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Bali Body create an amazing range of natural-looking self tan product that I love for giving me that sunkissed glow without the UV,  and now they're expanding into facial skincare with BB Skin, featuring some impressive actives and great ingredients for supporting the skin barrier, so let's dive into the products and formulas...

The first product I want to talk about is the Vitamin D Serum | £30. Vitamin D is actually one of the most underrated skincare ingredients on the market, in my humble opinion. It's an antioxidant, meaning it protects the skin from free radical damage. Free radicals are floating around in our environment and can cause premature ageing in the skin. Additionally, Vitamin D has reparative properties and is beneficial for a strong, healthy skin barrier. It's delivered in a hydrating gel base of hydrating rosewater and glycerin, an effective humectant that can pull hydration into the skin. We also have Vitamin E in here, another antioxidant that's oil-soluble and I find really moisturising for my skin. Then there's niacinamide in here, which is a great all-rounder that will provide benefits to all skin types. Oily and spot-prone skin types will love it because it helps regulate oil overproduction in the skin and it stops hyperpigmentation spreading through the skin, so any blemishes don't leave behind large, stubborn scars. That's not all; niacinamide also boosts your skin's own production of ceramides, a fundamental component of your lipid barrier. Again, this is really important to keep you skin healthy and resilient. The light, hydrating texture means it will suit all skin types and it also means you can easily use this alongside other active ingredients such as an acid or standalone Vitamin C. It's a great one-step all-rounder and one of the most affordable Vitamin D formulas I've come across. If you don't have time for a multi-step routine: this is for you. It covers off so many of the important bases for hydrating, protecting and strengthening the skin.  

Next, let's talk about the Pro-Collagen Cream | £30. This lightweight gel-cream is a gentle option for well-ageing, suitable for pregnant people and those with sensitive skin. You have niacinamide in this formula as well, which works nicely given the Vitamin D Serum is designed for daytime and this is really more of a PM product. There's glycerin in here and hyaluronic acid to help with hydration levels in the skin, plus soothing aloe and moisturising, skin-softening plant oils. There's topical collagen in here too to help hydrate and condition the skin. Then the 'superstar' ingredients are peptides and bakuchiol. Peptides are short-chain amino acids with so many benefits, including plumping and hydrating the skin, plus they could even help boost your skin's own collagen production. Then bakuchiol is often recommended as a plant-based alternative to retinoids that's pregnancy-safe and less likely to cause irritation. Whilst I'm very much wedded to my retinoids and feel they're the most well-established option, I like to use this after my retinoid - given it's a moisturiser - and there's some research that suggests bakuchiol and retinoids can work together and boost one another's effectiveness. However, if you just can't find a retinoid that's gentle enough for you or you're expecting, then this is going to be your port of call. Bakuchiol is also a great antioxidant and can be used to treat discolouration. This is a totally non-irritating, lightweight moisturiser that gives me softer, plumper, bouncier and more hydrated skin. 

I also have the Vitamin Hydration Mask | £25. As someone who used to own a lot of face masks and decluttered many of them, I have quite a specific way in which I now like to use them: I reach for them as a quick pick-me-up when my skin is looking lacklustre and I need to turn things around ASAP. My top tip is that you can apply something like this before you hop in the shower so you're not having to sit around waiting for it to work its magic and you're preventing the hydration loss that can happen if you're taking a hot shower during the dry winter months. This has a light creamy-gel texture, so I slather it on generously with the Face Mask Applicator | £15 | for an express skin boost. I leave it on for 10-15 minutes and it seriously hydrates and plumps my skin, as well as boosting its overall glow. Whilst it's short-contact therapy, it contains some great ingredients like glycerin, rosewater, niacinamide, kakadu plum (an impressive source of Vitamin C), Vitamin E, urea (a natural moisturising factor in the skin, which can also have mild exfoliating benefits) and you have your bakuchiol. 

And finally, we have the Brightening Eye Serum | £30. I've had a complicated relationship with eye creams over the years; I've tried very expensive formulas that don't contain anything exciting in terms of ingredients, formulas that felt thick and heavy and made my eyes greasy and so on... There are so many different causes for puffy eyes and dark circles too, so I look for ingredients that target the issue from multiple angles. There are antioxidants in here to prevent premature ageing around the eye area and niacinamide will help with dark circles caused by hyperpigmentation. Chamomile, cucumber and aloe extracts will help to cool, soothe and hydrate the eye area and glycerin and hyaluronic acid will help with dehydration lines. We also have a variety of peptides in here, to help with well-ageing in eye area, which can be one of the places to age faster due to its thinner skin. It's a gentle formula that still offers some great benefits for keeping the eye area as fresh and hydrated as possible. Best of all: the gel formula means you don't need to worry about a heavy texture causing you issues and it works perfectly under makeup during the daytime.

Have you tried BB Skin? Either way - let me know what you think of these formulas!

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