2014 Lifestyle Favourites || Film, TV, Music & More!

To finish off my 2014 favourites series; it's my lifestyle-y/miscellaneous favourites! So it's film, TV, music and other random discoveries I made last year. Hope you enjoy...

Where I've been shopping

Primark wasn't really on my radar before this year but since I started working a two minute walk away from it I'm in there most lunchtimes! I think you can find some fantastic bargains with similar items at a fraction of the price they are elsewhere on the high street.

Miss Selfridge has always been my first stop for a party dress, however I'm loving it now for chic day-to-night pieces. I just love the stylish faux fur, heeled boots and jackets they have in.

I couldn't not mention Makeup Revolution! I can't believe they weren't around this time last year! They've pretty much taken over the budget beauty world with their incredible quality, low priced  products, including many impressive dupes. You have to try the I Heart Chocolate Eyeshadow Palette and the Lip Hug sheer lip colours.

KIKO is a brand I was only vaguely aware of before this year but now they're one of my favourites. I've not been disappointed in a single product from the Italian makeup brand and I don't think I ever will be! You have to try the Creamy Stick Eyeshadows!

What I've been watching: TV

I recommend Orange Is The New Black to everyone! I love the female (semi) ensemble cast and the fact that you eventually find out about their pasts. It's dark, it's funny, it's great! 

House of Cards is another Netflix gem. Kevin Spacey is superb  as the cutthroat political and Robin Wright is also quietly brilliant as his wife. I think people assume this is going to be a big, complicated drama but it really isn't that hard to follow - I promise!

True Detective was just fantastic. The storyline is interesting enough but what really makes it gripping and unmissable are the performances of Woody Harelsson and Matthew McConauhey as the two homicide detectives. 

I didn't start watching Peaky Blinders until the end of the year but damn it was good! Cillian Murphy and Helen McCroy are great in the Brummie gangster show and it's full of action as well as some fun along the way.

What I've been  watching: Film

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes has to be up there for me. I loved the first film and this one is even better. I never thought I'd be able to suspend my disbelief enough to take a chimp riding a horse seriously but honestly you get so sucked into this film! Andy Serkis is absolutely amazing and his motion capture work deserves all the awards.

12 Years a Slave is one I almost forgot to mention (because it came at the start of the year, not because it wasn't memorable!) Chiwetel Ejiofor does something in this film that's beyond acting; it's just incredible to watch. There are also some incredible supporting performances. It certainly isn't a film you should watch if you're seeking to be entertained but it's brilliantly made and one everyone should see at least once.

I still haven't seen Unbroken unfortunately, however I saw Jack O'Connell's performance in prison drama Starred Up. I really hope he has had his big break and goes on to even better things as he's so talented. 

The Wolf of Wall Street is definitely a film I have mixed feelings on in some respects. I can see how people could feel that it glamorises financial crime and objectifies women but for me personally I looked on their behaviour in disgust and I felt that was kind of the point. I felt it was a well-made film with excellent performances. I think Margot Robbie definitely deserved more praise for her role.

The Raid 2 isn't something I ever thought I'd be able to sit through, let alone enjoy. It's an Indonesian martial arts film! But it was just so damn entertaining! I actually think the second film was better than the first as the stakes were higher and it just had me hooked throughout.

Of course I have to mention Interstellar. I love Nolan and this film combined the epic-ness of space with the most simple human fears and emotions, giving it an intimate feel despite its vastness. The score is probably my favourite of the year; it compliments the themes of the film perfectly.

What I've been listening to

One of my favourite artists of last year has to be FKA Twigs. I just love her amazing, trippy production and how her voice compliments it. She's like a female Weeknd before he got rubbish...

Drake may have been quiet on the releases this year but he's still an artist I've been listening to constantly. Despite him cancelling on Wireless and breaking my heart I was able to see him on his Nothing Was The Same Tour, which was amazing. I absolutely love that album, it was one of my favourite from 2013 so to see the songs I loved from it as well as his classics was so much fun! 

Another artist I saw live in 2014 was Sam Smith, during the iTunes Festival. I don't always love his 'male Adele' songs but I think his more house material is great and the guy can sing! He has such an amazing voice and he's just as great live.

What I've been reading

My standout book of 2014 was Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury.  It's a really quick, easy read with a lot of big ideas if you stretch beneath the surfaceThe story is set in a dystopian future where books are outlawed.

What I've been smelling

My favourite candles have been Yankee Simply Home Christmas Baking, which is a lovely gingerbread scent, the yummy pancake scent Village Candle Maple Butter, Clinton's Spiced Buttercream (sweet but spicy), the super-sweet Bomb Cosmetics Green Macaroons and finally, a little different for me, Muji's Log FireThere was only one fragrance for me in 2014 and that was the yummy, indulgent Laura Mercier Creme De Pistache Eau Gourmande. It's especially perfect at this time of year. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing a different kind of favourites post from me :)

What were your favourite films, TV shows and musicians of 2014? 


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  1. Also love Orange Is The New Black!! :) And candles!!

  2. I completely agree about OITNB - such a great programme. Can't wait until the next series comes out! x

    Laura at Lola and Behold

  3. I love Orange Is The New Black, can't wait for season 3! And 12 Years a Slave is incredible, so glad it won the Oscar last year.


  4. I freakin loved Orange is the New Black! and Makeup Revolution has been hitting it out the park recently! xo

    Lauren // The Beauty Ideal

    1. I know right! Can't wait to see the products they bring out in 2015 :) xx

  5. I am totally with you on Primark and Missselfridge and I always pop in there whenever I can because they always have amazing finds. I was addicted to OINB and I can't wait for the next season; it's just so good...amazing favourites as always...xx

  6. Great post, I had never shopped in Miss Selfridge until recently and have found they stock some really gorgeous pieces and prefer them at the moment to Topshop :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. Totally agree - now far prefer them to Topshop! xx

  7. Orange is the new black is an awesome show. You have great taste in tv shows & movies :)

    Sarah | Bows & Pleats

  8. I loooove orange is the new black. I also got addicted to watching Scandal last year, such a good show and I was always on the edge when each episode ended, waiting for the next. I really like Sam Smith - I'm seeing him in concert in April which will be exciting.

    1. Haha I got into a phase of being addicted to Scandal too! And he is amazing live - hope you enjoy the show! xx

  9. I am such a huge fan of Orange is the new black. My boyf and I literally watch episodes of series every night - I know, go hard or go home, ha! -my faves are Homeland, Scandal, Tyrant and Crisis. Love them all so much :)


    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets far too into watching TV series with my boyfriend lol xx


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