November Favourites

I realise I say this every month but I can't believe November is over! The next time I do one of these it might be 2015 - scary...
November wasn't a big spending month for me but I've really found some gems despite buying fewer products. So these are my favourite new purchases from the past month!

Fedora, Primark, £7

I really didn't know if I was a 'hat person' at the start of this month so I'm glad I didn't buy the two that were £30 each that I had been eyeing up. The hats in Primark are so cute and cheap it's perfect to experiment a little and maybe now I will invest in something more expensive.

You can see how I wore this in my last OOTD post

Cookie Swap, Yankee Candle, £16.99

If you saw my Autumn/Winter Candles post I'm sure you're aware of my soft spot for Yankee Candles! This is a new one for Christmas 2014 and is a blend of the Gingerbread House fragrance and Christmas Cookie - which I got last year and loved. It has the nutty, ginger scent but also the vanilla shortbread, all blended into one. Yum... I've also linked to a buy-two-get-two free offer on Yankee candles in the post that is still valid until the end of the month!

Long-Lasting Stick Eyeshadows, KIKO, £6.90 each

These are from my big KIKO Milano haul. The formula of all of them is fantastic - blend-able but they also won't budge all day. They're perfect for busy women as one swipe and you're good to go. I picked 04 Golden Chocolate and 05 Rosy Brown as my two favourites because the colours are the prettiest to me. Rosy Brown is a rose-gold tinged brown shimmer whereas Golden Chocolate is a deep brown shimmer. They also work as eyeliners so they're really adaptable. I'll post a review of all of them soon.

Glazed Apple Body Polish, The Body Shop, £10

I've since bought a couple more bits in this flavour but I've been using the body polish for most of this month. I love the sour candy fragrance as it's so different to anything else I have. It's halfway between a body scrub and a shower gel so gently buffs away dead skin cells.

You can see the rest of my Christmas Body Shop haul here

I used to have this years back and recently repurchased it. I'm not sure why I stopped using it because I really like it! I have the darkest shade and it's just right - it takes away shine but still leaves a nice, healthy glow.

I actually got this for 25% off with a voucher I got in Grazia, which was nice, but to be honest I'd have been getting this one either way! I love this style of bag because they hold more than you'd think without being big and clumsy. I'm also partial to a bit of mock croc and though the colour is a little different for me, I actually like it a lot.

OOTD with the bag here

I actually ended up discovering these amazing products because I'd been wanting some from Makeup Revolution but the colours in their range weren't for me. The subtle shades of the KIKO line are right up my street. Honestly I can't imagine liking a stick blusher any more than I do these! Cream blusher can be a bit of a nightmare for my shiny face, which is a bit of a bummer because I love how natural they look. In steps KIKO! 'Velvet' describes these perfectly - I wouldn't quite say they're cream-to-powder but they're along those lines. I kind of guessed with the colours but actually (despite not usually being a shimmer fan) 02 Golden Peach and the matte red-berry shade 06 Geranium are gorgeous. Reviews and swatches will be up very soon!

Scarf, Primark, £5

I'm genuinely considering buying a second one of these, as I love it so much and don't ever want it to get old and tired! The scarf is actually the background of the image above - it has a really cute floral folksy print and I'd never have guessed it was so cheap. A lot of high street stores have quite thin scarves but this one is big and cosy.

You can see it in an OOTD here

I cannot stop using this palette; it's love! It definitely appears to be a dupe of Charlotte Tilbury's Dolce Vita and I had to hold myself back from buying another one of these with more grey tones (which reminds me of another CT quad!) Yes, you're not going to get a million different looks out of it but it really isn't your standard brown palette. The shades are so rich and opulent, not to mention the packaging is really luxury for the relatively low price.

Review and swatches here

I couldn't choose just one shade! I'd say my most-worn are Save Me From Myself (a brown-toned nude) and To Get Lucky (a red-berry) but I love almost all the shades in the Lip Hug range. They're semi-glossy sheer lip colours and the shade selection is more up my street than anything else Makeup Revolution have done before. I have even more on their way so keep your eyes peeled for an epic swatching post! They're just the perfect everyday lip colours - quick and easy to apply even if you don't use a liner. They look and feel so much more expensive. I really can't recommend them enough!

Review and swatches of 3 of the shades here

Let me know what you think of my picks in the comments! Also, what are your favourite purchases from November?


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  1. I Love the blushes and lipsticks! very nice post

    Greetz, Stella


  2. I love the bag so much, that is going on my Christmas list for sure and the KIKO bits are amazing....

    Pams Stuff and Things

    1. I'm sooo happy with it and have to say KIKO has not disappointed me yet xx

  3. I love the hat from Primark. That shop has been so good recently! I can't believe November is almost over too! It's been such a fast month. x


    1. Loving Primark at the moment - my office is right next to it so I always pop in!
      I know :( 2015 will come round so quickly after xmas! xx

  4. You got loads of wonderful faves this month. I'm also loving the glazed apple scent from the body shop and I need to go to Kiko to pick up a few of those eyeshadow sticks. They look so good. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    1. So yummy isn't it? :) and the KIKO shadow sticks are just fab- I've removed the Laura Mercier ones from my xmas list as I can't see them being better enough to justify the extra cost xx

  5. I love your bag! And I definitely need to place a KIKO order very soon! You have so many gorgeous things from them :) xx
    Mummy’s Beauty Corner
    Benefit Giveaway

    1. Thank you :) and they're deffo becoming a favourite brand of mine! xx

  6. I'm pretty sure I NEED that cookie swap Yankee Candle in my life, bet it smells amazing!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

  7. I tried on a similar hat in Primark today, but it didn't fit my large head...gutted haha.

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  8. I can't wait for the Kiko eyeshadow review, I have been eyeing those for a while now but since I'm such a pressed eyeshadow fan I am kind of afraid they will disappoint me... But it would come in pretty handy those days I really have no option but to rush my morning routine... - the Caramel Cat

    1. They really are fab and I know what you mean but they're ideal for those half-asleep work mornings! xx

  9. Every time I am in Kiko, I grab something then put it down and leave once I am at the tills. The cashiers always take so long, that I never bother to purchase anything, but those shadows look lovely :)

    Angie x |~ Chocolate & Lipstick || UK Beauty Blog ~
    ~Zoeva Pink Elements Giveaway~

    1. I totally agree actually - I thought it was just me and my impatience haha. But it's worth sticking it out for the products :) xx


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