Which Do You Need? | Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint vs Urban Decay Naked Skin One & Done

When it comes to makeup, the one thing I always appreciate is a good base. Two of my favourite brands released lightweight bases this year and I just had to snap up both! However if you're not quite decided which one is for you then I hope this post helps you make up your mind. 


The Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint costs £30, whereas Urban Decay's Naked Skin One & Done Hydrid Complexion Cream costs £25. It isn't a huge difference but also bear in mind that Urban Decay is also stocked through sites that offer regular discount codes for their products (like Feel Unique and Debenhams), whereas Nars has fewer stockists and is usually excluded from promotions. All in all though, if you're willing to spend £25 on a foundation then it isn't going to be a huge leap for you to stretch to £30. It is also worth noting that the Nars gives you 50ml in the tube whereas Urban Decay gives you 40ml so if you think about it the price really isn't a deciding factor.


The packaging is pretty similar; they both come in travel-friendly tubes. The Nars comes in their usual sleek and simple black matte packaging (that does tend to get a little dirty!) whereas the Urban Decay comes in something a little fancier; a kind of ombre-chrome tube with silver lettering. The Nars has a simple flip open top and you squeeze the product right out, though it does tend to get a little messy in the lid. 

The Urban Decay instead has a pump and the lid feels a little more secure. The pump helps me better control how much product it dispenses, however it can be a bit annoying to have to pump a couple of times before anything comes out (I can imagine it being really hard to get the last little bit out when it's nearly finished).

Shade Range

Nars is the clear winner in this category with 12 shades against Urban Decay's 6. I think 12 shades is pretty impressive for this kind of light base and Nars seems to cover a lot of the spectrum even just within that. I wear St Mortiz in the Nars, which is the same as my shade in their Tinted Moisturiser. The medium, yellow-based shade is spot on for me right now however I do think it may be a bit pale during the Summer. 

Urban Decay do cover quite a lot of the spectrum in their 6 shades however I can see a lot of people (like me!) falling in between colours and not quite being able to find a perfect match. I also think they could do with more variations in the undertones. I wear Medium-Dark in this, which is a bit too dark at the moment and leans more towards an orange base than yellow, however it matches my slightly darker neck fairly well and once my concealer and powder is done, it looks fine. I do think this is going to be perfect once I've been on holiday though so I'm kind of saving it for that.

Formula & Application

I actually find them both very similar in texture. They're much thicker than you're usual quite light and more watery tinted moisturiser. They apply pretty similarly, though I think the Nars feels a tad heavier and more matte on my skin. I prefer to apply my bases with brushes and with these I tend to go for my Sephora Pro Airbrush #55 or Zoeva Silk Finish. They both blend out really nicely, though I'd say the Urban Decay sits on my skin slightly more naturally. You can use more of a buffing motion to build the coverage where you need as I find both of these apply quite lightly in the first instance but are so easy to build on. On this point I do think they're pretty evenly matched.

Coverage & Finish 

I was actually expecting both of these to be pretty lightweight based on the names and barely more than a tinted moisturiser. However they're both considerably fuller than I'd initially thought. The Nars gives really good coverage and a semi-matte finish that's not too drying - the name is actually spot on in my opinion. I'd say that when you first apply it it's like a light foundation, however once I've built it up in my problem areas it's definitely more of a light-medium look. 

The Urban Decay is a tad less matte and more hydrating on my skin, however it's still what I'd describe as 'satin'. It keeps my shine at bay, it isn't dewy and doesn't go greasy on me, however it still feels a little more hydrating than the Nars. I personally find this has even more coverage. Again it's relatively light when you go in with one pump for your entire face but it's definitely more like medium coverage when I add a little more to the parts of my face where makeup tends to fade fastest. I didn't find that either of these settled into any pores or imperfections and enhanced them, which is good. They're both comfortably 'everyday' bases for me though - they can be applied lightly on a hot day at the beach or are easy to build on if you're going out for a meal.


I personally think the Nars lasts 'well' but probably isn't the best I've ever tried. I generally do need to powder my t-zone around lunch time as the non-drying formula does allow a little bit of shine through as they day goes on. If I don't touch up with concealer, I'd say this looks as it did when I applied it in the morning for around 6 hours before it starts to break down a little bit around my nose and under the eyes and lets a bit of dewiness through. However it isn't something that a 2-minute concealer and powder touch-up can't fix. 

The thing that really impressed me about the Urban Decay was how long-wearing it was. Although it's a little more hydrating on my skin, I actually don't feel like it lets through shine during the day  or starts to wear off my oiler patches and I find I don't really need to touch up (unless I've been blowing my nose a lot!) As we move towards hotter weather, I think the Urban Decay is going to be the winner for me based on this alone.

Skincare Benefits

The Nars contains SPF 30 and PA+++, which I think is pretty impressive. It also contains antioxidants Vitamin C and E and claims the Rose Fruit Extract helps minimise pores and blur imperfections. I think the sun protection is great and makes it perfect for the current overcast weather in the UK right now when you still want some level of resistance to sun damage. I can't say I've noticed my skin looking dramatically more healthy from using this but at the same time, as I mentioned, it doesn't emphasise my pore or fine lines so maybe there's something in the claims! It does profess to last all day, which I feel like it kind-of does but not without a bit of a touch-up on my combination skin.

The Urban Decay claims to do just about everything short of curing cancer on the website! I can certainly agree with the all-day wear aspect. It contains SPF 20 but isn't broad-spectrum like the Nars and the UVA protection isn't as good either. Apparently the 'light-diffusing spheres makes flaws seem to disappear' and it also claims to minimise the look of pores and make the skin look firmer and more radiant with vitamins and peptides. Whilst I think that's over-egging it a little bit, I find it does give a very 'perfected' look to the skin (more so than the Nars) and whilst I doubt it's making my skin look more flawless over time, I do feel it stops imperfections being emphasised by not 'settling' in to them.

Which do I prefer?

I feel like such a traitor, as a Nars girl through and through, but I have to say Urban Decay wins for me! I do still really like the Nars Velvet Matte but Urban Decay's One & Done just seems to sit on my skin in a nicer way, it gives a more flawless appearance, it feels a little more hydrating yet it also lasts longer. I've really enjoyed Velvet Matte for Spring but I think Summer belongs to One & Done...

Have you tried either (or both!) of these bases? What did you think of it (or which is your favourite)?

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  1. Been toying with which one of these two to get for holiday! Urban decay it is!
    Great post!

    Sophie | www.itscultured.com

  2. I have to say this post has come at the perfect time for me. I've been experimenting with BB / CC creams this week as I'm wanting to wear less base makeup on a daily basis but they're just not quite cutting it so I've been looking at both the Nars and Urban Decay products. Up until I read this I thought the Nars was a dead cert for the one I'd get on best with but I actually think I'm swaying more towards the UD one now. Thank you for such a thorough comparison, you've really helped me make my mind up :) xx

  3. This just finalizes my decision, that's it! I'm getting Nars this June ;) Thanks for the input, hun!

    Selene Addicted

  4. It's so good to read such an in-depth comparison of these two, thank you! I think I'd go for the Urban Decay based on the tube alone haha, but it does like the formula would suit me better than the Nars, too :)

    Jess xo | The Indigo Hours

  5. I love the sound of the Urban Decay one!!! The packaging is so stunning too and I'm a massive lover of pretty packaging haha xx

    Lauren | itslaurenvictoria.blogspot.co.uk

  6. I definitely don't need another foundation but if I was to opt for anything, I definitely think I would go for the UD option as I feel like it would suit my skin better. Shame it has such a poor shade selection though x

    Beauty with charm

    1. Yeah it is a bit annoying - I'm thinking of grabbing the next lighter shade to mix together xx

  7. The Urban Decay is a winner for me too, honestly one of the best bases I have ever tried x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Instagram

  8. Great review, I've been looking for an alternative to the Garnier BB as the shade range sucks. Might have to have a look at one of these!

  9. This is a great post idea! Urban Decay it will be for me, well, only if I'm able to find my shade!


  10. I think for me the Nars one would be best as I do prefer a more matte finish and a little extra coverage. I think if I use the right primer and powder I could get it to last well on my skin. I definitely do need to pick up a lighter base for Summer, last year my go to as the Garnier BB Cream for Combination skin, I was amazed at the coverage and it literally lasted all day during the Summer heat.

    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  11. I've been desperate to try both for so long but I've heard people say that the NARS one doesn't actually last very long and just looks a bit messy after a few hours :( x

    1. For me the wear-time is ok at the moment but I can't see it standing up to the heat in Summer xx

  12. I was really undecided on what sort of base to get for the hotter months, especially as I've got holidays coming up and my skin is having a good time at the minute. I haven't invested in a high end foundation for quite a while so I think I deserve a bit of a treat!

    Vickie | dearvictoria.co.uk

  13. Yes! This post is exactly what I needed! I really love the UD One & Done and have been debating over trying the NARS Velvet Matte, but was put off by the "matte" in the name thinking that it would be a really heavy foundation. But after this review I'm definitely going to give it a go, since I think I can just never have too many light bases in my life. xx


  14. I love posts like this---they are so helpful because it you never really know about a product until you try it.


  15. I've been dying to try the UD One & Done and your review is just making me want to try it even more!

    Nicole | In The Life of NM

  16. Decisions... decisions! Now I can't decide which one I want to pick up. I was sure about Nars as I already tested it and it feels light on the skin and now UD shows up, I need to test it too before I choose one! x

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. You can always get a little sample of each :) xx

  17. I've been wanting to try both of these bases so this review was really helpful. You did such a great job comparing the formulas...I still wanna try both lol

    Beauty Isles

    My Mommy Years

  18. Thanks so much for this review! I love a good light base and have had my eye on both of these for a while. I love that the UD has a pump too and since I'm super pale, I should be okay with their shade range. Great comparison!

    Nereyda│ This Girl Is Obsessed

  19. The urban decay one does appeal to me more. I have tried the nars sheer glow foundation and that didn't sit on my skin well and I've tried the urban decay naked foundation and that worked really well for me. That alone would probably sway me to go towards urban decay once again.


  20. From your description I think I'd like the One and Done the best, too! I prefer more coverage and my skin is on the dry side so a hydrating formula is better for me :)


  21. This is such a lovely helpful post!! Thankyou! <3

    Amelia | http://amelia-g.blogspot.com.au/

  22. I'm a NARS girl through and through, too, and I've tried the velvet matte skin tint. But I gotta admit I got very curious about UD One and Done because of your post. :) Definitely "bookmarking" this in my head as one of my must-try bases soon. :)


  23. I've been so tempted by both of these, I think I will definitely have to have a swatch on the One and Done to see if any of the shades match me! Still kicking myself for not buying the Nars box the Velvet Matte tint came in when they had their £15 off £60 spend!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  24. My brain just screams "YOU NEED BOTH ERIN" haha, shut up voices. I was really tempted by the UD one tbh, I really love the look of it, But I have so many more foundations to use just now, so I have vowed no more until some of those are finished!

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. Haha! Well it's always worth it for a beauty junkie! Xx

  25. This was such a great review/comparison! I've tried the UD one and done and I LOVED it. It has an ingredient that clogs pores and since I have acne prone skin, it did cause some blemishes, which was heartbreaking for me! I really wanted it to work for me. The Nars velvet matte finish has skin friendly ingredients so I might give that one a try! :-)

    Jenny Loves Beauty ♥

  26. I'm really enjoying the UD one and done, and i agree with everything you said! The pump thing is so annoying, I've had that problem too, but I find if you squeeze the bottle at the same time as pumping it comes out fine. I haven't tried the NARS one, but I still want to haha xx

    LPage Beauty

  27. Thank you for your comments - hope this helped make your mind up! Xx

  28. I've got the NARS one on my wish list for my summer base but after this post I think I'm leaning more towards the UD one! I have an oily T-Zone but as you say it's more long wearing that would definitely win it for me x

    Just Little Things

  29. Im with you on your choice i much prefer one and done as well its really sheer but looks beautiful!


    1. Agreed - I was totally expecting the Nars to win but Urban Decay surprised me :) xx

  30. Ooh this is interesting, I thought the NARs one would have better lasting power! I'll definitely need to check out the One & Done at my local Urban Decay counter - I'm hoping there will be a colour match for me in their 6 shades!

    I Z Z I S A U R | a beauty, lifestyle and food blog by Izzy

  31. I need to give the Urban Decay one a proper try, sounds like a dreamy summer base x


  32. Such a great comparison post! I'm using the UD One & Done at the moment so it's nice to see the Nars one compared to it. I was hoping the Nars one would be a bit less dewy and sounds like it is; it might work just a little bit better for me than the UD one. Thanks for the in-depth explanation!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog


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