Bank Holiday Beauty & Fashion Haul!: Missguided, Makeup Revolution & More

So here in the UK it's been an extended weekend, which meant I packed in lots of shopping! Missguided had a 50% off promo with loads of cute clothes included, so I had a look at that as well as going shopping whilst I was away with my friends in Cardiff. Here's what I bought!


I'll start off by saying I was a little disappointed with my purchases from Missguided. I think they can be a little bit hit and miss, which makes it all the more annoying that they charge you to return things! I think that some of the quality issues I wouldn't have been so bothered by a year or two ago, when the prices were lower, but are less acceptable now. I know they were all 50% off so I can't complain too much (all prices listed below are full price), but with limited space I don't want to keep hold of stuff I won't wear! Saying that I did have one item that I really love. I got (clockwise from top left):

The most expensive of the bunch, this is a lovely print but the top half is totally transparent, making it impossible for me to keep this. It's short but a decent length on me, though the waist does sit a little high as well. I'll be sending this one back.

My mum actually already has this, so said I could have it as it's too young for her! I'm not sure if I'd have kept this otherwise, as it's really pretty and perfect for on holiday, but it's fairly transparent.

3. Zara Anchor T-Shirt, £7.99

This one is my only clothing purchase not from Missguided. I can't find it online but I got this in Zara Cardiff and it cost me just £7.99! I love it as it's so cute and casual.

This was definitely one of the better quality items, the only reason I'm sending it back is because in real life the print seemed a little too gaudy for me. If you do like the print I'd definitely recommend this top, though it is cropped which won't be for everyone.

This is in the same style as the neon orange top, but again I just wasn't really feeling the print when it arrived. It was a little see-through but if you wear a nude or light pink bra, it's a lot less of a problem than with the orange version.

So, ending on a high, this is the top I really love. The only issue was that there were a few loose threads, but apart from that the material is thick and feels premium. It's lovely for summer or on holiday and is really cute tucked into a skater skirt.

So here are the items I've ended up with:



I picked up the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water (£4.99 though it's currently £3.99 at Boots) as I'm running low on my Bioderma Water. As you can see I've already been using it over the weekend and I can safely say that it's just as effective and gentle as the Bioderma! The only slight con is that I find myself using a little more of the Garnier to remove the same amount of makeup. However this is balanced out when you take into account the fact the price is lower for a greater volume of water.


Finally, after months, a few of these came back in stock in the Superdrug near my office! So I at last I got to purchase the MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer in Tranquility (£3), which is a nude tone. Let's hope it was worth the wait!

Here it is swatched (left no flash, right flash)

Makeup Revolution/I Heart Makeup

I was in Cardiff this weekend and we went on a shopping spree on Saturday. My friend didn't realise Cardiff has a Beauty Studio Superdrug and I only saw it as we were leaving, so unfortunately I didn't get to visit it! However their regular Superdrug stocks Makeup Revolution, and with Triple Beautycard Points all Bank Holiday Weekend, along with student discount, I couldn't resist finally being able to see their products before buying! I really liked that all the products had a sticker on them so you could see if they'd been opened and that there were testers for everything, these things stop you from buying something then realising when you get it home that someone's used it.

So, clockwise from the top left, here's what I picked up:

I've been on the hunt for a decent budget concealer for ages, and after being broadly unimpressed with the much-hyped Collection Lasting Perfection (which I'll tell you about in another post), I decided to pick this up. I wanted to see it in person as I don't buy concealer and foundation without trying it first. This reminds me of the Benefit Fake Up concealer, with the inner core of product and the outer ring of hydration. Hopefully it won't make my under-eye area oily! I haven't tried it yet but the only criticism I have at this point is that Makeup Revolution says it's for every skin-tone, yet there were only three shades in this and I had to buy the darkest. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt though and assume they plan to expand the shade range in the future.

The last thing I need is another eyeshadow palette, but Flawless won me over! It reminds me of the MAC Neutrals palettes so I just had to have it. The colour payoff of the random shade I swatched is just amazing.

I'm no fan of lipgloss, however the WOW Glosses are really pigmented and a more lacquer-like consistency. Double Wow is a bright pink, so a little out of my comfort zone but that's why I wanted to try it so much, and for £2.49 you can afford to play around with colour.

This is a bright purple tone and Makeup Revolution say the outer ring is matte/satin, whilst the inner heart is shimmery. I'm so impressed with the pigmentation of this!

This is a little darker and more purple than Double Wow and I definitely think the quality is reflected in the slightly higher pricing of the more premium line.

These are so much prettier in real life! I really liked baked shadows so I can't wait to try these. They one I swatched is so pigmented!

Here are some swatches (left no flash, right with flash) of my purchases. From top to bottom we have: the One Concealer in Dark, WOW Gloss in No Need to Panic, WOW Gloss in Double WOW, I Heart My Lips in Racing Heart, a shade taken from Pure and Innocent Baked Eyeshadows and a shade from the Flawless Ultra Palette.

What do you think of my purchases? Have you guys been shopping this Bank Holiday Weekend?

Jasmine x



  1. Hi Jasmine. This is my first visit here. Gutted that Misguided was so disappointing. I feel I'm a little too old to shop there but I know how annoying it can be when you order something online only to discover it's poor quality or transparent and you just wouldn't wear it. The older I get the more important it is for me to buy quality that lasts. well done though for getting a Zara top for so cheap. They often have the odd bargain. The Tranquility looks a lovely texture and colour, I also like the look of the neutral shades of Baked Eyeshadows you've swatched. I don't suit 'pinky purple' shades of lipcolour but I can see they'll be beautiful on your skin tone.

    1. Thank you for stopping by :)
      And yeah it was really annoying, as I was only expecting to have to take back 1 or 2! x

  2. It's always a shame when something is a disappointment. That's kind of why I don't shop online.

    Dannii - Hungry Healthy Happy

  3. That neon coral top is by far my favourite of the bunch! Great haul post! :)

    Ivory Avenue


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