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We obviously all love checking out the latest releases from classic brands in the beauty world, but today I wanted to do something a bit different and share some amazing products from brands you might not know about. Having a blog means I get to try lots of different products that I wouldn't have discovered otherwise, so today I'm sharing the ones that are really worth a look!

Comfort Zone

I actually discovered this brand after having one of their treatments at the Titanic Spa (experience review here). I'm totally obsessed with their Tranquility range which has an array of fragrance and body products, but recently came across their facial skincare and was really impressed with that too! The packaging is lovely; it looks great on my shelf whilst being simple and functional. You can pick the entire collection up from Feel Unique.

Tranquility Candle | £25 | I love this entire range, as I mentioned, but I think the candle is the best value as you get so much bang for your buck! I'm only about 2/3s of the way through it and I burn this all the time (I also have a backup ready and waiting in my cupboard...) The scent is beautiful, with floral, cedar wood and sweet orange. It spreads throughout the room and is noticeable but not overbearing, creating a calm atmosphere.

Hydramemory Mask* | £30 | This is a gel-cream face mask that you simply leave on for about 10 minutes before rinsing. It's very lightweight and isn't smothering on my skin but quenches that dehydrating, as well as plumping it and leaving it soft and smooth.

Touch in Sol 

For me, Touch in Sol kind of came out of nowhere this year! It's a Korean brand that's very much at that mid-range price-point. The packaging and product names do have that slightly cutesy vibe whilst still looking stylish. The products themselves, from my experience, really do delivery! It's mostly makeup but they do also do skincare (I haven't tried that yet though) and I tend to get their products from Cult Beauty or Asos.

No Poreblem Primer | £15 | I actually won this in a giveaway earlier this year and I'm hooked on the stuff! Not only is is the first primer I've tried at this price-point that reduces the visibility of my pores noticeably, but it's a great all-round primer. It gives a satin finish, is reasonably hydrating, doesn't peel or make a mess and helps my makeup last longer. If I could only use one primer for the rest of my life then it'd be this one!

Metallist Shadow Liquid Foil & Glitter Duo in Eldora* | £20 | This is a gorgeous cream and glitter eyeshadow. One one end is a cream eyeshadow in a sheeny metallic antique gold colour, which is beautiful for day or night. On the other, you have a sort of liquid foiled glitter in a more vibrant gold tone. You can wear them individually or with the glitter layered over the cream for a stunning look in seconds that has amazing staying-power.


This is a brand I've loved for a while but until recently it was actually quite difficult to get here in the UK - when I first bought some of their products, you could only find them at a single store in London and they had no online site over here. Now you can buy them directly from the Fresh UK Site, at John Lewis or from Harrods. They focus on natural, fresh beauty - unsurprising given the name! So there's a lot of skincare, a few natural tinted makeup bits and fragrance and body products in their range. As a side-note: I do have a full brand overview coming up for Fresh so keep an eye out.

Soy Face Cleanser* | £30 | This is a new discovery from Fresh for me - it's a gorgeous, refreshing cleanser I personally tend to use in the morning. It feels like a gel but isn't foaming and smells nice and cucumber-y. It leaves my skin thoroughly cleansed without stripping it. I find it to be gentle and softening.

Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Punch* | £19.50 | I love love love these tinted lip balms and my two go-to shades over the past couple of years have been Honey and Petal (check them out here), which I'm nearly out of! I was kindly sent over some new colours to try and Punch is already a firm favourite. The formula is nourishing and actually has more pigment than you'd think from a tinted lip balm. It gives a glossy, non-sticky finish as well as that wash of colour. Punch is a warm reddish-coral.

Butter London

This brand is definitely more well-known for its huge array of nail polish shades (which I've tried and are gorgeous, by the way!) however they also have a small range of makeup. After being impressed with the bits I have here, I'd definitely be up for trying more from them. Overall it isn't a brand I hear a lot about and I'm not sure why because I've never really been disappointed by them! They're stocked on Feel Unique and also the Hut Group sites, including Look Fantastic.

Glazen Eye Glosses in Moonshine & Spark | £15 each | I love a cream eyeshadow - they're just quick, easy and long-lasting. These shadows have been amongst my favourite new discoveries; they have a sort of jelly texture with a metallic sheen and micro glitter for a dewy effect on the lids. They don't crack or crease at all on my and are super-pigmented. My only misgiving is how long they'll last before drying out!


This is a Copenhagen-based brand you can just head down to Superdrug and check out but not one that seems to get the love that other drugstore brands do. They do some good cheek products and their lipsticks have a really nice formula. Even I myself haven't explored their range enough! They're slightly more towards the higher end of drugstore but I do think they have some really interesting products (like liquid blushers and foundation drops).

The Ultimate Lip Liner With a Twist in Nougat Crisp* | £6.99 | This is definitely one of my absolute favourite lip liners! This warm mid-toned pinky-brown nude pairs perfect with all of my favourite lip colours. It's twist-up so you don't have to worry about sharpening it and the formula is so creamy that it glides right on. At the same time it has enough substance for it to stay in place.


This lip, body and hand care brand has a cute little backstory; the founder grew up on a sheep farm in Australia and her father told her that lanolin (created from wool) actually mimics human oils and Lanolips was born! The packaging is adorable and their products are reasonably affordable. They've also since expanded beyond the original lip balm lineup. Their product range is obviously small and specific but they do what they set out to do extremely well. The products are available on Feel Unique and the Hut Group sites, including Look Fantastic.

Lanolin Everywhere Cream* | £10.99 | I've actually run out of this and after seeing a huge pump bottle of it on Instagram, I really want to repurchase that size! This is a hard cream to describe; it's not at all heavy or greasy but really is nourishing, leaving my skin soft and silky after use. You can use this on your hands, body and even your face.

Original 101 Ointment* | £10.99 | This was my original multi-purpose balm and I still reach for it! It works as a hydrating lip balm but also on dry patches of skin on the face or body to provide relief.

Skin Laundry

This brand actually originated as a laser and light skincare clinic in LA (it's since expanded into London) but now creates amazing products. You can pick them up at Liberty (where their clinic is) or on Cult Beauty and Feel Unique. They have a fairly small range of simple, functional products that I've been really impressed with so far!

Night Renew Treatment* | £36 | This is one of my favourite overnight products as it's a nourishing but non-smothering cream that's smoothing and hydrating. It also contains a very low concentration of retinol - an amazing ingredient for smoothing the skin, preventing ageing and improving the skin's clarity and texture.

Nourishing Cleansing Oil* | £26 | I've tried a lot of cleansing balms and oils but this is definitely amongst my favourites! It just does the job for me; lifting even stubborn waterproof eye makeup with minimal effort. It's gentle on my sensitive eyes and doesn't leave any greasy excess behind after removal with a damp cloth or flannel.

Colour Wow

As the name suggests, this brand was actually founded for coloured hair and their root coverup is the hero product. However it's actually their range of styling products that I really love and don't think get enough hype! You can pick Colour Wow products up from a fair few places now and the full range is available directly or via M&S, Feel Unique, Look Fantastic and Selfridges.

Style on Steroids Performance Enhancing Texture + Finishing Spray* | £20 | This is a non-sticky, non-crunchy lightweight spray that gives hold, texture and volume to my hair. It gives it an all-round boost without it feeling as though I've put a load of product in my hair. If you want a fix that isn't in spray form then I recommend their Carb Cocktail* | £22. 

Dream Coat* | £24 | This is a miracle product for me and I've never tried anything quite like it before. Essentially you mist it over your hair before blowdrying and it acts as a shield against humidity and moisture. My hair holds its style far better and is definitely less prone to frizz since I started using this.

Do you love any brands / products that don't seem to get talked about that much?

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