Lynette Page Super-Matte Lipstick*

After attending the launch of amazing new brand Lynette Page Makeup Artistry (read more about the brand its products here), I was kindly given this lipstick to try (along with a lip brush). It's a Super-Matte finish and is in the shade 'Mine'. Here are my thoughts on it...

'Mine' is a nice neutral pink shade, not too bright to wear on a day-to-day basis. It's especially recommended for cooler skin tones but I think it's actually a pretty universally flattering shade. I'd gone off pinks a little over summer but this lipstick has had me digging out my pink blushers and lip colours and buying some new ones. I also like how secure the packaging is, as there's nothing worse that reaching for your lipstick and realising its smeared across the bottom of your bag!

Although it's 'super-matte' it applies smoothly, though you'll probably still want to exfoliate your lips first. It lasted really well despite wearing it whilst eating and drinking I only had to touch it up once throughout the day. I also really like how it only takes one swipe to get an opaque, pigmented finish. I found that the Pro Smooth Lip Brush* (£10, buy here) made it really easy to apply the lipstick neatly, especially if you don't have a lipliner handy.

All in all I really recommend this colour, whether you're a fan of pinks or trying to edge a little out of your comfort zone. I also really loved the other super-matte shade I tried at the launch, called Reality, which is more of a stain. I'd really like to buy that one when I get a chance to pop into Lynette's Studio.

You can buy the lipsticks here (or in Lynette's Studio if you're in or around Cheshire) for £12.50 each  

Let me know what you guys think of this pink look :)

Jasmine x




  1. Such a beautiful color! I'm not really into pinks but this one looks really nice on you:*

    1. Thank you! Me neither, I always assume they won't suit my skin tone usually x

  2. I really like this colour too, it's not an obvious pink, it's quite muted. It really suits you :) Wow it is so long lasting :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. Yeah that's my favourite thing about it. You can use one coat for a more neutral look like I did or build it to a more full on pink :) x

  3. You look gorgeous! I am loving that colour on you xx

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

  4. That's a great colour, I love it. I've never heard of this brand before, I'll have to check them out.



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