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In case you hadn't noticed: I've really been into my Asian beauty recently so I jumped at the chance to try the Beauty Beyond Borders Box* ($15/month). Most of these products are listed on their website as full sized but where they're not, I've found other sites that have them listed. Let's dive in...

Hera Waterin Gel Serum* | $55 (full size) | This is actually a really lovely, hydrating water-based serum. I was pleasantly surprised at how fast-absorbing it was, as well as leaving my skin softer and plumper. It works well under makeup and is great if you want a product that will counteract dry patches without leaving a greasy excess. I think for the price I probably wouldn't repurchase it though, as the Vichy and Avene serums I already have are very similar and quite a bit cheaper.

Tonymoly Floria Nutra-Energy Emulsion* | $27 (full size) | This is a product I kind of wish I'd had a larger sample of to fully assess how effective it is. It's a gel-cream moisturiser that leaves my skin soft but there is a slight tackiness (I think it's possibly a bit rich for my skin type).  However I did feel my skin looked healthier than usual after using this.

Etude House Age Defense Skin Softener* | $26.40 (full size) | I can't really comment on the anti-aging properties of this, however I do feel my skin looks smoother and plumper after using this product. I can definitely vouch for it being softening though, without any tackiness or excess, which I really like. I've been using this as a serum and I think I would repurchase it, as I think the full-sized bottle would be great value!

Etude House Honey Cera Cream* | $24 (full size) | This is a nourishing, fairly rich face cream that has an amazing honey fragrance and is great for this time of year. I don't find it too thick or suffocating on my skin, nor does it leave a greasy excess, and it helps get rid of any dry patches. It also works incredibly well when used overnight.

Etude House Honey Cera Priming Eye Serum* | $20 (full size) | This is a really unusual kind of eye cream - it has a water-based texture so absorbs very quickly. It's hydrating but I wouldn't say it's the most nourishing option if you have a very dry eye area. However I do find it absorbs quickly and helps reduce the puffiness I get in the mornings.

Skin79 Super Plus Triple Function BB Cream* | $5 (mini) | I didn't use this product because on the packaging it says 'whitening' and that isn't something I am interested in putting on my skin.

Welcos Kwailnara Aloe Vera Soothing Gel* | $7 (full size) | I've actually tried this before and it's amazing for dry, sensitive skin, especially at this time of year. Whether it's on your face or your body, if you're suffering from angry, irritated skin then this is incredibly cooling and gives lasting relief from sensitivity.

Goodal Waterest Lotus Water Cleansing Tissue* | $7 (full pack) | These are actually really nice face wipes - they're completely saturated with product so there's no drying feeling and despite the small size of each wipe, one is enough for my entire face on a normal day. I'd say it removes 85% of my makeup (which is pretty effective for a wipe), though I do obviously still cleanse my skin afterwards and reserve these for those nights when it's just too late and a wipe is better than nothing! These are very gentle (especially on my eyes) and even feel quite hydrating. 

Leaders 7 Wonders Amazonian Acai Anti Pollution Mask* | $6 (single mask) | When it comes to sheet masks, I look for immediate results and this gives them! I left this on for maybe a couple of hours until the sheet itself was completely dry and the product had mostly absorbed. I didn't rinse my face afterwards, I just massaged the excess into my skin. My skin was left looking hydrated and feeling softer and this has a really great plumping effect if your skin is looking a bit dehydrated and lacklustre.

Heimish All Clean Cleansing Balm* | $4 (mini) | I've actually tried this one before and it's fantastic - I have a lot of cleansers on the go but it's definitely going to be what I repurchase next time I need a new one. It has a balm formula that easily melts on the skin. It's honestly so effective at removing makeup (including waterproof mascara) and doesn't sting my eyes. It's affordable and just an all-round great product I'd really recommend.

Sadly this isn't available to ship the UK yet, however a sizeable chunk of you guys reading are from the US (apparently!), so this one's for you (given the amount of times I've blogged about UK-only brands!) You can also use the code 'JASMINETALKSBEAUTY' to get a special free gift if you fancy subscribing to the box. Overall I'm really impressed with the box, especially for the price; it's a really great introduction to Asian skincare, especially if you're relatively new to it like me and just want a good mix of brands and products to try.

Have you tried any of these brands? What are your favourite Asian skincare products?

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  1. I have never tried any Asian skincare but some of these bits sound lovely, I'd love to give this box a try! x

    Kate// itskaterose.blogspot.com

    1. It's a great way to try lots of different brands and products :) xx

  2. I love to receive boxes with products I don't know yet!
    Really really interesting stuff!

    xoxo, Colli
    Beautyblog Tobeyoutiful

  3. I've been wanting to try asian skincare for years, I've heard many good things. x




  4. This looks like a really nice box, but the subscriptions really add up over time. Wish I could have all of them!

    Samantha | www.questforcalm.com

    1. Yeah I definitely have to regularly assess which I'm getting good products and value for money out of! xx

  5. Catching up on ur posts as I came back to England just over the weekend.

    I have never tried any of the above but Asian skincare products have been popular for quite few years now. I have always wanted to try Tonymoly products and this emulsion sounds perfect for my skin specially in colder months. I really like the sound of the Hera waterin serum..i love serums that absorb quickly. Great post Jasmine.

    Ash | www.mstantrum.com

  6. This is such a great box, such a good way to try new products!

    Lauren Ashleigh xx

  7. This sounds like a lovely box, I really like my Tony Moly eye brightener!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  8. These products sound great!


  9. I've had a couple of their bags now and I've been really impressed with the contents, and the themes! I love asian skincare xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Yeah it's pretty impressive what you get for the price isn't it :) xx

  10. I haven't tried any Asian skincare products but these sound amazing! x

    Melanie | Lilies Beauty - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  11. Thank you for your comments :) hope this post helped you discover something new! xx

  12. Sounds like a good beauty box! Shame it isn't supplied over in UK though.


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