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Today we're kicking off Affordable Beauty Month with some amazing, low-cost skincare products (all under £10) you can pick up alongside your weekly food shop! As a bonus, a lot of them are on offer at the time of writing and I'm sure that whenever you're reading this post, there'll still be a deal to be had on many of these products. Let's dive in...

Find it at: Aldi
Price: £2.99

First up, let's talk about a cleanser I really love! If you're not familiar with hot cloth cleansers, they're essentially creamy, rich, non-foaming cleansers that you can use to remove makeup by massaging the formula into your skin and then removing it with a damp cloth (warm, not hot). This formula has a slightly lighter, more lotiony texture, which I do think will make it more approachable to people who aren't necessarily drawn to a creamy cleanser and it does come with a little muslin cloth, all for £2.99! It gently removes makeup and sunscreen, it smells really nice and if you have dry skin this winter, you can even use this as a moisturising morning cleanse. 

Find it at: Asda
Price: £7.99

My water-based or 'second cleanse' option is from Aveeno; it's a kind of non-foaming jelly-style cleanser that's great for dry and / or sensitive skin (particularly if you aren't big into creamy cleansers). It's non-stripping but works as a cleanser and uses very gentle surfactants plus soothing, moisturising oat extract. I have a drawer full of much more expensive cleansers, but this is the one I've found myself reaching for over them throughout the winter so far!

Find it at: Sainsbury's
Price: £9.99

There aren't many face masks in my skincare collection any more, let alone clay masks, but I've been using this product for about 7 years now as a quick fix when I'm breaking out. Because it's no average clay mask; it contains salicylic acid, a BHA exfoliant that can penetrate into your pores and clear out spot-causing debris as well as calming the 'anger' of an active breakout. Obviously, if you're breaking out all over then you can use it all over, as someone with dry skin who gets the odd hormonal breakout, I personally just apply this where I need it. From just one ten-minute application the evening before, I can wake up in the morning with my spot either almost gone or significantly reduced in size, swelling and redness. It's a £10 lifesaver!

Find it at: Tesco
Price: £8

This was honestly a pleasant surprise to me! No shade to Simple but I just didn't really associate them with much beyond cleansing products and basic moisturisers. The 2% sodium ascorbyl phosphate (a gentle Vitamin C derivative) will provide some antioxidant benefits (protecting the skin from free radical damage) and can actually help to prevent breakouts and inflammation. Vitamin E is another antioxidant, this time oil-soluble so it can have a moisturising benefit and is also known to boost the efficacy of Vitamin C. Vitamin F isn't a ingredient I come across tons in more affordable products, so I'm really happy to see it in here; it's great for keeping your skin barrier strong and healthy. All in all, this is a great everyday all-rounder, getting something a little active, some antioxidant benefits and plenty that's good for skin health in a gentle, light, milky serum.

Find it at: Ocado
Price: £4.50

This is a basic I always have in my skincare stash because it just works for everything! It's a face cream, it's a hand cream, it's body lotion... and it's great for dry winter skin. It's a non-greasy, basic, fragrance-free formula with humectants (water magnets) hyaluronic acid and glycerin, Vitamin E, ceramides and cholesterol (components of your skin's lipid barrier) and occlusives to trap hydration into the skin. It's a true 'do it all' that will work for just about any skin type and any scenario and will do your skin barrier the world of good!

Find it at: Sainsbury's
Price: £8

This is a super-lightweight, non-shiny, non-pilling sunscreen milk that absorbs easily and doesn't leave a white cast on the skin. It's a broad-spectrum SPF 50+ chemical sunscreen that will suit just about any skin type and works well under makeup. It honestly makes daily sunscreen both easy and affordable; it's minimal fuss and mess and supports the work of the rest of your routine. Remember the days when affordable sunscreens were thick, white and made a mess? Those days are far behind us, and this is my personal favourite out of the new breed of low-cost formulas.

Find it at: Ocado
Price: £8.25

This is another great multi-tasking product; it's a very rich cream that kind of melts down into something more oil-based. Not everyone loves this on their face, as it is quite fragranced, but I personally do use it there, on very dry patches of skin before bed so they're nice and soft and moisturised by morning. You can use it on your lips, you can use it on your hands, you can use it on your body... wherever your skin is really dry and flaky, this is an intensive boost of nourishment. You can even use it as a makeup prep product in certain areas like on the lips to make them look glossy or even on the cheekbones as a colourless highlight. I always have a tube of this stuff on my shelf for when I need it.

Have you tried any of my supermarket skincare? Are there any brands or products you like to pick up with your weekly food shop?

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