A Week of Shopping

The past week has pretty much been a continuous birthday celebration (hence the lack of posts), and I went shopping about five times! I feel I was pretty restrained but here are a few little things I bought, had bought for me and got with vouchers.

So I got this lovely River Island vanity case as a gift, available from ASOS for £25. It's the perfect size for me; all my makeup goes in the bottom section and my brushes and tools go in the top, so I don't have to rummage for ages to find everything.

I also got given this Vichy Purifying Foaming Cleanser, which is for sensitive skin. This was £10/11 (I can't remember exactly) and can be bought from Boots. I'm really liking it so far and there's a review on the way.

As I got a New Look voucher I saw these shoes and just had to get them, as they're exactly what I was describing I wanted in my wish list post. They're comfy and perfect for summer nights out. They do cost £39.99, which is expensive for New Look, however they're real leather and good quality.

I also got the Lee Stafford Split Ends Serum, as I really needed a new hair serum. I'm curious to try this as I couldn't find many reviews out there of it. I'll do a review once I get round to using it.

I'm super excited I've finally joined the Urban Decay Naked fan club. A friend got me a Debenhams voucher for my birthday, which was perfect as I'd been umming and ahhing over making this purchase for weeks. I really wasn't sure which to get but decided to go with the original. I'll be doing a review of this sometime this week or next (once I've tried out more colours), but I'm loving it so far.

I realised I didn't have a night cream so, as I had a voucher, I got the No7 Beautiful Skin one for normal/oily skin to complete my skincare regime. 

I got these earrings from Accessorize (£8) to go with the ASOS maxi dress I got for my Graduation Ball. I was really struggling to find some, but I wanted to go for Accessorize as I had a 20% off scratch card for them. I think these are suitable for a formal occasion but still subtle enough for me to wear more jewellery. 

I got these midi rings for £3 from River Island. I was browsing with a friend and wasn't really looking for myself, but I saw these and really liked them. I think they're a simple way to get a quirky look and even though I wasn't initially on board with midi rings I do like the look of them. 

I jumped at the chance to get this Bourjois nail polish remover when I saw it was reduced to just £3.99 on ASOS. The pink version is a beauty essential for me and, whilst it may not quite do it in the 1 second it claims, it is the fastest and easiest way to remove nail polish (even glitter). The only flaw with it was that you couldn't use it on your toes. This new purple version completely resolves that so I think it'll be a lifesaver this summer when the open-toed shoes come out.


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