Rimmel Stay Matte Primer and Pressed Powder Review

If you read my blog regularly you'll definitely be aware of my shiny face problems. So obviously I had to try out Rimmel's 'Stay Matte' line, as nothing seems to work for me! I skipped the foundation as the colour selection was so poor (how many shades of 'Porcelain' can there really be?!) so here I'm going to review the powder, the primer and the two of them used together. 

These two products are pretty inexpensive: the primer costs £5.99 and the powder costs £3.99 (though Superdrug currently have it for £2.99), so your entire matte look can cost you under a tenner!

The natural place to start seems to be with the primer. It's not silicone-based, which every other primer I have is; instead its sort of like a moisturiser. The consistency is quite dry, so it can be kind of hard to spread it across your face. So here is what I looked liked before (left) and after (right) applying the primer to my face.

So far, so good. You can see the shine on my face has been minimised considerably. Even if you like not wearing makeup sometimes, this can be great purely to reduce shine. I decided to really put this to the test by applying my Bobbi Brown foundation over it; it's a great colour match for me but as much as I love it, it definitely has a dewy finish even when first applied! So here's now it looked:

This is probably the most matte my face has ever been using this foundation, and I haven't even powdered yet! Next I applied a small amount of the Pressed Powder in the shade Translucent. 

The situation has progressed to being perhaps the most matte my face has ever been! I've been using this powder a couple of months; it's definitely enough to stave off the shine for a good few hours and if I'm on a night out it only needs to be re-applied maybe once or twice. Also, being light and translucent, it doesn't add extra coverage so you can wear it even with a heavy foundation. My problems with this arise in that, even though it's supposed to be pretty see-through, it does make my face white if I keep re-applying throughout a 12-hour day. All the other colours in powder are way too light, which is a shame.

Next I wanted to test how well my makeup wore with the primer, as well as if the two products combined could keep away the shine without re-applying.

It should be pretty obvious but I'll state it anyway: the left-hand picture is the start of the day and on the right is about 7 hours later.

It kept most of my makeup in place but really fell down in holding the concealer in place in my oily under-eye area. There was a tiny bit of shine by this point but to be honest this is only as much as I'd have even before I'd left the house if I were using a different powder and primer!

So here are their individual breakdowns:

Rimmel Stay Matte Primer

Ease of Application:                    ***
Foundation Finish:                      ****
Smoothing Effect:                      **.5
Matte Finish:                              *****
Did it Stay Matte?:                     ****.5
Did it Keep Makeup in Place?:     ***.5
Value for Money:                      ****.5
Overall:  ****.5/5

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Translucent

Consistency and Feel:        ****
Matte Finish:                       ****
Did it Stay Matte?:              ****
Value for Money:              *****
Overall:  ****/5

Primer and Powder Together
* I feel these products work really well together to create a matte look
* The powder doesn't look cakey when re-applied but it does have a whitening effect if you use too much
* The primer kept my face pretty matte from applying in to my bare skin, but it didn't keep the concealer under my eyes in place
* I'd also say that it didn't really reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores as well as the silicone-based primers I own
* I definitely would've stayed completely matte had I re-applied the powder just once during the day
* Overall these products are a bargain and they do deliver on the promise of keeping the shine away


How do you guys find the Stay Matte range? 
Jasmine x



  1. I love the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder! Works brilliantly on my oily T-zone :) xo

    >Beauty & Fashion Blogger<

  2. agree Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is a must have :)


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