A Few More Superdrug Bargains: Maybelline and MUA

So, I opened my Look Beauty mascara this morning to find it completely dried up and powdered! So I headed back today to swap it for a different one and I grabbed a few other bits whilst I was at it.


I was kind of in a rush so I just picked up the Maybelline Great Lashes Mascara in Blackest Black (£4.99), as I didn't want anything super-volumising. I'm not sure how I'll like it, but it definitely looks familiar from my childhood so hopefully it's alright considering how long it's been around! I took advantage and got my first Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Bronze On and On (£4.99). I got them in the buy one get one half price, which is running across all of Maybelline in Superdrug at the moment.


After the Superdrug online order fiasco and I had to order my Makeup Revolution stuff directly from them, I didn't get the lipstick from MUA that was also in my order! So I was really happy when a couple of Shade 11 (£1) came back into stock in-store, as I wasn't going to pay p&p for a £1 lipstick. It's a really lovely pink-brown nude and I think it'll be perfect for everyday use. I also picked up a Liquid Eyeliner in Shade 5 (Black non-waterproof, £1). I tried liquid eyeliner once when I was about 15 and it hurt my eyes, so I've been sworn off it ever since! However I felt it was time to give it another go and you can't really go wrong for a pound. 

If any of you guys have tried any of my purchases please let me know what you thought of them :)

Jasmine x



  1. That's exactly the same reason I bought great lash last time, I was in a rush and looking for a cheap mascara so grabbed that one. I hate it though, it's so runny it goes everywhere, I can't get it on my lashes without it going on my eyelids as well, then I have to wait ages for it to dry before I can wipe off the mess. Will stick with too faced or soap and glory from now on.

    Michelle Louise Love

    1. Yes, I tried it out and I'm not a fan! It's now buried at the bottom of my reject drawer...


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