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Hello everyone! Today wasn't supposed to be a guest post day but after I put in all the work for the post that was scheduled, I had the company pull the plug on me. Jasmine from Jasmine Harding Makeup stepped in and saved the day with this guest post as I was away with work and couldn't put something else up. I hope you enjoy having a little look at her current go-tos and thank you again Jasmine! Her social links are at the bottom of the post so you can follow her.

Since I had a big clear out of my makeup stash and re-organised my storage, I wanted to have a space where I could place the current products I use the most and reach for on a daily basis whether it's an eye shadow or a lip balm, having them all in once place was much easier. I don't tend to put the main base products on here, it's just the little staples that I enjoy using and will change around often to mix things up a bit. Although I try out different makeup products all the time and love changing them around, I do have some  products that will always be in my stash and I simply couldn't be without. 

I always like to have my current nail polishes out on show so I can easily reach for them and I find they fill the space nicely and look nice stand up on my shelf. I'm having a bit of an Essie moment right now and am using Ignite The Nite, a steel/silver glitter which is perfect for jazzing up your nails with a classic outfit or it just makes an was Autumn shade. For something more muted and was to wear, Cocktail Bling has been a firm favourite recently for it's blue'y grey colour that is a must have shade in all girls nail polish collection. I always keep a lip pencil sharpener on my marble dish as it's easy to grab if I'm in a rush and since I've been using Charlotte tilbury Pillow Talk all the time lately, I've been using it a lot! This one is from Dior and is perfect for thin pencils but for my chunky lip pencils then I love my Benefit Sharpener. 

Lip balm is something that comes everywhere with me, I have one in my bathroom, one by my bed, one in my bag, on my desk, they seem to be scattered around my room but the one I take everywere with me right now is the Nuxe Reve De Miel Lip Balm. Packed full of honey, shea butter and grape fruit, this is an intense balm that nourishes capped lips and restores moisture to eventually repair. The unique blend works as a daily balm but doubles up as a overnight mask which you can apply in a thick layer over the lip to restore and repair over night. 

Base wise, I've got a new multi tasker that does everything from cover blemishes to dark circles to highlighting and illuminating. The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer has been created to have a multi tasking formula that really does, do it all. With a thick consistency, this can be used all over for a full coverage base, mixed with a primer or oil for a sheer, light weight base or used just under the eyes to cover dark circles and lighten the area. With honey and job oils, this is incredibly moisturising and does give a fresh dewy look that lasts hours on the skin and gives  smooth, flawless looking finish. 

When it comes to picking a lipstick, I like to keep two out on show: an everyday nude and a mid tone plum that can be worn bold or subtle. My current nude pick is the Burberry Kisses Nude Beige which is an effortlessly chic build-able pale nude that delivers a light burst of colour that provides hydration and comfort. With lavender and rosehip, these are incredibly nourishing and glide onto the lip for a smooth finish. My Chanel pick, Ingunue is part of the hydrating range so is more nourishing and provides a pigmented finish that has a slight shimmer to it. 

I mix between a bronze and a smokey grey/green eye for Autumn/Winter so picking between the two depends on what blush or lip look I'm going for. My bronze pick is the Benefit Creaseless Eye Shadow pot in Birthday Suit which is a light copper bronze that has an incredibly really formula that once in place, is set all day and will not budge. For something a little more bold and Autumnal then my NARS Velvet Shadow Stick in Aigle Noir is ideal, this smokey black with gold specks in is perfect for adding drama to your makeup look without being to over the top. The NARS sticks are blenda-ble, build-ble and have a pigmented colour pay off that locks in place and keeps your lids looking jazzy all day and night.

What beauty bits are currently on your shelf?

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  1. I tend to do the same thing with lipstick, keep one neutral out and one with more of a purple/berry tone, Mac Plumful is a great one.


    1. Such a good idea for travelling too - I will definitely be doing that for Autumn :) xx

  2. I really want to try the Nuxe lip balm product as everyone raves about it and my lips are always dry and cracked. The Kevin Aucoin product sounds amazing!

    Amy | Get Glam

  3. Love your posts and Jasmine's one, do I have to add anything more? all these products have jumped to my wishlist in a sec! :) xx


  4. Lovely post, the nail polishes are such nice colours. I've never had an essie nail polish, I really want to get one though!

    z0elouise || Beauty & Lifestyle <3

  5. "Cocktail Bling" is always a go-to nail color for me- it works for any time of year!


  6. I really hate that the Revlon one doesn't come with a pump either! If it did, it would almost be the perfect foundation :) My favorite foundation of the moment is the Bobbi Brown one. I think it's very classic and great for combination skin. It has a nice finish too!

    Rainy Days & Lattes | www.pinklavenders.com

  7. Gorgeous styles, very cute!

    Love your blog, following on Bloglovin! Looking forward to seeing the next post! xx


  8. Love the lipstick colour, great post. :)


  9. Aw so happy to see Jasmine's post! Definitely agree on that Burberry lipstick, love it!


  10. I am obsessed with the Kevyn Aucoin SSE! It is probably the best product I bought this year, although I'm still trying to find a technique aside from baking which stops it from creasing so much ._.
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe x

    1. I really like the sound of it, though the creasing would be annoying! xx

  11. Thank you for your comments :) and thanks again Jasmine for guest-posting and bailing me out! xx


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