Sleek True Lip Colour in Barely There (Sheen) and Eau La La Liner in Melba Review

So, as I said, this is going to be a full review of my #1 April Favourite. I also bought the Eau La La Liner in the colour Melba at the same time, I wasn't able to try it out as there was no tester (Superdrug always seems to be badly stocked in Sleek!) but luckily I think it works not only with Barely There but with the Ballet Lip Palette I also have. These come in at £4.99 each.

There was a bit of confusion on my part about the ELL Liner. I picked it up as it was right next to the lipsticks so I assumed it was a lipliner, but on the Superdrug website it is listed as an eyeliner. This product is actually intended as a multi-purpose item, so it can be used for both. I don't think I'd personally use this colour as an eyeliner but what I will do is buy one of them in a colour which works with one of my lipsticks as well as a colour I would wear on my waterline and/or lash line (I usually go for black on the top and a lighter colour on the bottom). I also had a huge 'doh' moment when I was using it as I tried to wind it up but it didn't work so then I assumed you only got the tiny bit of product I could see. It turns out that you sharpen the liner like a pencil (it does actually say that on the side, but apparently I can't read!)

So the Lipstick is a Sheen (Sleek comes in Sheen, Gloss, Matte and Satin), so it isn't as gloopy or shiny as a lipgloss but still gives quite a glossy/hydrated effect. This goes on really easily and I put it on at the start of a 4-hour shift and whilst it had faded a little by the time I clocked out, the fade was even and natural-looking.

Top: Barely There Lipstick
Bottom: Melba Liner

As you can see from the swatches, the Melba colour is a little lighter than the lipstick, but it wasn't a bad match from my random guess! After looking at the full 20-colour Eau La La Liner range, I can confirm that I think Melba is definitely the best complimenting shade for both Barely There and Ballet. As you can see, Melba itself also has a pretty glossy sheen. This is how they look on, with my normal day-to-day (fairly light) application. If you want to see it applied a little heavier for a more nighttime look then please see my Sleek Brow Kit Review.

Honestly, this is my favourite lip colour at the moment and I absolutely recommend it; it's so low-fuss, natural-looking and low-key. I think it's definitely going to be my go-to shade this summer. 



* I think these shades really look good together, and the liner goes with other Sleek shades
* The multipurpose nature of the liner is a bonus (as I said, I'll try it out in another colour as an eyeliner)
* I love the colour; for me it's the perfect natural pinkish tone
* It is really good for a subtle everyday look, but can also be built up like other Sleek products
* I love how it goes on; the finish and the consistency are both really good


* Honestly the only thing I could think of is that Melba isn't really a colour I would use as both a lip and eye liner but, seeing as when I bought it I thought it was just a lipliner, this can hardly be considered a fault!
* It doesn't stay on so well after eating/drinking

The Verdict

Finish:                   *****
Consistency:          *****
Durability:            ****.5
Value for money:  ***** 




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