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Today we're talking through lip colours that offer hydrating skin benefits as well as a nice tint. These are the sorts of products you can throw in your bag and apply on the go, safe in the knowledge they'll alway just work...

One of my absolute favourites for autumn and winter has to be the Clarins Lip Comfort Oil in Chocolate | £25. I love using this on its own or applying it over the top of a more satin or matte lipstick in order to give it a glossier finish and a more hydrating feel and forgiving look. It's moisturising with ingredients like jojoba oil and Vitamin E and gives a subtly-glossy finish that's not thick or gloopy; it's just perfectly-comfortable and the moisture it gives has me reapplying it throughout the day during winter. This particular colour is my favourite because it's just that perfect level of pigment; sometimes you apply a lip oil and you wonder where the colour from in the tube went because it essentially looks clear on the lips! Not this one; it delivers a warm burgundy-brown wash of colour that's a subtle nod to winter berry tones.

For a neutral makeup look, I like the Merit Shade Slip Tinted Lip Oil in Taupe* | £26. This is another formula that offers a tint that's actually noticeable once applied. It has a slightly creamy texture, which I personally enjoy because it's not too sticky or overly-glossy. It just provides sheen, hydration and a flattering look on the lips. This colour is a true neutral nude; not too warm brown, not too pink and it honestly just offers an enhancement to my natural lip colour that means it works for me with so many different makeup looks. 

One of my old favourites that I recently repurchased is the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Honey | £22. This is such a wonderfully-nourishing lip treatment and the pigment levels do vary across the different shades in this line, but Honey offers a true colour boost of a warm, orange-tan brown nude colour. It's creamy-feeling, it has good opacity and it's incredibly nourishing and even healing on the lips. If things are feeling a little dry and chapped but it's a day where I'm going out and putting on makeup; this is what I reach for. It covers a multitude of lip sins and the colour is just beautiful. 

Probably one of my most-used products all year round is the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm in Vanilla Beige | £23. It probably helps that the original lip butter balm (formulated with a nourishing cocktail of plant-based butters and oils) is my favourite lip balm of all time and I use it every night before bed! This comes in several tints, but my favourite, most-wearable option for everyday is Vanilla Beige. This offers a nicely-glossy finish and a wash of rosy-nude colour. This is like my take on a hint of rosy pink, as someone who really doesn't do typical pink-toned lip colours!

Finally, for something a little more 'poppy' to wear during spring and summer, I really like using the Charlotte Tilbury Hyaluronic Happikiss in HappiPeach | £27. As the name suggests; this lipstick-lip treatment hybrid is formulated with hyaluronic acid to draw moisture into dry lips, moisturising plant oils and butters and ingredients to seal in hydration. This is the most pigmented formula I'm discussing in this post, but it still gives a hydrating finish and won't cling to dry patches on the lips. The colour is a warm peachy-coral that lifts the complexion without feeling so bright and bold that it's going to be high-maintenance.

What are your favourite hydration-boosting lip colours?

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