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I always seem to be on the go and it's important for me to stick tick off all of my skincare needs when I am, so today I'm sharing my go-to travel skincare and a few tips I've learned about travel beauty packing along the way...

The makeup-removing cleanser: Jordan Samuel Skin the Aftershow Treatment Cleanser* | £24. This is a kind of jelly-to-oil cleanser that melts down makeup and waterproof sunscreen, then emulsifies on contact with water so it can be removed easily by washing the face thoroughly or using a damp face cloth. The tube packaging makes it so quick, easy and practical to use when you're travelling and a lot of sink / bathroom shelf space isn't guaranteed. This is formulated with glycerin and plant oils and it's really effective for makeup removal and doesn't leave any excess on my skin after I've removed it. It's efficient ad fuss-free, which makes it a travel must-have for me.

The cleansing all-rounder: Monday Muse the Cleanser | £28. This is my go-to first or morning cleanse (in a stitch, it can even remove makeup when paired with a damp cloth). It's a milky but mostly water-based cleanser with a light texture but a non-foaming application on damp skin, which is my personal preference. It's formulated with ultra-gentle glycolipid surfactants to cleanse the skin without being too abrasive, moisturising sweet almond and hemp seed oils, hydrating glycerin, prebiotics to help strengthen the skin barrier and red algae to help reduce redness and provide antioxidant benefits. It just leaves my skin feeling fresh, clean and decently-hydrated after use, which is probably why I'm on my 6th tube of the stuff...

The face mist: Laneige Cream Skin Mist | £29.50. I personally like to use a toner as an added skin-boosting extra, and I love this formula for doing so. It's since been reformulated with added ceramides and peptides (in toner form with a pump available to purchase separately to make it a mist) but this is the original formula. It's a milky mist with glycerin (for hydration), Vitamin E (providing antioxidant benefits) and meadowfoam seed oil to leave the skin nice and soft after use. A quick spritz that takes a couple of seconds is enough to add an extra layer of hydration and nourishment to the skin.

The AM or PM eye treatment: the Ordinary Multi-Peptide Eye Serum* | £19.50. An eye treatment isn't an essential for me if I'm flying 'hand luggage only', but if I have the space and liquid allowance for it then I like having an eye treatment that's versatile enough for day or night. This water-light eye serum is perfect for just that; it absorbs effortlessly and offers hydrating, well-ageing benefits for AM or PM with a selection of well-studied peptides to keep the skin around my eyes plump and smooth.

The AM all-rounder cream: Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturiser* | £42. This is such a great 'do it all' moisturiser that could honestly be used AM or PM if I don't have the space for two separate products. It's formulated with peptides (for their hydrating, well-ageing benefits), ceramides and cholesterol (to strengthen the skin barrier), niacinamide (an all-rounder for the skin barrier and to prevent hyperpigmentation), glycerin for hydration and mango seed butter to provide that skin-softening nourishment. It's light in its texture but it's still enough to make my dry skin glow and feel hydrated. The added extras in this formula mean I don't have to pack serums alongside it, which always helps when it comes to saving space!

The SPF for all occasions: Ultra Violette Fave Fluid Ultralight Skinscreen SPF 50+* | £37. I love this sunscreen because it contains a high level of broad spectrum protection, and it honestly works for any occasion. It's a light, milky lotion that's non-greasy, melts in effortlessly and doesn't pill up or leave any sort of cast on the skin. It works under makeup, it doesn't melt or get into my eyes and irritate them in the heat, it just always works. I think any skin type or tone could enjoy this formula; it's cosmetically-elegant but made of strong stuff!

The PM all-rounder cream: By Wishtrend Vitamin A-mazing Bakuchiol Night Cream* | £31.50 (15% off with code JASMINETALKSBEAUTY (affiliate)). This is a night cream formulated with a nourishing lotion base of glycerin, macadamia seed oil, ceramides and Vitamin E. Then - as our actives - we have retinal (a fast-acting yet gentle retinoid to boost collagen production, improve discolouration and smooth fine lines), bakuchiol (an antioxidant and 'retinoid amplifier') and niacinamide. It's a gentle formula, in K-beauty style but it delivers results for my skin and I love that all these amazing ingredients are packed into this travel-friendly little bottle!

The exfoliating pads: Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Ultra Gentle Daily Peel* | £93 (for 30). I really don't have the energy for a bottle of exfoliating toner and a pack of cotton pads when I'm travelling and this two-step peel provides the perfect solution. These come in three strength and for my skin, I like the Ultra Gentle option most of the time. The first pre-soaked pad is formulated with willow bark extract and lactic and mandelic acids to gently soften, smooth and clarify the skin and the second (which can be applied a few minutes later) is a neutraliser with hyaluronic acid, natural moisturising factors, oat extract and more for skin-soothing goodness. These are too pricey and honestly too wasteful to use as my 'daily' exfoliating solution (if I exfoliated daily, which I don't!) but they're perfect for travel.

1. Combine steps

I'm all about streamlining; whether it's for weeknights when I'm pressed for time, or if I'm away. The fewer steps I can cram the most benefits into, the better. I really recommend looking at your stash and picking out the products that hit as many of your 'must have' skincare ingredients as possible. Now is not the time for five separate single-active serums...

2. Be realistic

Look, unless you're travelling for work and you've got a lot of time to kill in a Premier Inn hotel room, you're probably busy whilst travelling; you'll be spending time with family or friends, exploring an exciting new place, taking advantage of food, drink and nightlife... you probably don't have the time or patience for a 10-step skincare routine! Stick to the essentials and sack off the added extras that you don't use daily in 'normal life'.

3. There's no point packing for every possible eventuality - hone in on your own needs / concerns 

If you don't have blemish-prone skin; don't pack a spot treatment on the off chance that the once-every-few-months breakout you get comes during your 4 days away! Likewise, if you're not sensitive-skinned; you're pretty unlikely to need that skin barrier healing ointment for a week away that's not in a harsh climate. It can be a useful exercise to consider what products you used during the last week and if there are categories that you didn't reach for every day, leave them at home unless there's a reason why they'd be essential for this trip specifically. 

4. Consider packaging

A bulky glass bottle or anything that can't handle a bit of light throwing around probably isn't going to make the cut for me. I look for quick and easy packaging; cleansers in tubes, peel pads, squeezy bottles and so on. If it's fussy to open or doesn't seem like it's going to travel well then it's automatically out of the running for me. And, honestly, a 'small but not mini' size is ideal to me.

5. Stick to your tried and true

A trip away isn't the time to try something new or throw in random samples and minis you've never tried before. When travelling, you want products you know will work for your skin. I always save minis I get of products I know my skin likes so I can use them on my travels, but a not-too-bulky full sized bottle of a product you know you love beats out the unknown every time!

What do you look for in your travel skincare routine?

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