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Sometimes I just try new products that aren't part of some wider brand review but I've enjoyed them and want to share my experience with you. So, today that's what we're doing: these are 3 recent skincare launches that have really worked for me!

First up is the Emma Hardie Lotus Flower Targeted Blemish Treatment* | £18. When this first came in the post, I have to admit: it wasn't a product I was super excited about! I guess it was a mix of my scepticism that some sort of botanical was going to help with blemishes and my assumption that this was going to be very expensive (as Emma Hardie is a luxury brand), but I kept hearing good things about this line so decided to rotate in the spot treatment. As it transpired, although the lotus flower is front and centre in terms of marketing (it purportedly helps to reduce sebum production), it does also contain salicylic acid, which - let's be real - is probably doing the heavy lifting here! It's a BHA, meaning it's an exfoliant that's oil-soluble and gets into the pores to remove debris that causes spots. It can also help reduce any resultant scarring you might be left with. This product is also £18, which really isn't unreasonable in my books! It's nothing too drying but spot-applied to problem areas, I did find that it reduced active blemishes significantly in terms of size and inflammation. It has a place in my bathroom cabinet for those large, occasional spots my skin is prone to. My only potential gripe for some is that it does contain fragrance, which won't be everyone's preference, especially if you have acne that's very inflamed. 

Next we have the Sachi Skin Pro Resilience Serum* | £65. If you aren't familiar with the brand: this is a capsule collection of products designed to treat discolouration whilst supporting the skin barrier. This new launch falls more towards the latter category, but it's still going to help prevent hyperpigmentation by reducing inflammation in the skin (which leads to uneven skin tone). This is a lightweight, water-based serum that will be suitable for all skin types and I actually think almost anyone could benefit from using it. The headliner for this product is probably the exclusive blend of antioxidants to help prevent environmental damage to the skin. Licorice extract is in the mix as a very gentle skin brightener. There are ceramides and cholesterol in here, which are both found within your lipid barrier and topping up your supplies topically helps ensure your skin is calm, happy and able to retain moisture. 

The peptides in here can also boost skin resilience and repair, as well as helping with hydration levels. We also have lots of calming extracts like aloe, cucumber and centella asiatica. I don't know about you, but there's not much else I could ask for from a barrier support product! And I have to say: it's working for my skin. My face doesn't like the cold and it doesn't like seasonal transitions but I'm noticing that as I'm using this serum, my skin is in much better condition. I also think it's great because it's such a lightweight formula; if you have oily skin but want something soothing and anti-inflammatory then this is a great option. Finding something with these sorts of ingredients that isn't a rich cream is a rarity, and as a result: I find myself reaching for this more (as it's so easy to slot into my AM or PM routine) and reaping more of the benefits.

Last, but not least, let's get into my love of the Alpha-H Golden Haze Face Oil* | £40. I am a facial oil girl through and through: you can tell me they aren't 'necessary' all you like, but I will still love and use them in my personal routine! For me, I love using them to lock in the rest of my routine as the final step before bed and having that soft, glowing, moisturised skin the next morning. Whilst a good moisturiser will do the job of staving off the dried-out winter skin feeling I sometimes wake up with, an oil just adds that extra emollience. And this is just a great facial oil for softer, healthier-looking skin. It's not heavy, it doesn't feel like it's clogging my pores and it doesn't make the rest of my routine pill up. 

Golden Haze is formulated with omega-rich plant oils, meaning it can really help you get that smoother, plumper feeling to your skin as well as reducing redness and providing antioxidant benefits. Vitamin F in particular is amazing for the skin barrier, helping to replenish the skin and prevent moisture loss. Then there are honestly plenty of oils in here that's just really nice and moisturising (plus many plant oils also contain antioxidants) like squalane, watermelon seed, camellia seed, jojoba, rosehip and sea buckthorn. This is more or less a laundry list of my favourite facial oils, so it's really not a surprise that my skin is loving this stuff! 

Let me know: have you tried any of these launches? Do any of them pique your interest?

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