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Today we're talking about a new makeup launch, which isn't that typical for me, so you know it's one I'm excited about! Refy is a mid-range makeup line with a capsule collection of products that's well-known for their brow products and I reviewed (and loved!) a lot of their product here. Recently they launched their Lash Sculpt Mascara | £20 | so I decided to step away from my usual repurchase of Maybelline Lash Sensational to give it a go...

The reason this mascara kind of caught my eye is that it has a really specific kind of wand! It's a rubberised wand with an extreme crescent-like shape to it. In terms of my mascara preferences, I do prefer something like this over a fibre wand and I tend to go for lift and curl with my lashes so this looked like something for me. I find that this wand really did grip onto the roots of my lashes and evenly coat them with the product, which is really great. I also feel like the shape and angle of application help lift my lashes. This is obviously marketed as 'Lash Sculpt', which to me equates to separation and this absolutely delivers in that respect; there's zero clumping with this mascara.

The flipside of this wand shape is that I have two drawbacks. Firstly, it's actually not that easy to put the wand back in the tube; maybe there's a knack to it that I'll get the hang of, but usually it takes me a couple of attempts to simply close the product and put it away! The other issue is that this isn't actually that easy to use on your lower lashes; yes, the shape really helps perfectly apply the mascara to your upper lashes, but it's just really hard to apply without things getting messy on the lower lash line because there's only one side with bristles and it has such a dramatic shape. I know some people apply a different mascara on their upper and lower lashes but I don't have the time or energy for that, so this is an issue for me!

The formula itself; I have no complaints about. This is a mascara that's not thick or heavy and it doesn't flake or smudge. Granted, I definitely do still want to see how this holds up during the summer months, but it's 'so far, so good' with this one and I've had no issues with this making a mess as I go about my work day, which is great!

In terms of the finished look, this product is not a volumising mascara, so if you're looking for something that's going to give that sort of boost; I don't think this is for you. It's all about length, separation, curl and definition with this one. If you want that defined false lash look then this is perfect. In terms of the colour, I'd describe it as a 'natural black', so it's soft and realistic without being that heavy jet black colour a lot of mascaras are made to be.

So, I guess the bottom line with this mascara is: does it replace my usual drugstore repurchase? For me, it's a 'no', though it could've been a 'yes' if it wasn't for the awkward lower lash application that this sort of extreme-shaped wand demands. And, I do like just a little hint of volume, which this product doesn't really deliver on. Whilst £20 seems to be the going rate for mascara, with many drugstore formulas now getting up to this sort of price-point, my favourite is still £9.99 and I do prefer the look a little and the application a lot, so I'll be sticking with that product over this!

Check out my Instagram Reel here if you want to see this mascara in action!

Have you tried this mascara or anything else from Refy?

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