May Wish List

These are the top 10 beauty, fashion and lifestyle items I have my eye on this month, including Origins, River Island, ASOS & more...

10. Origins GinZing, £23

(Image via: origins.co.uk)

I suffer really badly from dark circles and pretty much every review of this product I've read has been really positive. Part of the reason for my dark circles is definitely hyper-pigmentation, however I find this less noticeable when the area doesn't have bags and isn't even darker because of tiredness.  

9. Models Own Speckled Egg Nail Polish, £5

(Image via: style.uk.msn.com)

I'm kind of late on the Easter trend, but I've been meaning to get one of these polishes for ages. I'm just not sure what colour to get and Boots and Superdrug aren't that well-stocked in Speckled Egg.

8. Elf Studio Lip Exfoliator, £3.95

(Image via: eyeslipsface.co.uk)

This is another product that has had really good reviews and it's so inexpensive that I'm definitely including it in my next Elf order. I get pretty dry lips so hopefully this will help lipsticks go on a little more easily (especially the matte ones).

7. Missguided Mercia PVC Skirt, £19.99

(Images via: missguided.co.uk)

This skirt is available in both Baby Pink and Mocha (which I can't choose between). I really like Missguided's midi skirts and dresses, though I find most of their other skirts and shorts waaaay too short (hopefully they'll sort that out at some point). This is really different to anything I'd normally wear and I'm not sure how I'd style it, which is what is holding me back from buying it right now.

6. Clinique Superdefense Daily Defense Moisturiser SPF 20, £39

(Image via: clinique.co.uk)

I'm really trying to overhaul my skincare regime and I thought Clinique would be a good place to start. I have combination skin and I feel as though finding the right products will be a lot of trial and error, but this new Clinique moisturiser has really good reviews so hopefully I'll have some luck with it.

5. River Island Black Oriental Floral Print Kimono, £40

(Image via: riverisland.com)

I really want a kimono for summer; they can be worn as beachwear over a bikini or to dress up a black dress or jeans and a vest. I think River Island have some beautiful, intricately patterned ones for really good prices. I think I'm going to go for the one above, but I' not 100% decided yet, as they're all so nice.

4. Topshop Horseshoe Finger and Midi Rings, £12.50

(Image via: topshop.com)

At first i didn't really 'get' midi rings and thought they were a bit silly, but I recently saw my friend wearing some and they actually looked really cool. I think this pack from Topshop is really good value and has interesting, summery colours, so hopefully I'll be buying these this month!

3. Topshop Folk Print Casual Shirt, £35/Border Chuck On Dress, £42

(Images via: topshop.com)

This is an item I'm kicking myself for not getting my hands on it sooner. I really liked the shirt but left it too late to get it and it sold out really quickly online and in most stores (I emailed Topshop and apparently they aren't re-stocking on it!). I tried on the dress, and whilst it isn't supposed to be fitted around the wait, I found the 10 a little too baggy and the 8 too tight around the chest. I really love the print though, so I'm hoping I'll be able to get one of the two.

2. Benefit Erase Paste, £19.50

(Image via: asos.com)

I always used to get this concealer, but being a student on a budget I've been searching for a cheaper alternative to cover the hyper-pigmentation under my eyes. The closest I got to it was Soap and Glory's Kiss Ass Concealer, but the colour wasn't quite right (I'm Mac NC40) and it only comes in 'light' or 'medium' (if you can find a match, though, I'd 100% recommend this at half the price of the Benefit Erase Paste). A good concealer is an investment so I'm just going to bite the bullet and go back to the Erase Paste.

1. ASOS Wrap Front Maxi Dress, £45

(Image via: asos.com)

I really like the look of this blush dress for my Graduation Ball. I think it's perfect for summery events and is really inexpensive. It also looks like it would be similar in cut and material to the ASOS dress I bought last month (see my April Favourites list for that one). I can see myself caving on this sooner rather than later...

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