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In what can only be described as some sort of IKEA-induced psychosis I spent about double what I intended to last night! To be honest I don't regret it as I'm pleased with what I bought and I still spend under £50. So check out what I got and how I used my purchases...

So here's what I bought!

So let's start off with the beauty junkie favourite: the Godmorgon Box With Compartments, £15

This is just fantastic! If you own a normal amount of makeup this will store everything; for me I'll still be purchasing further storage so my favourites are crammed in here until then! I never appreciated how amazing it is (not to mention how much time it saves!) to have everything organised and accessible. None of my furniture is from IKEA; it's all built in so I had to measure up. This takes up around 2/3 of my drawer, so I'm going to put some more of the little baskets down the side.

I stupidly put down the perfect little milk-jug vase for my flowers (assorted, £1.50-2.50), so they're currently just stuffed in the basket! I bought the smallest of the three Byholma baskets IKEA does (£6), which houses my lotions and sprays, whilst the Skurar candle holder I bought (reduced to £1.90) holds my smaller makeup brushes. You can also see one of the set of 4 Lidan Baskets (£8.50) is tucked into the Byholma and that holds my non-bathroom skincare stuff.

It's a little boring but I also got 4 white Drona boxes (£2.50 each).

 I didn't measure up for these so only got 4 but, despite my wardrobe not being IKEA, they're perfect! So I'll be filling the rest of my cubbies with these as they stop all my shoes and accessories falling out when I open the door.

I also bought a Sinnlig Vanilla Candle for an amazing 95p! It just smells incredible and at such a low price I thought 'why not?' :)

So these are my IKEA purchases, let me know what you think of them! Jasmine x


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