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This was very nearly a 'new in drugstore mascaras' post as there have been SO many in 2016 so far. However I realised I'd picked up a few other bits before #FrugalFebruary started that I wanted to talk about too. These aren't all from this month; there are a few from the tail-end of last year too. I also didn't buy every single new release because it's silly for me to buy stuff I have no personal use for. However I did take note of other new additions I've noticed recently so I could give a comprehensive list of what's out there right now.


I know I don't need any more neutral eyeshadow palettes but when I saw these two new releases I was like a woman possessed. Realistically, you don't need both but I'd definitely recommend checking out one or the other.

All Night Long i-Divine Palette | £7.99

This is a lovely nude, slightly smoky palette. Despite the name, I do think this works nicely for the day too. There's a bit of a lack of mattes in this palette, which is a slight negative but overall I really like the texture, colour payoff and longevity of these eyeshadows.   And really, Negroni works as a crease colour with any look you can do with this and Mai Tai is a nice base. I can see myself using all of the brown, gold, red and mink tones in here, plus I love the cocktail-themed shade names.

A New Day i-Divine Palette | £7.99

This is the slightly more daytime, spring-appropriate option. Overall the quality is very good; the shimmers are nice and smooth, though the couple of shades with larger chunks of glitter are a little powdery. The matte brown-taupe crease colour (Daydreamer) has really poor payoff, however the darker mattes are just amazing (which is very odd!) You get a nice mix of browns, golds and lighter nudes in this palette which all compliment each other nicely.

Barry M

Barry M has to be my favourite affordable nail polish brand and they're always releasing new shades. I picked up a few from their Spring additions to the Gelly and Speedy Quick Dry ranges, which just so happen to be my two favourite lines from them!

Gelly Nail Paint in Acai Smoothie | £3.99

I actually haven't tried this one yet but I do love the Gelly range. This is a gorgeous pinky-lilac shade for Spring. From doing the nail wheel for this post, I think this is going to be a two-coat shade.

Gelly Nail Paint in Butterscotch Sundae | £3.99

My bottle of Lychee was getting a little old so I thought I'd try something similar but slightly less pink and more creamy in colour. Again it has the super-shiny finish and this is just a gorgeous nude. I find this formula lasts up to 5 days before it chips and the light colour needs two coats.

Speedy Quick Dry Nail Paint Winning Streak | £3.99

I'm such a fan of the Speedy Quick Dry range so of course I had to snap up one of the new Spring shades. Winning Streak is a gorgeous cream nude with a hint of pink. I'm not sure if it's just this shade or if they've improved the formula, but this is so much more long-lasting than the others I have from the range yet still dries so quickly! Fast-dry polishes do tend to be a bit more brittle but with two coats (after which, the colour is completely opaque) it lasted me 4 days without chipping (though once it did a little bit, things went downhill fast).

Soap & Glory

Archery Brow Putty Dip Pot & Brush* | £10

This is actually for blonde hair (there will be 3 shades when this is released), so besides having a bit of a swatch, I can't really comment. I like the concept (you twist the bottom of the product and there's little pot of putty inside) and it seems a great formula for a natural eyebrow. I will definitely be checking this out in the right shade when it hits stands.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plumping Gloss in Coral my Bluff* | £9

I have to say, I've never been a lipgloss person and I probably never will be! However if you're a fan of the Sexy Mother Pucker range, as many are, this is a gorgeous coral shade that I think will be perfect for summer.

Kick Ass Just Bright Tired Skin Concealer* | £8

This is a lavender creamy correcting stick. I personally used this under my eyes and on the top part of my cheeks (where my skin can look a little dull and lifeless) before applying my base and I did see a difference. I definitely want to give this more of a go in a few different ways so stay tuned for an update.

Glow All Out Highlight & Sculpt Cheek Stick* | £8

I've never actually tried the original, but this is a cream stick highlighter in a shimmery champagne. It doesn't feel thin or greasy but it's probably one that's more for normal and dry skin. It gives a very natural sheen but I did notice that as the day wore on, there did appear to be little bits of glitter on my face where the rest of the product had worn away slightly.


Revlon have done away with all of their mascaras and started again with a standardised range that tells you exactly what each one is going to do for you. I absolutely love this as a concept as it's so much simpler. How many times have you picked up a beauty product based on a random or misleading name and ended up not liking it? These were on an introductory price of £6.99 and also on 3 for 2 so I decided to pick up Dramatic Definition, Length & Volume and The All-in-One (I bought the normal black version in all of them but every mascara comes in brown and waterproof too).

Ultimate All-in-One Mascara | £9.99

I think this is probably my favourite of the bunch; despite the odd-looking wand it actually does do it all for me if I want an everyday look. It doesn't give me those 'wow' lashes but it adds a nice amount of length, volume, definition and curl.

Volume + Length Magnified Mascara | £9.99

This is a nice balance, as the name would suggest, between thickening the lashes a little whilst still making them look long. Again, it's definitely an everyday look but that's ok with me. The one thing I'm not too thrilled about is the flaking.

Dramatic Definition Mascara | £9.99

I actually really like the long-defined lashes this mascara gives me, though it really isn't thickening at all. I also unfortunately find that this one flakes on me throughout the day too.

Max Factor

Velvety lashes seem to be the 'in' thing right now and as I'd never tried the much-lauded False Lash Effect, I decided to give this a go. I must admit this does feel very nice on my lashes, not leaving them feeling crispy or looking clumpy at all. It adds volume yet still gives a defined, lengthening false lash effect, which is exactly what I like. It holds the curl throughout the day and doesn't flake at all. I actually find it really similar to Benefit's They're Real if you're after a slightly cheaper alternative.


I had high hopes for this mascara, as I'm a huge fan of False Lash Flutter. I love the brush as it really does comb through your lashes and coats even the tiniest inner eyelashes. This is a little more volumising than the False Lash Flutter, though a little clumpier as a result. However it definitely still delivers the length and curl for me and it doesn't flake!

I'm a big fan of this and it seems to do a similar job the the Urban Decay one I'd been using. The mist could definitely be finer but I find it helps my makeup stay in place without smudging or smearing. It doesn't completely mattify my face but it also doesn't lave it looking too dewy. I also think my makeup just looks better and more blended together when I use it.


This is definitely one of the better drugstore foundations I've tried (given my recent post you can make of that what you will...) However there's just something stopping this from being a 'love' for me. The colour match is fine for me despite the narrow range, but it's not amazing as it does oxidise on the skin. I really like the flawless look it gives, however I didn't find it particularly long-lasting and shine definitely starts to creep in after a few hours of wear. It's especially disappointing given the bold claims made on the packaging. I know they're a load of rubbish but if it's saying '24 hour matte', I want something that's at least average.

Onto something I was a little more impressed with! Again, there's a poor selection, but if you can find a shade that works for you then definitely check this out. I have the darkest colour which is the perfect correcting shade on me. It's brightening but still had a nice peachy tone that cancels out my dark circles in one swipe. It doesn't crease on me like a potted creamy concealer can do and it's just so lightweight and easy to blend in. This is my top pick of the bunch!

Also New

Sleek VIP Lipsticks | £5.49 each

Sleek's standard matte lipstick formula can definitely be drying, however having swatched these they seem far more pigmented and creamy. The shades are quite bright, being mostly corals, pinks and oranges. So who knows, maybe I'll end up picking up one when summer comes around.

Revlon Illuminance Creme Eyeshadow Palette

I saw this in Superdrug but couldn't find a tester or a price. It seems it's only available as a free gift with purchase but it looks promising. It's a palette of nude-brown cream eyeshadows.

This is the foundation that goes with the concealer. I did have a little swatch of it but it seemed quite shimmery and I just wasn't convinced it would suit my skin type. Plus the shades are very neutral-based.

There only looked to be two shades in this but swatching them they seemed natural and not too warm. I didn't pick them up as I like a thin, sharp eyebrow pencil so I can draw in each individual hair.

Maybelline has come out with a lip and cheek product as part of its Baby Lips range. I thought the original Baby Lips balms were a bit rubbish so I don't have any plans to check out these! However if you liked the lipbalms then you could well enjoy these.

The drugstore has definitely taken note of how popular setting sprays have become because this is the second one to come out this winter. I gave this one a miss purely because I have the L'Oreal one but I've heard good things so might give it a go next time.

Maybelline Push Up Drama Mascara | £7.99

This curling and lengthening mascara with a rubberised wand looks right up my street so I will definitely be picking it up once I've made my way through the others I have on the go!

Maybelline The Blushed Nudes Eyeshadow Palette | £9.99

This is a very pretty pastel-nude (mostly shimmery) eyeshadow palette. I didn't pick it up as I didn't think the shades would suit me and I've heard mixed things about the original The Nudes palette.

Maybelline Dream Blender | £4.99

Basically a BeautyBlender on a stick! It could be a gimmick but I have to say I'm intrigued.

L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Contour Palette | £9.99

This is a matte-look sculpting duo with a light highlighter and a deeper, fairly cool contour. It comes in two shades and has a cream-to-powder formula.

L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Blush Trio | £7.99

These three highlighting blush trios actually look really pretty! There's a pink, a bronze and a golden shade in the range.

L'Oreal Infallible Sculpt Foundation | £8.99

I don't really 'get' the concept of a sculpting foundation but this is supposed to aid contouring. I can't see how, but that's what it says! It comes in a paltry two shades, both of which are very light so I won't be trying this either way.

Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Matte Lip | £3.50

Soap & Glory are releasing a new line of matte lip crayons and I already have the shade Chocoberry on my wish list! There are also new shades on the way in the Gloss Sticks.

Soap & Glory Archery Volu-Boost Brow Fibre Gel | £10

Finally, it looks like the drugstore is going to get a pretty-much-identical Benefit Gimme Brow dupe that has a small wand for precise application. This will be released in three shades.

Soap & Glory Archery Brow Almighty Power-Glide Crayon | £8

This is going to be a chunky brow crayon (there seems to be a bit of a trend for this at the moment!) I don't think it'll be my thing as I prefer the thin tip of the original Brow Archery.

Soap & Glory Kick Ass All is Calm Anti-Redness ConcealerSuper-Blur Imperfections Eraser | £8 each

Like the lavender shade I have, All is Calm is a similar creamy corrector stick but this time in a green colour to counteract redness. Super-Blur is a more flesh-toned option that's meant to give an airbrushed appearance.

Soap & Glory Highlight & Sculpt Cheek Sticks in Love at First Blush & Wonder Bronze | £8 each

The super-popular pink highlighting Love at First Blush is about to be released in a cream stick formula, along with the warm, shimmery Wonder Bronze. I also think these are really reasonably-priced!

What are your favourite new drugstore releases? Which ones are on your wish list?


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  1. There are so many new things!! I'm loving the look of all the Soap and Glory products. I love the name of the Sleek eye shadows too xo

    1. The palettes are so gorgeous and S&G have so many amazing new released - exciting! xx

  2. There really is so much newness on the high street. I'm almost a little intrigued by that BeautyBlender on a brush that Maybelline has come out with! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  3. I find a similar problem with the L'Oreal mascara, I'm waiting for it to dry out a little. Intrigued by the Revlon one though!

    Nikita | nikitabatavia.com

  4. So many amazing bits out at the moment! I really want to try out the fixing mist! I love the look of all the mascaras, I feel a haul is needed! Thanks for sharing!!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

  5. The sleek palette with the cocktail names looks fab, looks like some doupes for naked half baked? Also need that winning streak nail polish, I've had to remove my polish for my op today so may be a valid excuse to buy this! Lol I couldn't get the bourjois city radiance or the air matte in my shade, one is too pink, the other too orange :(


    1. All the City Radiance shades seem to be neutral/pink/ashy whereas the Air Mat shades oxidise a lot - Bourjois really need to fix their shades xx

  6. I've wanted to try Benefit Gimme Brow for so long but I don't know if it will work for me and it's a lot of money to waste if it doesn't, so I'm thrilled that S&G have finally brought out a budget dupe! Also thanks for always adding text to your swatch images, it can be a nightmare to try and work out which one of the 48 swatches on a blogger's wrist is the one I'm looking for! xx


  7. So many amazing things at the drugstore at the moment!

    Parie x

  8. Drugstore products have really upped their game, the Sleek palettes look amazing especially in love with the cosmopolitan shade. I am definitely going to take a little trip to boot.

    Laura x


  9. I love me a good drug store haul and I would be popping into Boots and Superdrug to check out some of your favourites. I am loving the way the Bourjois concealer is looking and I hope against hope it works on complexion...thanks for sharing lovely!!!...xx

    1. Saw you ended up picking this up - can't wait to read your thoughts! xx

  10. Oooh the all night long palette looks gorgeous! I love the cocktail names x


  11. Hi, I'll take one of everything please. But seriously, those iDivine palettes look amazing, especially the day ones. Thanks for sharing this! Can't wait to get my hands on some.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  12. So many new things out at the moment that it can be hard to keep up with it all. Thanks for a great post on what is out there and the things to maybe give a miss too. :)

    Pams Stuff and Things

  13. I love Sleek, they do look a bit similar, but I really want both now :D x

    Holly ∣ Closingwinter

  14. I really like Sleek eyeshadows, there are some gorgeous shades in these two new palettes! I actually like the Air Mat foundation, the new Bourjois concealer is nice but I find it's not covering very dark circles :) x

    Mummy’s Beauty Corner

  15. Hm I definitely was thinking about picking up the new Revlon mascaras (I was interested in the all in one && volumizing + lengthening too!). But to hear that they are a little flaky kind of turns me off of them, my eyes are so sensitive I don't think that'd go over well. Thanks for sharing your reviews, this is a great useful post!!

    toast the girl almighty

    1. Yeah it's such a shame! I'm glad this was helpful too :) xx

  16. So many new releases! I'm keen to try the new offerings from Soap and Glory as I don't have too much of their makeup, but what I do have I love

    Emily x | emilyclairewrites.com

  17. So many new things! The Barry M shades look lovely :)


  18. Everyone seems to get on so well with Air Mat! Personally, I find it a little drying! I love Revlon's all in one mascara though!xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. I didn't find it to be anything to write home about xx

  19. Ahh! So many new releases! I really like the look of the new things by S&G, once my spending ban is over I may have to pick a few bits up!



  20. I'm always on the hunt for the perfect affordable mascara so this post is very helpful to me, I believe mascara is also the makeup item I try the most, just because this is very tricky to find the perfect one! The Revlon ones are very intriguing to me, and, even though as you said the wand is quite odd, I really want to try the All-In-One mascara!


  21. Who doesn't love a good haul! I have bought a few bits and I love the new L'oreal mascara minus a few niggles!

    Emily xo

    1. Yeah it's a pretty good option though I think when it runs/dries out I will go back to the Flutter version xx

  22. Nice post! So many new releases, I want to try some new eye shadows so I might try the Sleek a new day palette it looks lovely!
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

  23. This was such a fun post to read! 'A woman possessed'... haha, I don't blame you! Acai Smoothie looks like such a gorgeous Spring nail colour- definitely added it to the list! And I've been so intrigued by the Revlon mascaras so it was fab to hear your thoughts on them! :)

    Style Sunrise☀


  24. Two palettes, you can never have enough even it they are quite similar!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com

  25. So much newness! I just picked up a few of the Soap and Glory matte sticks but haven't tried them yet because I need to take photos haha!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  26. I really like the new Bourjois city radiance foundation and concealer. I recently picked up the most of the Loreal Sculpt range, I'm really impressed by it. I'm intrigued by the Soap and glory Kick Ass concealer, definitely going to try to hands on that! xx


  27. There are so many amazing new products! The Sleek palettes are gorgeous, my favourite is the A New Day palette because the shades are warmer. The wand of the All-In-One mascara from Revlon is so weird, but if it still works for you then I guess they did well! All of this makes me want to grab a few new products soon :P

    Julia xx
    | http://www.juliaspeaksbeauty.blogspot.fr |

  28. I love how detailed your posts are Jasmine, really appreciate all the swatches! I am slightly obsessed with wanting the Revlon mascaras, I agree that it was such a good idea to just make everything a lot more simple. Buying mascaras stresses me out but I'll be going for these for sure, I'll probably get the all in one!

    The Makeup Directory

  29. That Manhattan shade is amazing and so is the Acai Smoothie shade! I can't remember the last time I tried anything from Revlon, it's a shame about the flaking though. I hate mascaras that do that. I'm definitely grabbing the Air-Mat foundation tomorrow though, I love their foundation ranges x

    Tamz | http://www.throughneweyesx.com

  30. I am loving the look of the new releases from Soap and Glory and cannot wait to try them. The Revlon mascaras are definitely on my to buy list for the next time I'm in Boots x

    Darling Jordan

  31. The Barry M nail varnish are amazing. Loving the new shades they have released. X


  32. The colour Martini is so pretty in that first palette!


  33. So many of these products sound nice, I wish we had them in the US! I've heard good things about the Air Mat foundation and those Sleek palettes are to die for. The Maybelline Dream Blender is a bit hard, I personally don't like it compared to other Beauty Blender-esque products I've tried.


    1. Aw Sleek palettes are definitely one to try if you can get them shipped to you! xx

  34. What is it about the neutral eyeshadow palettes, you just want them more and more. I want to try one of those Revlon mascaras.
    There are couple of new releases in Indian drugstore brands too, I am really looking forward to trying a newly released highlighter :)

    Nivea Fruity Lip Care Strawberry Review | Curious And Confused Me

  35. The swatches of the first Sleek palette totally make me want it, it's gorgeous! Thank you for the detailed review on so many new releases! ;) xx
    Gyudy @ Gyudy's Notes Of Beauty

  36. Acai Smoothie from Barry M is the perfect shade! I love your blog, you can tell you put a lot of time and effort into your posts - it's great!

    Kirsty | www.kirsty.ws

  37. Bourjois Air Mat is my holy grail! Im currently using the L'Oreal setting spray and i do like it but you do have to shake shake shake haha
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  38. I just picked up one of the new Revlon mascaras and i am really hoping i will like it!

    Vixella Beauty

  39. Butterscotch Sunday!! I neeeeed it. I really enjoy seeing posts like this. Feels like you get a look in the shopping bad. :) The new blog look is lovely. xx

  40. I must check out the Sleek palettes, everyone keeps mentioning them!
    Also: I'm totally in love with that Maxfactor mascara, never thought I would because the wand reminds me of Benefit They're Real (which I absolutely hate) but it actually separates my lases so beautifully!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  41. I must check out the Sleek palettes, everyone keeps raving about them! I absolutely love the Maxfactor mascara. I never thought I would because the wand looks like the Benefit they're real mascara - which I absolutely hate - but it just separates my lashes so beautifully!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  42. Omy.. thank you for this, I've been looking for that fixing spray everywhere! For some reason I thought it was only sold in the US. I like the look of those Sleek palettes- Manhattan looks gorgeous! Great post xx

    Christine | www.yveschild.com

    1. Yeah it looks slightly different but I think it's the same product inside :) xx

  43. I love Sleek Palettes and these are gorgeous!! Sadly I already own more neautral palettes than I need LOL

  44. Thank you for your comments! :) xx


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