Sleek Blush By 3 in Sugar Review

I'm going to do another Sleek review because I've bought so much of it this past month and they seem to be the most popular posts. I have a couple of these Blush by 3 palettes, and today I'll be reviewing Sugar. I'm going to look at each blusher individually and then review the palette overall. I generally go for quite subtle light pink shades but I picked up Sugar because it is really different to what I'd normally choose. These palettes are generally £9.99 each, however I bought it from blushbeautybox.com where it was £8.99 plus they offer £1 off if you like their Facebook page so I actually only paid £7.99 for this! (Plus free postage).

There are 3 powders in this palette (some of the others are 3 creams or a combination). Two are a matte and one is a shimmer finish and all are pretty pigmented colours. 

'Turbinado' is a dark pink/purple matte (I believe this is a dupe of their single blush 'Flushed'), 'Muscovado' is a dark orange/gold shimmer (this one looks like a dupe for their single blush 'Sunrise') and 'Demerara' is a dark peach matte. I tried Demerara first as it was the one most in my comfort-zone. It went on pretty easily and could be built up from subtle to a stronger colour. I think this is also one which could easily be combined with one of the other colours.

L-R: Turbinado, Muscovado and Demerara

This is how Demerara looked on:

Obviously it isn't the most dramatic shade in the world but it's wearable and cute for day-to-day use. The next on I tried was Muscovado, which I was excited to try, as it's similar to the constantly out-of-stock Rose Gold colour Sleek do. This one was pretty tricky to apply, when I first tried to wear it this colour clung to a couple of dry patches on my cheek. I tried again on the day of the week when I exfoliate and it was better, however it went on really heavy straight off and I couldn't really see much shimmer. The picture below is literally the lightest possible application I could do. Unless you kind of pat it on really lightly it just looks streaky.

Finally I tried Turbinado, which was easy to apply and was actually more subtle than Demerara before layering. In the swatches I applied it 3 or 4 times whereas Muscovado was only one application. It is really easy to build up and I think it would look really striking on darker skin. 

Overall I do like this palette, though I was disappointed with Muscovado, and I do prefer my Pink Lemonade Sleek Blush by 3. Both Turbinado and Demerara were solid blushers, which were easy to apply. Muscovado is very flaky, however so it has made my palette a bit of a mess. I think it could be used over one of the other blushers if applied really lightly, maybe with a fan brush. Personally, though, I don't see myself using it again. Also bear in mind to check for dupes if you own some of Sleek's individual blushers, as there are a couple which appear to be in this palette.



* Subtle but easy to layer
* Light, pretty shade
* Easy application
* It is a matte finish so may feel a little drying 
* Faded after around 5-6 hours (faded evenly)



* Looks similar to Rose Gold 
* Only one layer is needed
* Clings to dry patches
* Couldn't really see much shimmer
* It goes on very heavily, so you can't really do a subtle look with it
* Faded in around 3 hours (faded patchily - probably because it's so crumbly!)



* Easy to apply
* It can look subtle or heavy, depending on how you apply it
* Surprisingly wearable for such a dark colour
* You have to apply quite a lot to get the full impact of this shade
* Faded in around 5-6 hours (again it faded evenly)


Sugar Overall

* Worth buying if only for 2 out of the 3 shades
* Muscovado was pretty useless for me
* Demerara and Turbinado are great in that a lot of different looks can be achieve with them and they are easy to apply
* Suitable for daytime wear
* Excellent value for money as you have 2 great blushers in there, even if you pay full price (£9.99)
* 2/3 of them do appear to be dupes



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