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For me, this product is proof that you don't need buzzy ingredients or fancy formulas to make a great everyday staple! Sometimes a simple moisturiser is exactly what you need. I used to love the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré around 2017/2018 and I was recently gifted a tube of the Embryolisse Lait-Crème Sensitive* | £26.99 (100ml) | which is the fragrance-free version of this moisturiser. It's a French Pharmacy staple and it's still great value with the 75ml tube coming in at £22 (50ml is a standard moisturiser size), plus it's almost always on offer! This moisturiser is so much more than the sum of its parts, and here's why...

This is one of those moisturisers that honestly seems to work for just about anyone. It comes out as a light lotion-fluid and in terms of ingredients; as I said, there's truly not that much to it (which might be why it's such a crowd-pleaser, in some respects). It's formulated with simple occlusives like beeswax and paraffin, to lock hydration into the skin, aloe to soothe, shea butter to nourish the skin and not a lot else! No humectants. No antioxidants. No added extras.

This is a multi-functional formula; of course it's a moisturiser and you can apply it liberally as an overnight mask, some people use it on children, but it actually also claims to remove makeup! I'd never used it for this purpose before receiving a tube this time round, but decided to give it a go, and it does actually work. It's kind of like a cold cream. It's not something I'd reach for if I was wearing a really heavy glam makeup look, but for my everyday looks (when paired with a damp cloth or cotton pads); it does the job. This product comes in a range of sizes, and I could absolutely see myself taking the 30ml tube on a 'hand luggage only' trip and using it as an all-in-one to moisturise and remove my makeup, so I'm glad I discovered this additional use of the product.

However, truly the reason I love this product is for its texture and feel on the skin. It's moisturising, softening and smoothing for my skin but never leaves it feeling shiny or greasy. At the same time, the moisturising benefits last all day long. It also works so well under makeup, providing that perfect smooth surface for my complexion products to glide over the top of. It also works perfectly with all my other products; honestly, I've never applied this with a skincare or makeup product that this moisturiser hasn't vibed with. It never pills or causes a mess, and honestly it's primer-like qualities are one of the things that first made me ditch a standalone primer product in my routine. 

It's truly nothing fancy but this moisturiser does what it sets out to do extremely well; the formula has been unchanged for many years now, because it just works! If you're looking for something simple, budget-friendly and elegant that you can use every single day, all year round; I don't think many people could go too far wrong with this formula.

Have you tried Embryolisse Lait-Crème?

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