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If you didn't catch my original review: Mad About Skin is a new affordable skincare brand (having launched last year) with gentle but effective products and ingredients that are easy to slot into your skincare routine and just about anyone can benefit from using them! Two new products have been added to the line for Autumn / Winter that are both under £15, so let's dive into what they are and how they work...

First up, we have the Nourishing Lip Conditioner | £6.99 | which reminds me lot of a product I used to use every night that's four times the price of this! However, this actually has a texture that makes it great for AM or PM; although it looks like a thick balm, as soon as you massage it into your lips, it melts down effortlessly. In terms of ingredients, we have moisturising oils such as jojoba, blackcurrant seed, sweet almond and grape seed. We also have nourishing butters like shea butter and mango butter (I love both ingredients for my hair and body too!) Plus there's beeswax to trap in hydration so your lips are moisturised throughout the day and (if used before bedtime) they're still soft and free from dry patches by morning. It's not greasy or shiny and this little pot seems like it's going to last me ages. Plus, you get some amazing ingredients with this formula which place it far above other options at this price-point, in my books!

The other newer launch is the Perfect Blend Exfoliating Gel | £12.99. This blend of acids is skin barrier friendly but also effective enough to provide a robust exfoliation, and I think this combination is particularly great for skin that's prone to breakouts and hyperpigmentation. There's 2% glycolic acid in the mix and - whilst this is the most potentially-irritating chemical exfoliant - keeping it at a low concentration (5% is typical) allows you to get that extra 'kick' that only glycolic seems to give without the risk of upsetting your skin. Glycolic is great at giving you smoother, more glowing skin because it essentially 'unsticks' the dead cells sat on the surface of your skin so they can be wiped away. There's 2% lactic acid in here too so in total you're getting a nice 4% concentration of AHAs. Lactic is great for resurfacing the skin and improving its tone and texture, but it's also a little gentler and more hydrating than glycolic. There's also salicylic acid in here, which is a BHA, meaning it's oil-soluble so can get right into your pores to clear out the debris that causes breakouts. It also reduces the inflammation of active breakouts and improves the look of marks left behind after they heal. Finally,  kojic acid is in the mix: this is a tyrosinase-inhibitor, meaning it suppresses or interrupts the signals that tell your skin to produce more melanin when it's been injured. Essentially, this means that if you've had a spot, it prevents that area from darkening with excess melanin and leaving you with a scar that takes weeks to fade. 

This is a really simple formula, so you're getting your actives in this gel format without a lot of added extras, which is probably my preference when it comes to home peels. Likewise, I keep my routine simple when I'm incorporating a peel: I cleanse, apply this and use a rich ceramide cream to replenish my skin after exfoliation. The gel form means it will suit most skin types and it doesn't irritate my skin at all, even at the moment as the colder weather sets in (and my face typically has a meltdown!) My skin is glowing, it looks even and clear and - most importantly - there's no dryness or sensitivity. I personally use this 2-3 times a week as my only exfoliating step. 

If you've not tried Mad About Skin: definitely check out this well thought-out capsule collection of essentials and skin-friendly actives. Both of the new products are brilliant if you're on a budget and want skincare that's pleasant to use, combines your actives together in a single step and - of course - works! If you do choose to check out any of the products you can get 15% off with code JASMINE (affiliate).

Have you tried Mad About Skin? Have any of these products piqued your interest?

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