I have something exciting and a little bit...experimental for you today! (On a day I normally don't post on.) I thought it would be really fun as part of my end-of-year round-up to get you guys to vote for your best and worst beauty products, releases and brands of 2018. 

It will take you less than 5 minutes to vote and - as an extra little incentive - if you take part and answer the questions you'll be automatically entered into a prize drawer to win a £50 gift card to spend on Beauty BayThis giveaway isn't affiliated with their website, I just chose them because they have so many amazing, exciting brands (from Sugarpill to Cover FX to the Ordinary to Joeur to Anastasia and heaps more!) plus they ship to countries across the world - check out the full list here. Please note that I'm not responsible for any shipping charges or customs on your order - the giveaway is for the gift card only. 

I'm really excited to see how you guys vote! I have no idea how many responses I'll get or how long it will take for me to collate the data (I'm having to keep copying the survey and updating the link to get around SurveyMonkey rules, so it's going to be split across multiple surveys and you need to be sure you only use the above link), so please do bear with me... However voting will be open until 6pm GMT 10/12/2018. Good luck and stay tuned for the results and the giveaway winner, which I'll share during the last week of the year!

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