Products That Were Close to Perfection

We could've had it aaaaaaallllll. Here are the products that were so close to being perfect...

This product does an amazing job of keeping away the shine, but it has a real whitening effect. The powder does come in shades as well, but as with all Rimmel products, they're far too light for me.

This is also fantastic to get a matte finish. The problem is that it doesn't really work as a primer! It doesn't fill in pores and fine lines and it doesn't make my makeup last that much longer. I use silicon-based primer all over my face, then put this on top of that in the areas that get oily and it works pretty well.

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I loooove the contour powder, the highlighter is the best I own but the bronzer goes unused. If the Medium contained the Rose Gold blusher (my favourite Sleek blusher ever) like the two lighter shades, this would be my holy grail face product. I do still love it but the blusher instead of a bronzer would've made this one of my all-time favourites. See my review of this here.

The foundation formula is an incredible medium-to-full coverage base. Plus it has a nice non-shiny finish. It would rival my MAC Studio Fix Fluid if it wasn't for the poor colour selection. Almost all of them have a neutral base, whereas I have really warm undertones, so it just doesn't look right on me. It's such a shame, but I guess that's part of what you're paying for with a high-end brand; the perfect colour match.

This didn't really work for me as an under-eye concealer, however it works great on blemishes. The problem again is the colour selection. I chose the darkest one and whilst it was ok in that it wasn't too light, it had a neutral base so didn't blend nicely into my warm-toned foundation at all.

I love the shades I own, but my major gripe with this product is that I'd own so many more if they had some nicer colours. They're all either bright pinks or too-light shades or excessively shimmery. 

None of this is to say I regret buying them or that they won't be perfect for you, it's just one of those things! 

Do you feel like this about any products you own?

Jasmine x



  1. You never really know if a product is perfect until you try it yourself as what works for one person won't work for another. Most of my makeup products I try out before I buy as I tend to get them from counters in department stores. Interesting post!

    1. Yeah, I guess it's pretty telling that this is all Superdrug-type stuff that you don't really get a chance to try on properly! x

  2. Nice! Would love it of you could check out my latest beauty post xo

    Aliona | fromalionawithlove.com

  3. I really don't like the Rimmel stay matte primer either, I found it very orangey even in the lighter shades. Drug stores are terrible for samples too so I struggle to colour match!

  4. Great reviews here Jasmine - keep up the fab beauty reviews i love them!


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