It's been a little while since I did a ColourPop haul and there were finally enough bits on their website I liked the look of for it to be worth me doing an order! As I'm sure anyone familiar with the brand knows; they bring out a ton of new releases, so despite the fact my package only arrived last month, some of these products are already kind of 'old news' on their site. Also, when I placed my order this time I noticed that VAT is now included! That means that everything is calculated at the checkout so you know upfront how much your order will cost and there's no annoying Royal Mail handling charge or any delays in getting your order if you're in the UK.

Jelly Much Eyeshadow in Foxes | $8 | The first thing I wanted to try was their new jelly eyeshadow formula! As I'd never tried these before, I decided to just order the one shade - a really warm ambered-gold. The finish is gorgeous; it has this wet-look metallic finish that does dry down but still has an amazing finish. It's really pigmented, so you only need the tiniest bit of product to get full opacity. I find this formula to be pretty long-wearing; it's definitely not as bulletproof as the Super Shock Shadows but it doesn't crease on me, there's just a little bit of fading by the end of the day (or night!)  

Super Shock Eyeshadows in Pledge Class & Honour Roll | $5 each | ColourPop also launched an American High School themed collection for autumn this year. You can get all of the shadows released as part of it in a book-shaped set, which is cool, but I wanted to just stick to the two shades that jumped out at me because I have a lot of these singles... Pledge Class has an Ultra Glitter finish and Honour Roll is classed as a Satin (which I don't quite agree with, as this does have micro-glitter). Pledge Class is a gorgeous really warm brown nude colour with a gold glitter running through it and Honour Roll is a warm, deep reddish-brown with a golden sheen. Like I said; I find these so long-wearing and they have such amazing impact on the lids! I love Honour Roll across the lower lash line for a smoky evening look and Pledge Class is amazing when I'm feeling the glittery vibes.

Ultra Satin Lip in 951 & Ultra Satin Lip in Dreamy | $6.50 each | I love love love the Ultra Satin Lips and it's one of the few liquid lipstick formulas I still have in my collection and love. It feels and reapplies like a normal creamy lipstick but is really long-wearing. It doesn't emphasise dry patches and is really comfortable and non-drying. It has a very slight sheen to it but has a nice level of opacity. 951 is a mid-toned brown nude, which actually pulls slightly cool on my skin tone, despite being described as 'warm' on ColourPop's website! Dreamy is a warm pinky-peach tone that I'm really enjoying at the moment - I love a slightly perkier, more poppy nude colour.

Good Sport Pressed Powder Eyeshadow Palette | $16 | I am seriously, seriously impressed with this palette! I was a little bit dubious, I won't lie - although I love ColourPop's eyeshadow palettes, the majority of the ones I have from them are neutral and the only more colourful one in my collection (Yes Please) isn't *quite* as amazing as the others, meaning I wasn't sure the formula would be as good when it comes to these tones. However, the colours really called to me and I thought this would be a new, exciting addition to my already sizeable stash. It's a warm-toned palette with the essentials like brown crease colours and a warm champagne highlight, however it also gives these gorgeous glitters, duochromes, moss greens, deep purples and yellows! 

I know this colour scheme won't be for everyone but I love it; I'm a huge fan of warm tones and this is an interesting, more colourful twist on that. The formula is honestly faultless as far as I'm concerned! I was a bit iffy on if some of these more vibrant shades, like Sista, Reckless and Trooper, would be good formula-wise, but the mattes are all so smooth, creamy and pigmented. I also find the metallic shades like Licia and EBB to be stunning once applied and they have incredible impact. I'd say the longevity is pretty average; nothing special but nothing that would put me off reaching for this. Overall, though, I'm so happy with the palette!

No Filter Sheer Matte Pressed Powder (Medium Dark) | $9 | Ok, so there's a bit of a backstory to this purchase. I used to have the Bourjois Healthy Balance Compact as my handbag powder for touch-ups during the day, but they recently repackaged it and it's so bulky now! So, when I needed to top up my order to get free international shipping, I thought this slimline powder would be the perfect replacement. Luckily this shade really works for me and the powder itself is really nice! You can use it in the morning for setting but I do prefer it it to touch up with. It has a bit of coverage, definitely mattes down the skin and keeps things in place. I guess there's not much you can say about a product like this other than: it does the job.

Have you got your eye on any new launches from ColourPop?

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