if you have dry or dehydrated skin.

Have you tried / will you be trying any of the new Pixi releases?

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