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I was lucky enough to get my hands on a few bits from Sleek at the Bloggers' Tea Party event so I thought I'd try them out and do a post for you! We were given their Bare Skin Foundation* (£8.99) and Control Shine & Prime* (£7.99). I already owned the primer, which I reviewed in full here (you can win my spare on Twitter! Just RT the pinned post & follow me) but I thought I'd see how the two worked together. 

So here's my little road test of the two...

No makeup
This is how I started off with just my moisturiser, serum and eye cream applied

Primer applied
As you can see, my face is looking a little more matte now

Foundation applied
I used my Real Techniques Stippling Brush to apply the foundation

Finished with my usual powder
I wore my Maybelline Matte Maker Powder (£3.99), as I was conscious of needing to take away some of the dewiness of the foundation. If that's less of a concern for you I also love the Sleek Luminous Pressed Powder (£6.99)

All done!

I'm amazed that I got a colour match without swatching it! My shade is Bamboo, which is quite orange but works well enough for my skin tone when blended in properly. It's a dewy finish foundation and when I first applied it I was a little horrified, however it sort of 'sets' a couple of minutes after application. Once I finished it off with powder I really liked the look of the light-to-medium coverage.

The primer, as I've mentioned before, does stave off the shine for a few hours extra than applying foundation to your bare face. But for me I'm not sure it's quite enough; I still find myself reaching for the power. It does, however, create a better base to apply the foundation if you're like me and have combination/oily skin. 

The finished result is a nice shine-free natural glow! I think this foundation is fab for the price and I'd really recommend it for dryer skin as it feels so nice and light but you still get a nice level of coverage.

Hearts (Out of 5):


What's your favourite low-cost foundation?

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  1. I haven't tried the primer yet but the foundation is actually really nice. Luckily I also got a perfect colour match. :) My favourite budget foundation has to be Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation, though. It's as good as high end in my opinion. x

    Speaking Beauty UK | Nars, Urban Decay, YSL GIVEAWAY

    1. I've heard good things but I couldn't get a colour match with Bourjois unfortunately :( I think I've tried it before but it just looked too 'off' on my skin tone. Even though my skin is quite combination/oily I'm not as scared of 'dewy' foundations as I once was! x

  2. I've not tried either of these two yet. It's going to be my mission this week, they look good!

    1. I was pretty impressed with the foundation especially :) x

  3. I've been meaning to try this foundation for ages, I think it looks gorgeous! Currently I've been loving the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation, its just such a perfect colour match! :)

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Yeah I'd recommend giving it a go, especially for that price! I keep hearing such positive things about that Rimmel foundation, but ironically I couldn't get a colour match haha x

  4. This foundation looks really great and natural looking on you! Fab post xx

    emily x ♥ | emily's beauty blog

    1. Thank you! :) I really like how it gives some coverage but feels so lightweight x

  5. I really love the Sleek foundation - I'm always amazed at how good it is for the price!!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

    1. Yeah it really is fab value. I'm not usually a fan of drugstore-type brands as there's never much of a colour selection, but Sleek does :) xx

  6. Thanks for the review Jasmine - I've only tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum as I don't wear foundation often. I find that it doesn't last very long on my skin. This foundation looks lovely & with my dry skin, sounds like a really good option for my next foundation purchase. Xx


  7. OOo I can't wait to try mine babe! This colour is perfect on you! Was lovely meeting you :)

    Lucie xx
    Fatbeautyx | Plus Size Fashion & Beauty Blogger & Vlogger

    1. Hope you get a good colour match! It was fab to meet you! xx


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