A Cosy Winter Night In

It's Christmas Eve, so ahead of the festivities, I thought I'd share how I like to spend a cosy night in when it's freezing outside. There's also a little giveaway if you stay tuned until the end, which should be the perfect post-Christmas treat to cheer your up!

I always try to treat my skin when I have the time and for this I love pairing the Trilogy Cream Cleanser | £23.50 | with the Foreo Luna Mini 2* | £119. The Trilogy cleanser is a lightweight, calming, moisturising option for dry winter skin. It's amazing at softening and smoothing any dry patches on my skin and the Foreo cleansing device just takes the effects to the next level. It has silicone bristles (you control the settings and there are several textures, so the intensity can be changed) making it very gentle and ensuring I get a deep cleanse and my skin stays clear. 

A bath always feels like a nice little indulgence, so I'll typically light a candle, put on a sheet mask and take some time to relax (preferably reading my favourite beauty magazine: Allure). I have a few new products on my shelf to choose from at the moment, as well as some old classics! Two things I repurchase every year are the Lush Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar | £5.95 | and the Rose Jam Shower Gel | £10.95. The Magic of Christmas smells of spiced cloves and oranges, so it's as warm and festive as the name suggests. You simply swirl it in your bath to get the bubbles and you can reuse it a second time. Rose Jam is another Christmas exclusive and I just can't get enough of this fragrance! It's sweet, warm and floral all at the same time and the scent lingers beautifully on the skin.

I also picked up a few new festive bits this year that I'm kind of in love with: the Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel | £5 | & Body Butter | £15. It's just such a lovely warm, sweet, spiced scent; I can't get enough of it! The shower gel is a creamy formula that lathers up so nicely and leaves a lovely hint of fragrance behind on the skin. The body butter is also gorgeous. It's much creamier and less greasy than some of the body butters I've tried from the Body Shop. It's really nice and nourishing on my dry winter skin and smells INCREDIBLE! You don't even need to wear a perfume with this  on in the day and used before bed, it gives that amazing 'smooth skin against sheets' feeling.

The products from the Molton Brown Gingerlily Hand Care Gift Set* | £45 | are also lovely (and worth checking out for a last-minute Christmas gift if you're braving the shops today!) I'm kind of obsessed with this fragrance - it's really interesting and not quite like anything else I've ever tried. It's sweet, gingery and slightly fresh and floral all at the same time. You get a lovely hand wash in here, as well as a lightweight lotion (perfect for putting the moisture back into your skin after a bath) and also a more heavy-duty cream that moisturises without leaving my hands greasy (this one is very handbag-friendly).

Another couple of new discoveries on my shelf are the Apotheke Ginger Lemon Tea Liquid Soap and Lotion* | £19 each. The fragrance of these products is so warming and comforting to me - maybe because when I'm feeling a bit under the weather and it's cold outside, I always have a ginger or lemon tea. These are both multipurpose products that can be used for the hands or body. The soap is gently foaming without stripping the skin and the lotion is nice and light in texture - for when you need hydration but you don't want to smother your skin is something really heavy.

My current candle of choice is still the Comfort Zone Tranquility Candle | £25. It just creates that warm spa feeling whenever I light it. It's never overbearing but always fills the room with its soft, light, pleasant fragrance. The notes include cedar wood and sweet orange. I've been loving using the Janna Hydrating & Sensitive Repair Sheet Masks* | £3.99 each | whilst I kick back and relax - they're really lovely for winter skin. I just leave sheet masks like this on until they dry out - with these that was about 2 hours. I thought the fit of the masks was really good, especially given how affordable they are. After use, I just massage any excess in as a sort of night treatment. The Hydrating version is just great for giving that extra moisture, smoothness and plumpness to the skin (it contains hyaluronic acid). Sensitive Repair is still very moisturising (this one contains calendula) but has the added soothing element, which is amazing on skin that's feeling a bit raw from the cold or is reacting to the central heating.

For a little at-home pedicure, I recommend this duo from Bliss (you can wear them overnight but personally, I see the effects even with just an hour of use). Bliss Foot Patrol* | £18.50 | is a fresh, invigorating foot cream that contains AHAs (chemical exfoliants) to help soften dry winter heels. It's softening but isn't at all greasy or slippery. I also love my personalised Bliss Softening Socks* | £39. I've tried the hand version of these and loved them, and the socks are just as good! They're lined with a softening, conditioning gel (formulated with Vitamin E and natural oils) which leave my feet so nice and smooth! I love using the cream and then popping my feet in the socks because the combination makes my feet feel amazing.

There are two final steps I never skip before bed. First I apply my Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm | £9.50 | which is just the most nourishing product! It does have a heavy texture but never fails to leave my dry winter lips soft, smooth and hydrated by morning. Plus it smells amazing. I then give my pillow a mist with the REN & Now to Sleep Pillow Spray* | £18. This is really unusual kind of pillow spray because it doesn't have a strong lavender fragrance - instead it's a little more earthy and herbal, however it still does the job of helping me relax and drift off into a natural sleep.

I've teamed up with Tropic Skincare to give away their So Sleepy Pillow Mist & Whipped Body Velvet. The giveaway is open to UK residents only (sorry!) and will be open for 2 weeks from today - you can enter below. Good luck!

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Have a lovely Christmas and I'll see you back on Boxing Day when we'll be chatting through my 2017 beauty favourites! 

How do you like to spend a cosy winter evening in and which products join you for it?

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  1. I absolutely love hand care so the Gingerly hand care gift set would be right up my street! x Nuxe sent me that lip balm in a set and I cannot agree with you more - it's been an essential ever since I received it! xx Amazing giveaway by the way Jasmine - it's at times like these that I'm glad I have both a French and UK address! x
    Marina x

  2. Great post, dear! I would like to try the hand care set for sure. :)

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  3. These prodcuts sounds great.


  4. Really want to try the Rose Jam shower gel, I love the name :)

    Anika | anikamay.co.uk

  5. I always have a thorough pamper on Christmas Eve with a nice long soak in the bath. I'm going to use Rose Jam tonight because it just makes me feel so festive. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas! <3

    Steph - www.nourishmeblog.co.uk

  6. These all sound great!! I haven’t picked up Rose Jam yet this year but I’m hoping to snag a bottle or two during the Lush sale tomorrow! Those foot products sound perfect come winter time. I just used one of the Patchology foot peeling masks and my feet are sooo soft! So I def need to find more creams to keep up the condition of my feet haha. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

    Cindy | www.cindyhyue.com

  7. I hope I can pick up one of the giant bottles on sale - I love Rose Jam :) x

  8. It's amazing - the name sums up the scent perfectly! x

  9. Thank you Steph - hope you had a lovely Christmas too :) x

  10. Ginger and lemon are two of my favourite scents especially ginger for winter time. I love the little personalised socks..so cute xxx


  11. Love these picks!



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