December Favourites

It's time again for my monthly beauty and fashion favourites! I can't believe this is the last one of 2014! I did have a little debate over whether to delay this in order to include some new products I got for Christmas but I decided to post this one now, with the stuff I've had a chance to use properly, and my year-end favourites towards mid-January. I hope you enjoy :)

Not the most exciting thing in the world, I know, but what would we do without fantastic basics? I love tucking this into a pair of ASOS Rivington high-waist jeggings with a colourful scarf. It works for casual or workdays and best of all it was only £19.99! It's so hard to find these sorts of tops that aren't totally flimsy and see-through but I promise this one is great quality.

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Not the tidiest option but I actually find this even more effective than a brown sugar lip scrub. I love the cola flavour and I'm glad I picked this up on a whim. It's currently in the sale so hurry if you want to get it!

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This is a purchase I'd been wanting to make for ages but could never quite part with the cash for such a small tube. So when it was included in a Boots 20% off event I decided to do it. I'm really pleased I did as I have some large, visible pores and this makes them almost invisible!

I got this from Escentual in their Black Friday Pharmacy Skincare event, though you can still get it reduced on their website now. I also pre-ordered the Serozinc from them, which will be released at the start of January! As for the Effaclar Duo +, it does everything for me that people said it would. It's an amazing long-term solution to clear up your skin now and prevent future blemishes. Even full-price I think this is really affordable.

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I'm soooo happy I bought this brush set as they have to be my favourite face brushes out of all the ones I own! They're amazingly soft and give you the most flawless base. Plus I really don't think the price is bad at all, especially for such a high-quality product.

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I really couldn't believe these were just £35 so of course I had to snap a pair up. They're seriously comfortable (and I'm not a heels-in-the-daytime kind of girl...) and they're the perfect 'day-to-night' piece. They add a bit of style to any outfit and I'd definitely recommend them. 

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Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel, from £3.95

I really hope I can find a large one of this in the Lush sale as I'm beyond in love with this fragrance. It's like a warm, spicy, mulled wine sort of scent. If you're not a fan of the super-sweet Snow Fairy, I'd definitely recommend this.

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Despite some of the drawbacks I talked about in my post, I do really like this foundation. I love how it looks on the skin, the fact it's build-able and that it doesn't make my face shiny. Plus I've been wearing it virtually daily since I got it, which must count for something...

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I never thought I'd find a highlighter I like, other than the one I have in my Sleek kit and I never thought I'd be someone who wears highlighter in the day, however this product proved me wrong on both counts! This is absolutely perfect for my skin tone and isn't too much - no big bits of glitter here, just a subtle shimmery glow. I actually ordered the other two shades so that's why there's been no review yet, keep an eye out for my post on all three!

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I feel like I've finally found The One! The perfect shade, hydrating, non-shiny, good coverage, not cake-y, works for blemishes, works for my mega dark circles...Where has this product been all my life?!

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I'm so happy to have upgraded my blog photography! I'll do a post with loads of comparisons and stuff soon. I'm not fully to grips with all the settings yet but even just with the pictures in this post taken in the first few days of using it, you can see a big difference. This also seems to have been reduce a bit in price, so if you're in the market for an easy-to-use camera that's a big step up from your iPhone; give this one a go!

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I hope you have an amazing night, whatever you're doing and I'll see you in 2015 - eeeekkk!

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the products I've picked in the comments :) what were your favourite products this month?


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  1. Some lovely picks here, the Effaclar Duo and Santa's Lip Scrub are two of my favourites too x

    1. They've both totally changed my routine for the better :) xx

  2. I need to get my hands on Hot Toddy and the NARS concealer!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. I would've got the larger Hot Toddy even if it was full price but definitely check it out in the sale :) xx

  3. Some lovely products here, I especially love the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation! Thanks for sharing!

    The best of luck for the New Year & I hope you have a wonderful NYE!

    Heather, porcelainbeautyx

  4. So gutted I didn't manage to pick up Lush's hot toddy. Have just tried the Rose jam shower gel and I am in so in love!


    1. Ooh I'll have to give that a go! My mum managed to get me a larger Hot Toddy in the sale only a day ago so you never know - you may find it! xx

  5. I have been using Nars Sheer Glow and I am yet to decide whether I like it or not. Lovely post x


    1. Yeah it took me a while to form a proper opinion on it! xx

  6. I couldn't find Hot Toddy anywhere this year! But I finally got round to trying Snow Fairy which I loved! Porefessional is my favourite primer but I agree it's a bit pricey.
    Hope you have a Happy New Year lovely!

    Roxie x

    1. Aww what a shame you couldn't find it!
      Hope you had a lovely New Year too :) xx

  7. I love the effaclat duo. I have been using the serozinc for nearly a month now and I can really feel that my skin is improved and less prone to blemishes. I personally do not get on well with nars sheer glow as I find that my skin is a bit too oily for it and my shine comes through not long after applying it. Maybe the sheer matte is more suitable for me.

    Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a lovely day and a happy new year~ ♥

    Ying | * Y i n g c b e a u t y *

    1. Can't wait for my pre-ordered Serozinc to arrive, sounds amazing!
      Aww that's a shame, I usually suffer with that but not for me with the Nars Sheer Glow xx

  8. Those brushes sound amazing! Especially for that price! Great favourites :)
    Elephant stories and more

  9. I have really started liking the aussie moisturizing conditioner but since I haven't tried many products this month I don't have a lot of favorites! Great post!


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