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Clinique recently launched a limited edition lip oil version of their beloved Black Honey lipstick (why this shade was introduced in the middle of summer, I have no idea!) so it seemed a good time to review and compare both formulas...

The brand originally brought this shade back to the market with their Almost Lipstick in Black Honey | £24. This is a kind of sheer-balm formula, but it doesn't have a glossy or high-hydration finish; it's almost more like a stain than a tinted lip care product, or it's somewhere in-between... It's quite a difficult finish and feel to describe because it's like a balm without the moisturising qualities but it's not matte or drying either - it's still gliding on smoothly. It has an even, non-streaky finish, and the result is a very wearable take on berry lips. I'd call it a cool purple berry. When it eventually fades whilst eating and drinking throughout the day, it's even, making this a low-maintenance option. I can also really see why this is such a cult shade; it's sheer enough to look a little different on everyone who wears it and, honestly, I think it would suit almost anyone! 

The Pop Lip & Cheek Oil in Black Honey | £23.50 | is obviously much more moisturising and has a glossy finish, but the shade actually pulls a little warmer and more reddish too. There's something a little more rich and decadent about this version of the product, like it's a black forest gateau in a lip product or something... Honestly, this makes no sense to me as a cheek product; it's too glossy and doesn't have the longevity for that, so I'll just review it as a lip oil. It's formulated with a nourishing blend of plant oils so it works really nicely as a lip care product and this has the perfect level of colour payoff, for me; it's sheer but absolutely noticeable once applied. Again, it applies and wears evenly throughout the day, though obviously you're not getting the same longevity as the lipstick. I actually even like to layer this on top of the lipstick to increase the colour payoff and get that glossy finish.

Whilst the Black Honey lipstick is a gorgeous festive season favourite for many, I actually think I prefer the lip oil; the moisturising formula feels more effortless and I think the slightly warmer tone suits me better. I also love the glossy look and the fact I don't need to worry about having dry lips. All in all: this is a beautiful shade I think would suit the vast majority of people. It's unique, interesting but feels really accessible.

See both formulas individually and applied together here.

Have you tried this shade before?

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