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Today I'm sharing my favourite scents that will get you ready for summer, even when the weather isn't cooperating...

First up is the scent I took with me backpacking around Southeast Asia for a month: the Jo Loves a Fragrance Paintbrush in Mango Thai Lime* | £40. This is such a great travel-friendly option; you get a metal pen with a brush and you click the base to dispense some of the fragrance gel, which you can then brush onto your skin. You get a second 7ml refill cartridge with this, but honestly, even after having this for a year and using it last summer as well as every single day for a month, and I'm not even through the original one! You really only need a tiny bit of gel to get the full fragrance all day long, too. This is the perfect deliciously-fruity, spicy-tangy fragrance with notes of golden mango, lime, black pepper and mint. It sounds odd, and I guess it is on some level, but there's just something about this scent that works and captures a tropical, spiced summer vibe.

The original vanilla scent from this brand is my jam for autumn / winter, so this summer I picked up the 10ml Kay Ali Utopia Vanilla Coco 21 | £23. This eau de parfum can easily go in your handbag or travel with you over the summer and I think it's a great summer scent for people who don't really 'do' summer scents. It's like a beachier take on those more sensual, sweet fragrances with notes of patchouli, vanilla musk and tuberose, blended alongside honeysuckle, pear blossom, coconut and Italian lemon. This makes it the perfect balance of having warmth without being too heavy or decadent. 

The next scent on my love list is the Diptyque Oyedo Eau de Toilette | £125. Pricey, I know, but I've had this bottle forever and it's still good! Being an EDT, it's a little lighter than an eau de parfum, but I honestly find this so long-wearing on me. This light spritz is both citric and woody, offering a unique take on a summer holiday scent. It contains notes of green mandarin, orange, yuzu and raspberry for that dominant citric, fruity aroma. This is balanced out with tangy tamarind and thyme brings that unique aromatic, herbal aspect. It's such a special scent and I've never come across anything that's at all like it in all the years since I first smelled it. 

I have to mention the eternal classic: Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess Eau de Parfum* | £64. No matter how many other scents come along, there's just something timelessly brilliant about this one! This is for you if you enjoy those warmer summer scents more than you do florals or fruity aromas. It's that classic creamy coconut and delicious vanilla combination, matched with notes of white florals, bergamot and amber. It's a great take on the sultry warm scent for summer and even though it's such a well-known classic at this point, I still get compliments on it!

Sadly, the Sol de Janeiro x Anitta Fragrance Mist* | £18 | seems to be sold out, but the good news is that the brand has a whole host of summer-ready scents in this product. I love these fragrance mists, which are just as strong as using a perfume and can be spritzed on the body or in the hair. Plus, they're way cheaper than most perfumes on the market. This particular one has notes of coconut water, passion fruit, vanilla bean and jasmine honey for a beach cocktail kind of scent. But, honestly; all the scents I've tried from this fragrance mist line have been delicious and perfect to get your sunkissed, golden goddess mode on!

A really underrated fragrance I recommend checking out is the Floral Street Arizona Bloom Eau de Parfum* | £28. I have this in a travel-friendly 10ml bottle and it's perfect for floral fragrance lovers who want to take their vibe from spring through to summer. This perfume contains a blend of Balinese coconut, fig leaves, jasmine, black pepper and wood. There are floral notes (as the brand name suggests) but it's not dominated by them because the coconut gives it that topical beach mood, the fig gives it that milky sweetness and the pepper and woodiness give some depth. Overall, it's a beautiful scent. 

Last, but not least, is the Nuxe Prodigieux Le Parfum | £45. I got into this scent because I've been obsessed with the dry oil from this line for years and wanted to get the smell of it on my skin even when I'm using a body cream or lotion instead. This is a long-wearing perfume version of it. This isn't dissimilar to Bronze Goddess, also focusing in on the vanilla notes, but the magnolia adds something really unique that makes me think 'that's Nuxe'! There's also orange blossom in here to add a splash of something fresher and lighter.

Have you tried any of my favourite summer scents? What are some of yours?

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