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HaruHaru Wonder have arrived at Superdrug - I have no idea when that happened, but it happened! Obviously, you can still get cheaper prices by ordering their products from South Korea, but if you've run out of a favourite and need to repurchase ASAP, then that just got a whole lot easier. So, it seemed a good time to review their two Black Rice sunscreen formulas...

Let's start with the Pure Mineral Relief Daily Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++* | £18. This was honestly never going to me my favourite of the two; I'll just be honest up top! As next-generation as Korean sunscreen filters are, mineral sunscreen filters have some fundamental issues that aren't easy to 'formulate around'. Mineral sunscreens are made with zinc oxide and / or titanium dioxide, which are literally powders, hence the issue. Some brands formulate with nano particles, though some people are a little concerned by nano-particles in skin care (we have no reason to think they're currently unsave based on the evidence now, but I understand that we've thought a lot of things were safe that turned out not to be!) Nano formulas have been the most cast-free I've seen so far, but this product is non-nano and formulated with zinc oxide, but also an ingredient called Butyloctyl Salicylate, which is essentially a 'sunscreen booster'. I'm not someone who is particularly precious over sunscreen filters, but if you're looking for an all-mineral formula, you might be a little disappointed with its inclusion. It's a point of debate for those who prefer mineral sunscreens but it's something to be aware of and look into, based on your personal reasons for using a mineral sunscreen.

In the 'positives' column, this product has some really nice added extras; there's niacinamide (great for boosting the skin barrier by increasing ceramide production and for preventing discolouration), rice extract (to help calm the skin and potentially help against discolouration), hyaluronic acid to draw moisture into the skin and ceramides (to topically increase your skin's stores of this component of your lipid barrier). In terms of how it looks and feels on my skin; for my skin tone, this looks fine if I under-apply it, but obviously we don't want to be doing that! As soon as I apply an effective amount to get that impressive broad-spectrum SPF 50+ PA++++ protection, it does look silvery as though it's sat on top of my skin. This also has quite a matte finish and leaves my skin looking a bit flat. Look, it's far from the worst mineral sunscreen I've tried, in fact it's in the upper half of the leaderboard; it doesn't pill up under makeup or look completely crazy on me. However, I just think it's too matte and too silvery for me to realistically wear this for anything other than a morning run. I also know this isn't a formula I'd reapply enough, because it does feel a little thick on my skin and obviously that's only going to make the cast look worse!

Let's move on to my favourite of the two: the Moisture Airyfit Daily Sunscreen SPF 50+ PA++++* | £18. This is their chemical sunscreen option and it doesn't contain the traditional chemical filters that can be quite irritating for some people, so it might still be worth a look even if you usually don't get on with chemical sunscreens. That also means an ultra-elegant formula. It's hydrating but not greasy or shiny and it really melts into my skin as opposed to sitting on top of it. It also doesn't pill and is really nice and easy to apply initially and also to reapply later on in the day. I think most skin types could get along with this product because it's nothing too dewy and it doesn't matte down the skin like the mineral formula. It's just a great, simple all-rounder, providing a high level of protection and it makes wearing sunscreen every day an easy and effortless step you don't have to think about. It also doesn't irritate my sensitive eyes, even when I've worn it in pretty hot weather, though it's obviously not billed as water-resistant or anything like that, so maybe it's not one for intense exercise outside. 

This is formulated with the titular rice extract and rice bran oil and we also have niacinamide and ceramides in this formula, which is great. This product contains a high percentage of glycerin, a water-based magnet for hydration, which is probably why (along with the fact this is a chemical sunscreen), this has a much lighter, more melting texture to it. There's also soothing heartleaf extract in this sunscreen. I love this product; it's perfect as an everyday formula in summer for when I'm getting sun but wearing makeup, like for a day at the office or when I'm going to a beer garden or something like that. It's also nice and affordable, even at the Superdrug price-point!

Both formulas can be seen demoed here.

Have you tried either of these sunscreens, or anything else from HaruHaru Wonder?

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