Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup Haul & Swatches

This past weekend Makeup Revolution offered free delivery if you spent £20, so I used it as an opportunity to check out their premium 'I Heart Makeup' line. Everything's quite fun and tongue-in-cheek, which I love!

Check out what I got...

Baked Hearts

These cost just £4.99 each and are reminiscent of the Too Faced Sweet Hearts. I didn't really need these products but they were so cute I just had to grab a couple!

First I got a Blushing Heart in Peachy Keen, which I really like! I loved the baked blusher in the Ultra Blush and Contour palette and it looks like this will be an even bigger favourite.

Here are the swatches! (left with flash and right without) I'm not sure if I'll bother keeping them separate or just swirl it all together...

I have to admit I'm a little disappointed with the Goddess of Love Highlighter; not because I dislike it but because as soon as I opened it I realised it wasn't the gold I was expecting!

It's actually very similar to the MUA one I already have! So I haven't swatched this as I've decided to include it in a giveaway so it can find a loving home!


I love how these are packaged; they're so pretty and decorative. These are about £2.50 more expensive than the standard Makeup Revolution Baked Blushers and Highlighters, but this is really reflected in little details like this. 

£1 Nail Polishes

I've been pretty rubbish with my nails recently but I really needed a Top Coat and Base Coat, so I picked this one up as it's such a boring but necessary product so I don't like spending on it! I also picked up Flawless. I actually meant to grab the shade Absolutely Flawless (easy mistake to make!) so I reckon I'll give it away to someone who'd use it instead of it sitting unused on my shelf. It's really similar to one I have from Topshop.

Lip Geeks

I definitely don't need more lipstick, but what can I say; I'm addicted! These were two of the darker shades in the £2.99 Lip Geek range. In the above image Kiss 2 Make Up is on the left and Live For Today is on the right. They were a little more sheer and light than I expected but hey ho, that's ordering online for you! They're definitely build-able into a more opaque colour. I think the packaging is way more secure than the £1 range.

So here are the swatches: left with flash and right without. The shade on the left is Live For Today and the right-hand one is Kiss 2 Make Up.

I Want Candy Blusher

Along with lipstick, blusher is my other major addiction! Again this is slightly more expensive than the standard Makeup Revolution line at £2.99, but hardly a big splurge! Again the packaging has a little more personality than with the standard line. I picked up the colour Glowing, very safe for me and within my comfort zone, but if I like it there are a fair few in the I Want Candy range to try. Here are the swatches (left: no flash, right: flash)

Have you tried anything out from the I Heart Makeup line? Let me know in the comments! :)

Jasmine x



  1. I have never heard of this brand before but it looks supercute!

  2. The heart blusher & highlighter are super cute and so pigmented. I recently put through my first Makeup Revolution order and I can't wait to get my hands on it now :) x



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