An Ode to the BeautyBlender

There are dozens of makeup sponges on the market now but I'm pretty sure this was the original. With plenty of options at a lower price, it's easy to see why people might not want to spend the extra on this tool, however I think it's worth the splurge and today I'm telling you why!

 Of course their most famous product is the Original BeautyBlender* | £16 | which comes in a variety of colours (though of course mine always eventually end up orange with foundation...) There's something about this foam that truly is unique - where other sponges feel kind of stiff, this has a really flexible material and becomes much larger when you add water. Personally I use the sponge very slightly damp, running it under the tap and then gently squeezing to release excess water whilst retaining some moisture. I find this to be the perfect way to apply my base - I haven't used anything else for concealer in years and rarely use a brush for foundation. It's also great for travel so you just have one little tool to carry instead of multiple brushes. It ensures my foundation is even and takes away any excess product, giving a flawless but natural look. It's also perfect for liquid and cream cheek products, ensuring you get that natural, effortless look.

You can also use the Micro Mini Duo* | £14.50 | for concealer and the more awkward places around the nose. These are made of the exact same material as the Original and work in the same way, however they're super-small. Personally, I find the Original does it for me and is a little less fiddly to use, however if you're a makeup artist I think you'd find these really handy.

The BeautyBlender doesn't actually 'soak up' much product at all, however they can look a bit messy after a few uses (not to mention, the bacteria can build up due to the dampness). I let my sponges air dry in the open and a couple of times a week I'll give them a proper wash. I've tried a few different products and methods but I do find that the BeautyBlender Pure Solid Cleanser* | £14 | works best. It's like a soap and comes in this pot, which also contains a little rubberised insert with various textures on it to help with the cleaning process. Although my sponges definitely reach a point of no return when it comes to stains from foundation, this does a really good job of lifting that orange. It's a quick, easy, fuss-free process for ensuring your sponges are always clean and ready to use!

Are you a BeautyBlender convert?

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  1. I'm currently using the Real Techniques sponge and have really been enjoying it.

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  2. Interesting post, thank you! :) I've got an unopened beauty blender lying around as well as their confetti collection sponges, I haven't even got around to trying them yet. Might try it out tomorrow. Have you tried their body blender sponge? That one really has my interest, I feel like it would be the perfect blending tool for body highlighter or fake tan. Also, I've heard that their sponge cleanser does an incredible job or cleansing makeup brushes as well! :)


  3. I've never tried the real beauty blender, but I love the Real Techniques dupe! And Primark do some amazing mini ones as well for under the eyes. One day I might invest in the proper one though.


  4. I have always wanted to try a beauty blender just to see what all the hypes about. They do sound good! X

    Kate// itskaterose.com

  5. I didn't know BeautyBlender had a cleanser, totally going to try that out!

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  6. I've always bought the dupes and never really like them, I find that they make my foundation look orange (not ideal since I'm very pale). Your post definitely makes me want to try the original one, though!


  7. I tried the Real Techniques and it was okay. I converted to brushes again but I've noticed that, now I have a foundation that is actually mattifying for my oily skin, I ended up really streaky. Plus I always miss the bit above my eyebrows!
    Looks like I'll be heading back to a sponge...

  8. I haven't tried the Beauty Blender yet. I've tried other sponges. One, if I remember correctly, was a Maybelline sponge, it was trash. Now I'm using the Real Techniques sponge. So far I like it. I get a more even and matte finish when using it to apply my concealer and mineral powder foundation.

  9. I have used beauty blenders, but i think they suck up too much products. I stick to brushes.


  10. I can't be without my Beautyblender! It's the easiest way to ensure a flawless finish! xx

    Beautylymin| CharlotteTilburyBlush&BronzeGiveaway

  11. I do love a real, proper beauty blender.
    I'm not going to lie, I cheat on it something with the RT miracle sponge as they are more accessible but you can't beat the original, can you?
    I need to try out the solid cleanser, thanks for the reminder!!

    Gillian xx Eyelinerflicks.com

  12. omg those little ones are the cutest things ever xx


  13. I have personally never used a beauty blender, but I have always wanted to try them. I just couldn't get past the whole $20 for a sponge though... I personally use the Real Technique's sponges which I LOVE. Plus you get two for like $12 so its a win win! One day I will try out the beauty blender though! xx


  14. I could not be without my Beauty Blenders, I use it without fail every single day to apply pretty much all of my base products. Which reminds me, I must buy a new one!

    Danielle xx

  15. They really are the best beauty sponge, and well worth the extra money as they last for such a decent amount of time! xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

  16. I definitely am. There’s no other make up sponge that can convince me to switch from beauty blender. It holds, washes and applies like no other sponge. Also you’re right, the solid cleanser seriously works, match made in heaven!!


  17. I love beauty sponges, but I have to say I have never tried the actual Beauty Blender... Which I know is a bit silly since it's the brand that started it all. I just haven't found it in me to justify paying more for a sponge when I can go to Primark and get a cheaper one that works great. However since the texture of the sponge seems really unique, I might end up getting it one day!

    Julia x
    Last Post: The Karl Lagerfeld Camera Bag | http://juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.co.uk/2018/02/fashion-camera-bag-with-monnier-freres.html

  18. It's definitely worth it! I've been converted haha x

  19. I always have a backup on hand - whenever Cult Beauty or somewhere like that does a discount, I stock up haha x

  20. A lot of people do genuinely love the RT one - I guess it's all personal preference :) x

  21. It's worth picking up because it works great to clean any sponge :) x

  22. I occasionally use brushes but for everyday this sponge just always does the trick! x

  23. The imitations aren't a patch on the Original - it took me a long time to realise this! x

  24. It's an expensive habit but I'm in deep now haha and nothing else seems to compare x

  25. I actually haven't - had no idea they did one :) x

  26. I still have only tried the RT sponge and whilst I do like it, I still reach for my buffing brush for most foundations. I really do want to invest in a beautyblender soon though as everyone says the difference is noticeable!

    The Makeup Directory

  27. I love beauty sponges. I doubt I'll go back to applying my foundation or concealer with brushes but I've never actually tried the Beauty Blender version!



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