Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain in Stockholm Chic Review

I really don't like lipgloss, so when Revlon released this range of lip stains I thought they might be the answer! These retail for £7.99 each but I got them in a 2 for £10 (this offer is currently running at Boots and you can pick one up for the introductory price of £5.99 at Superdrug).

It's so hard to describe this product, as it's so unlike anything I've ever tried before! I know YSL do something similar but they'd never really caught my eye. The packaging is nice and sleek and the applicator is kind of flat; which is pretty good for applying this sort of product.

So this is what Stockholm Chic looks like swatched (left: no flash, right: flash) 

I really struggle to define this colour; it's a sort of burn orange/caramel-brown shade with a touch of shimmer. I absolutely love it. 

It's reasonably easy to apply; I thought it might be too sticky or gloopy but it goes on pretty easily with the applicator. The finish is initially very glossy, but it sort of sets to a less shiny look (which I much prefer). This is how it looked around 10 minutes after I applied it; it's not sticky at this point, just slightly tacky. 

It stays like this for up to 3 hours (if you aren't eating and drinking) and after that there's a sort of even dry stain left behind. By the end of the day, after I'd eaten and stuff, the stain disappeared from everywhere but the edges of my lips, which didn't look great! So I'd definitely say you should take this out with you and be prepared to re-apply during the day (though not as much as you would with a gloss).

Overall I really like this product; if you don't get on with lip-glosses but want something with a similar look then these are a great alternative. I really love the colour Stockholm Chic, it's so unlike anything I already have! I think I'll definitely be picking up more of these :)



* Not as sticky as lipgloss
* Really unusual colour
* Surprisingly easy to apply
* I really like the finish
* £7.99 is a pretty good price for this product!


* Could be a little more durable

The Verdict

Ease of Application:    ****
Colour:                      *****
Finish:                       ****
Durability:                ***
Value for Money:       ***.5



Have you tried any of the Moisture Stains yet? :)
Jasmine x


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  1. I really don't get on with lipgloss but this does look like something I want to try! I'm definitely going to head into my local boots this week and take a look!
    Alice xo


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