Top 5 Tuesday: Money-Saving Tips for Shopaholics

As a self-confessed shopaholic, I understand how hard it is to not be able to indulge so much in the things that make you happy. Especially when I was a student! So I've made this little list of hints and tips to help you make your money go as far as possible.

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5. Be Realistic

Do you really need a YSL Lipstick right now? Some of us Beauty Junkies really need to learn that, unlike high street fashion, most makeup lines are not going anywhere any time soon. So just wait until the end of the month or save a little money each week to make those huge purchases. Don't leave yourself with £20 for the rest of the week because you just had to splash out on Monday morning!

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4. Set Yourself a Budget

How much money can you/do you want to dedicate to clothes/makeup/whatever? At uni I said £20 a week on average, so if one week I spent £10 then I could carry over £10 to the next week. It was pretty tough! But the beauty of it is that sometimes you'll splash out and spend it all on one item and sometimes you can pick up a fair few bits for your money and it feels good to stick to something like that!

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3. Discover New Brands

There are more and more ultra-budget brands cropping up so take advantage of them! Want to experiment with a colour you're not sure about? Try MUA or Makeup Revolution's £1 lines; you can try something different without your purse taking the hit. 

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2. Organise a Swap

Get some of your friends together and tell them to bring along their barely-worn clothes they went off after a week and the beauty products they used once before deciding they didn't work for them. That way you can get something new for free and offload some of your stuff that's collecting dust. Especially if you're friends with bloggers or fashionistas or beauty junkies, you could walk away with some amazing barely-touched stuff. Plus it's a good reason for a drink and a catch-up!

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1. Re-Discover What You Already Own

I think we're all guilty of putting our most-used items (be it clothes or products) in a certain area of our storage and then every day immediately going there to choose what we're going to use. Take some time to really root around in your wardrobe/drawers/makeup bag for something you haven't worn in ages instead of buying something new.

Knowing these tips is the easy part, carrying them out is a little harder! Hopefully this has given you some motivation :)



  1. Great post, really enjoyed the read..


  2. Rooting through my stash to use things I've not worn in a while always satisfies me when I want new makeup, and budgeting really helps me as well :) if I know how much I have left over after necessities, then it helps me answer that 'do I REALLY need this?!' question lol!

    Great post, really helpful tips :) x

    1. I know right? It's so easy to get caught up in the 'I must have this!!!' craze haha but when you have a lot of stuff you also have to think about where new things can even go! x

  3. Nice post! I set a monthly budget so that I don't go overboard and It's working so far. I also try to use things I already own but the truth is I find that people are not that interested in old stuff that have already been talked about too much, so I try to make sure I always have at least one or two current things per month. :)

    speakingbeautyuk.blogspot.co.uk | Instagram

    1. Yeah I feel like that sometimes, but then at the same time when a new product launches it's EVERYWHERE and you end up seeing a lot of very similar posts. As you said, a nice mix is always good :) x

  4. i need to do this and stick to it! i never budget! love your ideas even though i convince myself i need everything when i'm buying it!


    1. Haha sounds like me! I think once you have no choice you're forced to have a different mindset, and if you can do it then it's easier to do later on in life :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I stupidly deleted my whole comment I just wrote!! DOH!
      Ahh but I did write - I totally agree with the discovering new brands - like mua. Asking yourself do you really need that lipstick that costs maybe from 15 to 25 quid, when you can try out about 10 others for the same price as one from a more pricey brand. It totally makes sense, I love doing this all the time you can really find something special by shopping around being budget concious.

      Jamie Reaping Beauty


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